Why I No Longer Use PayPal · Selling AND Buying

Why I No Longer Use PayPal · Selling AND Buying

Hello guys and welcome back to my
channel. Now I want to get this video as short as possible so we’re just gonna
get straight into it. If you have visited my shop or my website or seen any of my
recent videos you will know that I’m no longer accepting PayPal as a mode of
payment. I’m no longer using it as a buyer or a seller.
Due to recent experiences I have decided to completely suspend my use of this
internet payment service for the foreseeable future so if I can help it
they will never touch or profit from a single penny of my money ever again. Now
this isn’t gonna be a video about why you shouldn’t be using PayPal, make your
own decisions, I just wanted to share my story and a few of you have come forward
recently since I first mentioned these issues that I’ve had and had your own
stories so I thought it’d be great to use this platform to just share what
happened with me and you know if there are any small businesses out there that
are going through their own issues with PayPal then my experiences might be able
to help you resolve them and if you’re using PayPal as a buyer it just might be
good to know what can go wrong and I guess the true nature of them as a
company. So basically just take whatever you want from this story. Now to be quite
honest, I was and I’m still very nervous making this video, quite apprehensive you
know, this isn’t the content I normally make. I’m an art channel and also just
kind of apprehensive to talk about my finances in general. I think it can be
quite dangerous and it’s also just like a personal thing but I think it’s
important in this case to go into as much detail as I can I’m also a bit
worried about you know just the potential backlash taking on quite a
large company. I mean I doubt that PayPal themselves will actually notice this or
bat an eyelid but I have seen similar videos like this where people get
responses from other PayPal users who just assumed that the issues that people
having are their own fault. So if you are about to make a comment along the lines
of the fact that I’m using PayPal wrong and you know if I use it properly
everything would go fine if I don’t like it don’t use it anything
like that, I would implore you to just have a look in the description below.
I’ve left a few links and resources to similar cases I’ve got a link to the
BBC watchdog website where they have a report on this, I have links to
Trustpilot and consumer affairs with all their ratings and reviews there. I
think it’s interesting that they have a one-star rating on Trustpilot
and Consumer Affairs. Also if you want to get really deep into it I have
information made available through the Freedom of Information Act on all the
complaints and cases against them filed to the Financial Ombudsman service so if
you want to get really deep into it I would recommend checking out the
description below I’ve got quite a few links. I will also have links do you
PayPal Terms of Service, links to alternative payment methods that I will
be talking about later on in the video and another quite helpful and resource
that I found about if you are going through issues with them a good
effective way that you can file a complaint. With all that out the way I
just want to give a quick summary of you know if you’re new here, what this is
about. So I am an artist, I am self-employed, I sell art and prints and
all sorts of things online through my online shop. Until now, I only processed
payments through PayPal just because I thought it was something that was safe
it was very simple and because I get a lot of orders from overseas it just
seemed like the best option. Now I have a few different revenue streams,
I don’t just rely on my shop alone, I also have this YouTube channel, I do
affiliate marketing things like that but through my shop, all the payments come
through PayPal. Also I have a patreon account where all my payments came
through PayPal as well. Now normally I don’t have an issue, I’ve pretty much
never had an issue with PayPal before but this last month, the beginning of
last month I had a massive influx of sales in my shop where I sold 350 plus
items within the space of a few hours so that obviously garnered quite a lot of
money going into the account very quickly, very suddenly and understandably
PayPal saw that as suspicious. They suspended my account and did not allow
me to access those funds. They wanted another level of verification, they sent
me an email saying that if you get two and a half thousand euros within a
certain amount of time they just need to verify that you are who you say you are
before they can release those funds to you. So at this point 6th of November my
account wants limited and that genuinely is fair enough, they are handling a lot
of money and I appreciate that they would go through those lengths to make
sure that things are kosher. So I phoned them that day if you’ve seen
my vlog from that time you’ll have seen kind of good behind the scenes of all
this. I hate making phone calls but I felt like it was just the kind of thing
I need to you know get it done, get it sorted out. So I rang them, they sent me
an email with instructions on what I needed to do. Now at this point I
realized that I have actually made a mistake with my paypal account and I
want to completely put that out there, make that clear, that was my mistake. And
what I’d done was, because it was a business account, I put my name in the
business name and the business name as my name so Minnie Small, semiskimmedmin
it was all a bit messed up so to unlimit it I first needed to change the
name which seemed simple enough. In the email they sent me they outlined all
the things they required for that; so a form of ID- photo ID- so my driver’s
license, they needed a letter of authorization from the manager of the
company which is me obviously just like I guess authorizing the name change and
a letter on company stationery saying why the name needed to be changed and
then once that was all done they would have those documents they would be able
to unlimit it. Or so they said. So I uploaded all of
those documents I think it was the 8th 7th or 8th by the time I had gathered
those all up you know written out that letter that they wanted and send
that off. This is where I kind of had my first inkling of a problem just because
when you upload those documents and you know as I said I appreciate that they
