Will Obama Cut A Disastrous Deal With Boehner?

Will Obama Cut A Disastrous Deal With Boehner?

today we have a proposal a bold new
proposal by the house republicans we will release one the hostages so the
government shutdown will continue but we will release the debt ceiling %uh by the way do you watch the show would
like to shut down hehehe corporations don’t mind that the rich don’t mind that bag go on forever the debt ceiling
that’s really all Wall Street is spoken so the robbers
good to me then we see debt ceiling do we say we’re all the times you will
at that hostage go now but as part of that deal you have to promise that we’re
talking about you know entitlement reform et cetera
soon as we least one of those hostages and Paul
Ryan is saying to the president as long as you agree to the principles I
laid out on my wall street journal editorial people I don’t know if you
know this but you didn’t win that you’re not the vice president you lost in fact
you lost a guy named Barack Obama so what do you like as pursues you
listen to my terms with the hell are you man little loser who couldn’t beat the
president so don’t tell me about your terms okay so
anyway they leave this thing out or I debt ceiling were lifted but only for six weeks and only if you agree that we need to cut Social Security
Medicare and cut even more taxes for the rich all great well thank you what a bold
proposal john bainer taken away about 20 over the course of the last 10
days we’ve been trying to have conversations with our Democrat
colleagues they don’t wanna talk president that
smart of I’m so what we’re gonna do if offered
the president today %uh the ability for to move a temporary increase a in the debt
ceiling in agreement to go to conference on the budget a
friend his white house to sit down and discuss
with us a way forward to reopen over government in to start to be of
with america’s pressing prop missus of it’s time for leadership
it’s time for these negotiations in this conversation to begin I was off that the president
will look at this as an opportunity if and a good faith effort on our part to
move halfway halfway to what is demanded in order to
have this conversation know you can move halfway had we should
ever be having these companies in the first place do it when you’re supposed to we got
legislation about the budget that’s when you negotiate that when you
fight like hell you don’t do later jobs for the whole
thing down. dollars driveway halfway halfway and by the way halfway is actually
shutting the government down the other half the claim is the Desi oh well we could only tire
financial nuclear meltdown or aren’t we must all week and a half
way and by the way we will treat you with respect when you start calling them your
democratic colleagues that is a correct usage of the term not democrat
colleagues you know why these goofball pieces irv questionable waste matter say that because they got polling long long time
ago they say and and they did focus group a
center that said you become democrats it ends with racked so that leaves a
negative impression on people these are the children that were suppose to be respectful to IQ
clear about that the debt crisis democrat your rent why don’t they treat us with respect I
can’t quite tell because you’ve never earned it and you also didn’t earned the right to
dictate all the policies in this country I don’t
know if you know this what you lost the last presidential
election you lost the senate and by the way on
the popular vote you got less votes in the house then the
democrats that but nonetheless you strut around as a few own the place what you don’t whose Jay Carney’s response the
president is happy that cooler heads at least seem to be
prevailing in the house that they really seems to
be a recognition that default is not an option now the president believes that it would be
far better for mmm the congress and in this case the house to raise the
debt ceiling for an extended period of time but it is certainly at least an
encouraging sign that based on today stated by the speaker
they’re not listening to the that limit in the fall the NYers who seem to suggest against a all the
accumulated ways to move financial experts that somehow it would
be okay for the United States to enter territory it never entered
before now look i know im you’re going to hear
this anywhere else in certainly not going to hear it on MSNBC
but Obama’s complex look extension there offer like as if
they’re magnanimous is to release 10 hostages for just six
weeks and then we’ll be right back in the soup
so then with the government will continue to be shut down and over Thanksgiving we have another
fight about the debt ceiling and the president is receptive to it
Senate Democrats or so sick if the president in
negotiations they were trying to get the much
stronger hurry to negotiate instead when you we give that Harry Reid you’re
in a pathetic state but the reality is he is not that week
we saw meant to different elections beat Hillary Clinton John McCain was
less of a chance given the state in 2008 but he beat Hillary Clinton many turn
around any put a woman on Mitt Romney in 2012 the guys not week he just agrees with
the republicans why would you give them this out when it
looks like they’re getting quash to getting hammered I got stories later about polymers in
Utah that would miserable for the guys who started this
mess in the first place why does he let him off the hook because
he wants the pressure those six weeks all my god we better hurry up and make a
deal Kaminey where do the grand bargain how obvious in transparent is he this is good cop bad cop they’re gonna
come and they gonna cut so securely in to cut medicare and they’re not gonna raise taxes on the
rich in fact the you cut taxes on corporations President Obama’s been
dying to do it the whole time he’s in office that’s why he agrees to terms that are
ridiculous also should we have another at totally fake emergency in panic all
golly gee job interview twisted my arm okay I guess we should seven democrats are frustrated well sad
day for you that’s your president he’s not on your
side he’s not a progressive and he’s gonna be so proud when he cut
Social Security and Medicare was a nice so wonderfully bipartisan
debaters leaving by the way bainer and Obama think that they’re on
their last term so if they cut this deal they will be
historic figures no strewn it will be a store can pick
%uh Social Security it will be the most on popular move by
politicians in a long long time

100 thoughts on “Will Obama Cut A Disastrous Deal With Boehner?

