Why Women Want You To Pay For The First Date

Why Women Want You To Pay For The First Date

Why do you think that women want you to pay
for first date? And I know, that’s a pretty bold statement,
that all women want you to pay for the first date. Here’s how I see the breakdown. I think that a majority of women do want you
to pay for a first date and out of that majority, I believe some say that they don’t want it,
but secretly they do. Here’s the reason why. It’s not because they’re trying to use you
for free stuff. Although there are exceptions. There are some women who are using you. And if you’re a sucker and you’re just buying
women things to get them attracted to you, it’s not going to work because they’re just
there for your money and not for you. You may think where am I getting this data
from? And isn’t this false because now a lot of
women are trying to be equal and look at equality and believe that men and women should pay
the same amount and all those things. Here’s the thing, we’re not talking about
the bigger concept of men paying for everything and women paying for nothing. We’re just talking about the first date. I want to be very specific here because this
is something very specific in terms of why women want this thing. Again, it’s not about everything so even if
there are women out there who want gender equality, I still think a lot of those women
want men to pay on the first date. Because eventually it does end up being equal,
but we’re just talking about this first date. Gotta say that to be very specific. Here’s the deal. This is what I want you to understand. It’s not about you paying and doing something
for her. It’s not about her getting free stuff. Look at it as the act. The reason why I’m making this video is because
this small topic really lends itself to something bigger and it’s the act of you being dominant
into you taking care of a situation. Also, it’s you who’s probably nine times out
of 10, the one who’s asking her on a date. You are paying for because you’re the one
who asked. Yes, she agreed. But still, it’s nice for you to have taken
care of the fact that you propose that you guys meet and so you’re leading this interaction,
so you take care of it. This act in itself is very attractive. Not because she gets something for free, but
because you’re acting in a dominant way and dominance is a masculine trait that someone
who is feminine is going to be attracted to. Understand the polarities, masculine and feminine. When they’re in front of each other, there’s
a greater chance of attraction. When a man is exhibiting masculine traits
in front of a woman, who is again, heterosexual in this case, she’ll be attracted to that. There’s also some instances in which I’ve
heard where if a woman who’s more alpha and a man who’s a bit more submissive and more
feminine can also be attracted to each other. These masculine and feminine traits also show
up in homosexual relationships as well. Again, we’re just talking about this act of
you being dominant, which is a masculine trait is attractive to the feminine. Once you understand this concept, a lot of
things start to really connect and click for you. When you’re asking a woman out and you’re
the one who’s taking the lead and you’re the one who says, you know what, don’t worry about
this, I got this. This makes her more attracted to you. It doesn’t mean that you have to be the one
to always be paying for first for multiple dates. It doesn’t mean that you need to be buying
her things. It doesn’t mean that you need to be proposing
the dates all the time. Really, it would be nice if she reciprocated
later on. Imagine her eventually proposing a date if
you guys go into the dating process where you’re seeing each other a lot. It’d be nice if she took care of that. I know that in that sense you might be thinking
well Tripp, you just said that the guy should take care of the things and be dominant and
all that stuff. Yes, most of the time, but once in a while,
it’s okay if she does that too. But again, if she’s the one who is proposing
it and she pays for it or maybe down the line, you guys split, that’s okay. But in the very beginning, it says something
about you. On that very first date it says something. It says okay she’s gonna be with a guy who
is dominant, who is taking the lead, who is in charge, who’s in charge of his life, who
is effective, who makes things happen. This turns a woman on. You can do whatever you want. I know there’s going to be a lot of backlash
on this video. I know that a lot of guys are going to be
like, women are feeling entitled, they’re entitled to this and that and we’re living
in a very fem-centric society and all this stuff. That’s fine. I’m just saying to you, if you want the best
chances of being your most active attractive and your most masculine and most dominant
then paying for the first date (again just talking about the first date) at least it’s
you taking care of this whole process. Are you going to ruin your chances if you
end up splitting the bill? Are you going to ruin your chances if she
is so keen on her being the one to pay for it if that ever happens? No, you won’t, it still could be fine. It’s not going to be the end of the world
if you don’t do it. But I believe that you should be putting all
the best pieces in place to be more masculine so you can be more attractive if that’s what
you want if you’re looking for a woman to be attracted to you. Think about it on the other hand. Think about you being attracted to a woman. She needs to do the things that are more feminine
that make you attracted. All the different feminine traits and the
way that she presents herself and the way that she acts and the way that she’s nurturing
and open and all these different things. There’s all these reasons why you’re attracted
to her. I don’t want this to be a conversation on
“men have to do it all, men have to do everything”. That’s not what it’s about. It’s just putting in the places and putting
the pieces in the right places for you to have an optimal chance at being attractive
to a woman. And of course, a woman being attractive to
