World Bank announces $12B in immediate financing to combat coronavirus

World Bank announces $12B in immediate financing to combat coronavirus

100 thoughts on “World Bank announces $12B in immediate financing to combat coronavirus

  1. 12b is not enough, at least 1 trillion is necessary to combat it USA got no such funds. All markets are in red. Long live only china🇨🇳

  2. 12 billion for laundering and payoffs? Just wondering. Never let a disaster go by without taking advantage. Who oversees the overseers?

  3. they are going to use stolen money FROM the people TO help the people 😂😂😂
    order out of chaos!!!! pathetic

  4. The biggest danger that the world faces is COVID-19! And then we get to tackle Global Warming, If there is a question whether Global Warming is coming: why was I able to live in a 2200 sq.ft. home in 1979 and not need an air conditioner, while in 2020 I require TWO air conditioners in a 1100 sq.ft. townhome? We cannot invest enough to protect Americans who see a wonderful health system they cannot access!

  5. 12 billion that was lost by world Richest in stock market during coronavirus scare is paid back to them… NOT a single penny will reach the ones who need help.

  6. Financing? So their looking to give loans with interest in return? These greedy people must wake up, their own friends, family, and their own lives are all at risk to..

  7. So that where the bus stop benches went!
    I was wondering why they replaced all the bus stops double metal benches with 1 measly wooden bench with old graffiti,
    At least I know it might be going to something useful 🤷🏿‍♂️

  8. To everyone that you need to know that I hope this is not a boring of a money that are from around the world but however sometimes that are of a what kind of whale well suspicious about it everyone need to know that well it's kind of well something everyone need to know that well you can figure out yourself anyway

  9. Yeah I'm sure the Talmudic world bank thinks by loaning out 33% interest rates to the utterly corrupt political clowns that run those nations is going to make them look good. P.S I predict not one dime of those loans will be spent on combating the coronavirus. Nope in fact I think it will be used to spread it faster.

  10. Awesome, I think a new tank and flame thrower can help me defeat coronavirus in my neighborhood. 🤔

  11. the world ends , you end you mother fuckers,
    you better protect the average people in this word or you dont exist, society ends, gold and banks mean nothing, gold too heavy to cary in ya pocket when the killing / surviving starts😁😁😁
    and you better beilieve your bunkers will not protect you, please save me some time and pre bury yourself, The wealthy of the world , handle this crisis or we are coming for you

  12. For example :
    Amazon does a cheek
    swab for drug testing ,what assurance
    do you get that they aren't going to use your DNA for research purposes or sell you dna info to big pharma(like how to target people's immune system)
    Just saying

  13. This is not as bad as the 2009 flu or 1918 flu, millions died in the 1918 flu and the 2009 wasn’t that bad

  14. If their giving out that much money, there's going to be a huge catch attached to it their not talking about.

  15. They are so happy to loan 12billlion. The interest they are going to reap is huge and in the billions. Man they must be happy this is happening.

  16. Here's a fun fact the World bank used to be called the iron bank and was founded in the free city of Braavos….

  17. Look up alan watts on money. This is all book keeping. They have us enslaved on paper ergo mentally. Wake up!

  18. I like fox but get this guy off the channel. He's not listenable at all. Hes worse than a Gilmore Girls episode wtf

  19. Breaking news: World bank tightening its grip on humanity.

    Slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborers. While the European plan… is that capital shall control labor by controlling wages. This can be done by controlling the money. It will not do to allow the greenback…
    As we can not control that.

    The hazard circular
    July 1862

    The bold efforts the present bank has made to control the government… are but premaison of the fate that awaits the American people should they be dueled to be a perpetuation of this instatutan, or the establishment of another like it.

    Andrew Jackson

  20. The world bank and federal reserve are both private for profit banks. They're completely unnecessary and yet they run the world. Centralized banking ruined the civilized world.

  21. This is the time for the world to come together at least temporarily to help our species. Regardless of race or political standings.

  22. Rothschild stole our banks back then, and it's ok for them & the federal reserve to make fake money and steal from other country's? Smh on how nobody acknowledges that?

  23. Look up the numbers comparing corona virus to influenza. They have a similar mortality rate. Corona virus is not a big deal at all, its just sensational news to get people to watch during political primaries. Its a common tactic, for example swine flu, anthrax, Ebola, y2k, the list goes on and on.

  24. Imagine if we used that money to end homelessness. Pathetic politicians we need to step up already and take our country back . Cmon pussiies

  25. Why do the Banks get to decide how to spend our money. Weve got some serious issues in this country, and no one wants to face it.

  26. Why is the World Bank paying for anything Corona virus related ?
    China, and China only should be paying bigly for this mess ….( which they caused, which they kept the World in the dark about for way too long).
    Make China accountable !

  27. "World Bank" pledges but the funds are being dispensed on the heels of the "Federal" Reserve?? Does anyone else see the conflict in that statement???

  28. China should be held accountable for the people they've killed with their negligence handling this. Shut down all of the factories there and bring home the jobs. They hate the west. They steal intellectual property and remake it as their own, they are the number one human rights violator in the world, the CCP lies about everything to include this virus outbreak. The fact that %90 of pharmaceuticals comes from China is a national security problem. China doesn't even need a military to take down the United States all China needs to do is not ship medicine to the United States and watch everyone die.

  29. I'll let you all know right now trump got more votes alone in utah then all the Democrats and other Republicans running combined LOL

  30. Wow leave us disadvantaged Americans service men and women and the homeless,the low income etc out to dry….hmm

  31. This is world class money laundering people! It's the biggest drug deal in history.
    Think of what else is coinciding.

  32. Pay attention people. There is money being moved around the world under the guise of helping fight COVID-19. Something serious is about to happen. Something big is about to happen.

  33. An ESTIMATED total of five that's 5 people have died from coronavirus. Peanut allergies have killed more then this virus

  34. All Trump apes keep claiming Socialism ( Government taking from the private sector and giving to the public sector) Never making the connection that our Government is taking from the public sector( tax payers, present and future) and giving it to the private sector(Corporations) bailouts/ Wake up , Trump apes!

  35. The Corona Virus is spreading to the World & God help us Idiot Trump is President during this Crisis we are all doomed

  36. I thought this schiff was going to stop? Swamp. Drain. Corruption. America First. Oh well give me a tax break and we'll call it even.
    Is this in addition to Trumps 2.5 billion and Crying Chucks 8 billion? Or did they add 8+2.5=12 you know, government math.

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