  1. Yeah, but its a last ditch desperate attempt at power before they fade into obscurity where they belong.

    You watch, the only way the Republicans will win another Presidential election is if one of them rises and challenges the Tea Party, declares them the enemy, and is charismatic enough to get the people with him. That will be the end of the Tea Party and the beginning of a new Republican Party.

  2. Wouldn't this attack on the american people and holding hostage the livelihood of the people be considered a form of terrorism? Why aren't these people being booted from office? We don't negotiate with terrorists.

  3. I sure hope you bring proof instead of shotty anecdotes. Because accusing people of flagging requires a large burden of proof, so I suggest you get on that, son. I'm not some cyst like yourself that needs to flag people, unlike you I have shit to do, outside of the computer.

  4. You're a cyst growing on the anus of a shrew, who else would have the need to flag his comment other than you? Because the comment fucking decimates your argument and clearly has dinted your ego. Really? You have things to do outside the computer? Well, I am aware most people need to shit as well, mate. End of the day its only a youtube comment, grow the fuck up.

  5. " who else would have the need to flag his comment other than you"

    What does this necessarily change? It doesn't change that your post-hoc doesn't prove with irrefutable evidence that I flagged a comment, you're running on baseless anecdotes, making your illogical, and fallacious reasoning uncharted and completely in shambles without that ability your statement, so for your being I suggest that you try harder in the basis of logical thinking. Because when-

  6. "and clearly has dinted your ego"

    Can you prove that? Or are you possibly trying to pry as much as bullshit in your hollow-less empty premise, because you're assumptions in a logical debate don't get past the third level of argumentam. You're not using any supporting evidence, which heavily contradicts your entire premise. Because you're assumptions, and gross assertions don't prove a single thing, sir.

  7. "End of the day its only a youtube comment, grow the fuck up"
    No, you grow the fuck sir, you tried to attack me, and now that you're getting your premise questioned, and you're not really fond of it. And if you're really telling people to be mature, you seriously need to come down your high horse, and stop living in your glasshouse, you clown. You can't have it both ways in talking shit, and then trying to take the "mature-route"-

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  9. -But you're not you call me a mythological character called a "troll" which is a petty, and rather bullshit cop-out. So please do exactly and contradict yourself and start flagging me, and son, you're welcome.

  10. I am wholly ashamed to say I know House Rep. Lynn Jenkins personally after seeing her standing there proudly behind Boner. Seeing her there made my stomach churn.


  12. That white house spokes dude is a fucking moron brown nosing piece of shit… god what a fucking brown noser… I can't tell where obamas asshole starts and this morons nose ends they are conjoined…what a sick fucking system we have hhahahahaha

  13. uh no they WON the house, they are not the loser, obama is the winner by um 3% of voters, if blacks didnt vote for him 98% he would not have won, even tho anyone but romney..so the guy who wants to do obamacare or the guy who wrote it…sum choice there? but to say obama is a winner cuz 3% like him more? eh no.

  14. so right wants to negiotiate….left saus NO negiotiate…this guys is again an idiot. when did the demz negotiate with the republicans for obamacare. Sorry they WON the house. the presidency won by 3%…there will be no default ever, unless the president decides not to pay it…we have income coming in to pay interest. there are no ho hostates…but yeah ppl have to negotiate thats politics.

  15. That's probably because he did not factor in the greed and idiocity of the republicans to not accept terms which should be acceptable to even the most right wing of the past republican party.

  16. the people of the USA are in the middle of a power struggle between the rich. you need to take back the power, otherwise you all will be slaves to these people.

  17. The democrats and the president want the grand bargain but they can't do it until there seems to be a really good reason why. The wanted to do it before but they knew it wouldn't fly. Now they have there opportunity.

  18. How is raising the debt ceiling a good thing? Republicans are trying to stop the Democrats from raising it again. Obama called Bush's administration weak and lacking leadership when they wanted to raise the debt ceiling in 2008, now he is going in for another raise…

  19. good, lets raise the debt ceiling so my children and their children get to pay for the benefits of our greedy, selfish, and entitled generation.