you. Because if she’s not, then you’re going to
say bye, bye. And the same with her. I’m not going to go as far to say that she’ll
completely disregard you if you guys split the bill on the first date. But again, like I’m saying here, let’s put
all the pieces into place and optimize this whole process for you. Also, I believe that if you act dominant in
one area of your life, even if it’s something this small, it can hopefully translate to
you building the habit of being dominant in all the other places in your life. When I say dominant, I just mean taking control,
taking charge, leading what’s going on in your life and leading the interactions. I have good news for you. This doesn’t have to be something that’s going
to completely empty your wallet especially if you’re a guy who’s going on a lot of dates
and you’re taking the advice on these videos or in my Hooked program (which by the way,
you can check out in the description below if you want to learn how to get more dates. I have a module in that program that teaches
you all about how to get the first date) but my point is you don’t have to go broke doing
this. In fact, I highly recommend that you don’t
do anything expensive on the first date because you have no idea if you’re going to see this
person again. I have a lot of friends, guys who go out and
get first dates and if they’re not that interested in the girl they’ll do a cheap date and if
they’re really interested in a girl, they’ll want to go somewhere really nice to dinner. And I think that’s ridiculous. You shouldn’t be treating women differently
based on how interested you are in them because it’s still a chance that even if you’re really
interested in and you go on a fancy first date like a fancy dinner and it ends up being
nothing and you never see the girl again. What I recommend is that every first date
you ever do should either be a drink if you like to drink alcohol or getting a coffee
or a tea. Something to sip on or something very light
to eat, but not about having a full meal. More about you two just getting together and
sharing something that you can do. Because obviously, it’s a little weird if
you’re just sitting across from each other, just talking and not doing anything. That’s a little strange. So just going out, getting coffee, getting
a drink and if you feel that you guys have really connected and it feels good, maybe
you can go do something else and maybe it will lend itself to more food or an activity. But normally the first date is a couple hours
long as you just go out and get something simple that’s not going to break the bank. Even at that point, going on multiple dates
if it doesn’t work out, you haven’t really broke the bank. And you paying for that first date, paying
for the drink, paying for the coffee really does go a long way. You might have a situation if they are like
I want to split this please let me split it. Like they’re begging you to split it. What you can do is this say hey, I’ll tell
you what, I got this one and when we do a next one, you’ll grab that one. Sound good? And that’s the whole idea too. It’s going to switch off a little bit between
you getting it, her grabbing it, so on and so forth if you guys keep on dating and seeing
each other, but you just say to her, hey listen, I’ll grab this one, you grab the next one. And if she’s still insistent, then fine, split
the bill at this point. Probably sounds like she’s not interested
and she just really wants to split it and be on her way and not feel like she owes you
anything. Which brings me to my next point. Understand and it pains me to have to say
this, but I feel like I have to get through to some guys watching this video. Just because you’re paying for a drink, maybe
it ends up in something more like an activity or a meal. Just because you’re paying for it, doesn’t
mean you are entitled to receiving something in return. What I mean specifically is something sexually. Just because you’re doing that that’s not
the trade here. Don’t think the trade here is well, I paid
for it now I should get my thing. Because again, it’s not about a transaction
as much as it is about the act of doing it. We’re coming full circle here to what I talked
about earlier. It’s the act in itself, not the end result
of her getting something for free, but the act itself that makes it so you are appearing
more attractive. Maybe you’ll see her again, maybe you won’t,
who knows? It doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, it’s about you being
dominant, which is you asking her out, setting up the date, finding a place, suggesting the
“me time”, finding the place to sit down, you at the end of it, paying for it, if she
offers to split I already told you what to do there, and then moving forward. This is the act of dominance. I go deep into this concept in my Hooked program,
which you can find in the description below. Just go to www.getherhooked.com. That is a program that’s going to teach you
how to get lots of these first dates. If you’re a guy who’s struggling to get any
date with any woman, especially if you’re not getting dates from online then you need
to check out this program so you can learn the whole process of getting to the point
where you’re getting multiple dates, how to do the approach, where to meet women, what
to say to them to get them interested. And also diving deeper into this masculine
feminine dynamic, like I said before, it’s about you portraying and depicting your masculine
traits so it gives the feminine a higher chance at being attracted to you. We’re going to be working on that stuff in
the program. We’re also going to be working on some lifestyle
stuff. I teach you about some of the inner qualities,
which is the masculine traits and the outer qualities, which is how to present yourself
in the best light, how to groom, how to look and things like that. We throw it all together in the program so
you are a rock star at being able to meet, seduce and get women. Check it out. The link is in the description below at www.getherhooked.com. Leave a comment below. Let me know what you think. I’m sure there’ll be some haters but bring
it on. See you soon.