  20. Grown some balls for what? He has done as he pleases. Obama has not made one person's life better here in America. What is your dub ass supporting?

  21. he already said he wont, the democrat senate said no negiotation and is sending back bill like 1 hour before deadline, who is playing games here….but sides that, there *IS* no default. We bring in enough money to pay interest per month, the only way we default is if the president, and him alone says we wont pay it. so then its all on him and impeachment time yay

  22. barack will NEVER trade the ACA; but as he has been cutting disastrous deals with the gop for more than four years, what else can we realistically expect. OF COURSE he will; he has ALREADY trained his sights on medicare/ssa. will he sell us out again? that question was used up when he locked in tax immunity for the rich, after campaigning for a year on a promise to end them; also signed off on the worst version of thendaa ever.

  23. that would be, the ndaa; which he also committed to oppose. man has the right lines; when it's time to deliver the talker is a walker. he WILL cut his usual "bipartisan" (means disastrous) deal.

  24. ans so…what to DO about him? tell your democratic legislator to BLOCK him into the ground. he is NOT one of us. he is what "dixiecrats" used to be; ran niminally as democrats, then voted straight republican. he IS a pain to them ocassionally; but that has always been the EXCEPTION to the rule (means " obamacare", education, climate change; only o'care a real money issue, in which he has been effective).

  25. The only thing he is thinking about is "when I get out of this boring meeting I'm headed strait to the tanning salon!" Furshizzle!

  26. I was with you until the last. President Obama is going to pull something that they won't even be expecting. They think they have beaten down our President and he'll agree with anything. He will end up on top and I believe he is for the people. I could be wrong but I don't feel it. Look at the illegal things they have done. Had a secret meeting to change a law so the shut down couldn't be stopped ? It's getting ready to bite them in there butts. Or I will be devastated !

  27. You're a blind sheep. Obama has never been for the people. This whole thing has been staged, they are all (politicians) bought by the rich and mighty.

  28. Are you saying "I" am a blind sheep ? Re-read my post. I am stating how I have believed but it's possible that I am wrong. And as wrong as it is . . . of course a lot of this is a show. But how unfair to the American people. However I truly believe that Ted Kruz has lost it. He was bought into the Tea Party and went crazy with power . Which ended up hurting a lot of Americans because for some unknown reason he had followers. That I don't understand. !

  29. Without raising the debt ceiling the national treasury will not be able to meet its obligations within a few days. This will result in many people not getting paid (including military personnel), many people not receiving benefits (including your grandma) and the US defaulting on their debt interest payments. The latter result is most damaging because it will damage the US credit rating and the stock market. Businesses won't be able to borrow and provide services. Layoffs, starving, bad stuff.

  30. bullshit you been trying to talk to them you guys eat lunch together everyday and your kids go to the same school this all one big game.dont buy into this bullshit

  31. like how everyone say republican are the ones that say there always right. when Ive watch a few of these videos and everyone ive seen is him saying republican wrong democrats right.

  32. There is no other option BUT to raise the debt ceiling. Far, far too much of each dollar goes to interest on the existing debt. Its all but impossible to balance the budget and it would mean many americans would not get services they depend on to survive. You know, elderly, the disabled, impoverished children, etc. The current US debt is a problem that can't be solved on paper until some better solutions come up. Until then, debt.

  33. the republicans are the same shit..this country heading to dictatorship despite who's in control.nobody cares about the american ppl elections are rigged ron paul was perhaps the most popular candidate and he didnt make it far

  34. I think the government shut down for good is a realistic idea due to the fact the country is shutting down state by state and has already started. In this respect we the people
    and all businesses alike will gladly convert to printing our own money which would be a stamp script and continue to work and go to school etc. from home.

  35. sure we cant have dept but republicans refuse to govern lime yoyr supposed ti , through a budget process. if they hate government just quit and let someone else do it.

  36. This country has been in debt every year except for 1835. Every President since Herbert Hoover has added to the national debt. The debt ceiling has been raised 74 times since 1962, including 18 times during Ronald Reagan's tenure. Raising the debt ceiling happens almost every year. Obama is no different then any other president………except for being half-black.

  37. So Cenk, that deal you were talking about…is that still going to happen? Did Obama give away social security and we all just missed it? Because it looked to me like Boehner got jack shit. I guess you're not always as right as you think you are.

  38. loves him so much that he thinks Obama is in league with the republicans :/

    Really do any of you even think? Both top comments are stupid.

  39. He explained what Boehner got. He got a way out, he got some leverage now.

    At this point, Obama has it all, Cenk doesnt want him to give an inch, which he just gave.

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