33 thoughts on “Why Women Want You To Pay For The First Date

  1. Women want us to pay on the first date because they’re already expecting the first date to be the last and then they’ll have a bunch of other first dates lined up where they’ll be expecting more free meals. A woman’s first date is like a food stamp on steroids.

  2. The next time another Titanic goes down….don't forget Women and children first! Lol. Men get a shit sandwich deal and Women laugh at men behind their backs! CRAMER……born in Chicago but living in Az.

  3. It's certainly not about provision & protection.its about testing out for a guy who can be controlled just right,& who can provide another lifestyle,or a break from her current lifestyle.Shes struggling also with the changes society is placeing on the smp .

  4. Person who does the asking out pays..and it doesn't matter if it's the guy or girl (yes I'm talking about the 1st date,after that it's 50/50 in the relationship)

  5. On a first date, its always drinks (or something free, then it doesn’t matter). When we order our first drinks, I’ll say, “ill grab the first round”, close the tab, and see where it goes

  6. Why? Because if she or you didn't pay for the date she'd have a reunion with doing the dishes to pay for it… all these decades of feminism… ironic I know.

  7. Nah, no free meals. This ain’t a soup kitchen. I invite them to a workout session with me as my guest and date. She sucks at working out or asks for a meal or refuses, PASS.
    She does well, then I’ll get us smoothies afterwards possibly.

  8. Agree with you Tripp. I always offer to pay half on the first date. It's a test. If the man says yes, I won't go out with him again. The last guy let me pay half and then he only paid a $3 tip on his $26 tab. I had to tip $9 to make up for him.

  9. @TripAdvice if majority of women still want men to pay for the first date then truly where is the equality in that ?

  10. Hey Tripp I think if you get laid and you bang her it's worth paying , if not it's a complete waste. Also do you think you can make a video about losing your virginity ?

  11. Tripp as a man let me save you some trauma with some idiots men out there. if a man can not understand that will make him feel more masculine or more macho in the eyes of the woman when he does something social like that for the woman he doesn't need a woman then.

  12. I Do Not agree that paying shows dominance, if anything it shows submisiveness. Our society has conditioned woman to judge their value based on male attention and validation. Little is more validating to a woman than a man spending money and time on her. I would say, that since men are expected to pay for dates in our society, men should limit their investment. When I have spent the most money on a first date, I have consistently received the cold shoulder. It's as if the more you invest in a first date, you can see her interest level drop in direct proportion. I have had the most success when I have invested very little money and time on the first date, that I have had the best connection

  13. A man should never give anything with the expectation of getting anything in return! Good point Tripp and thanks for bringing this up in your video

  14. You guys who comment things like "nah", you do whatever you want to, and noone is entitled to a free drink or meal. What I can easily say is that me or any girl I know wont do a second date or sleep with someone who refuses to even pay for the first date. If you want to understand the other side of it, imagine she showed up looking like crap (fyi women spend a lot of money on makeup, hair products and clothes to keep men attracted). Also, just becuase you pay for first date doesnt mean she is a gold digger, if you continue to date or hook up it's fair that girls pick up some bills.

  15. Gosh thanks Tripp! Being a girl and seeing the other side of things, I feel like so many guys need the kind of honest direction and advice you give to date successfully. It's unfortunate that there are so many "dating experts" out there who talk about women as if they are expiring fruit and teach men how to use them. Some guys really need a healthy perspective on women.

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