are thorough I appreciate that you know they are very official with these things,
I would also like the same care to be taken with my documents. So when I
uploaded those things, it was just like throwing out there into the ether. There
was no confirmation email or anything to say that they had that, there was no
follow-up to say you know thanks for sending these documents we’re working on
it we’re processing your request it was just like sending it on out there
and you know let’s see what happens. They have like a resolution Center on
their website and there’s nothing there to say anything either which I just
found quite odd but at the time I was still very much in the thought that this
would be something that would be resolved in a few days. So yeah even if
that bothered me at the time and that in the scheme of things
as you’ll see was neither here nor there. So that day on the seventh or eight is when
the waiting game began and days passed with no confirmation no updates on the
process absolutely no contact from PayPal. The whole process was quite
unclear and as I said days literally days and days passed with absolutely no
update on things so at that point I just thought that maybe those documents
didn’t go through when I uploaded them You know I sent those out there I was
redirected back to the resolutions page maybe my server cut out. So I uploaded
those documents again just in case, so on the 13th, were a week in by now and still
haven’t heard anything so I emailed customer services through their online message
center. O kay my first tip when dealing with PayPal, if you do send them anything
make sure to send yourself a copy because as we’ll find out anything you
send to them, just floats off into the ether and they could do whatever
they want with it, it can disappear, it might not even really existed according
to them. I typed out a full email of my situation, of what I’ve done, I said my
accounts been limited I have sent these documents nothing’s happening where do
we go from here. To my relief they sent like an
automated response saying we will respond to you within 24 hours. I was
like cool and within a few hours they had responded except the response was
not really related to what I had said it was just copy and paste of like the FAQ
section of their website, just some generic information telling me
essentially to do what I had just said that I had just done in the email I’d sent them. So
imagine I’ve said ‘hi PayPal I’ve sent the driver’s license you want what’s
happening’ and they responded ‘what you’re gonna need to do is sent your driver’s
license’. Bit frustrating but again in the scheme of things that was neither here
nor there. They had the option with that email to respond to that generic copy
and paste email to get a more I guess personalized response so I rewrote that
original email that I sent to the message center as a response to their
follow-up email and to which they said they would respond. And I have to say to
this day I have still never received a response for that email. So second tip- are we on the second tip already??- is if you have a problem with PayPal do not
contact them through email do not try to contact them through
their forums, on the forums they’ll direct you to contact them through
Twitter or Facebook- don’t do that either because they will pretty much ignore you.
They have just their copy and paste responses for all of those platforms, if
you want to get things moving you need to skip straight to phoning
them and if you really want to keep things moving I would recommend calling
them once or twice a day which is what I ended up doin. So obviously at this
point it was frustrating but I still wasn’t I don’t know I think I was still
looking at quite naively. I as I said I’ve never had an issue with them so I
thought you know it’s a big company things will get sorted out. You know all
I’m doing is proving that I am who I say I am. I have the documents to say so, so
as long as I can keep things moving and keep them aware of what’s happening
things will get sorted. Alright so on the seventeenth so about a week after I
had re uploaded my documents just you know for the sake of it, they actually
did show up on the resolution centre page. So they had a scan off my driver’s
license they had the letter, all those things that they had asked for they had
a list of those things there and they also had like a link on there saying
there’s a problem with your account click here to resolve it and you know
they asked for a few more documents for me to upload so I did all of that
straightaway because as I said I am who I say I am. So I had those documents
ready and once I followed those steps there was just like a thank-you page and
it said we’ve received your documents it’ll take two to three days for you to
you know for things to be processed. So I thought fine fair enough and I left it
for two to three days. Four days later I think on the 21st I do have everything
written down here day by day so on the 21st still nothing obviously so that was
the day that I started looking on the forums and that is when things kind of
start crashing down and I realized how deep this might get because there were
hundreds of people in a very similar situation to me. People that had you know
maybe put in the wrong password or maybe they’ve got married and changed their
name and they had been locked out of their accounts, and they’ve been locked
out of their accounts for months some of them for years you know. There was tons
of people just asking for help getting the response from PayPal saying you know go
on Twitter and then these people would come back to the forum and say you said
that three months ago and I still don’t have my money. So seeing all that really
was like when the world kind of came crashing down and I realized that this
could be quite serious and this could go on for some time. So very upset very
angry, that is actually the moment that I decided to make this video. And it’s
funny looking back because at the time I thought I was nearing the resolution I
was going to sort it out in the next few days make a video about it. As it turns
out it didn’t go that smoothly so I called customer services again that day
just to you know remind them I was here just tell them what was going on see
what’s happening I’ve submitted these documents I haven’t heard anything
what’s the situation. And they actually pushed my request
forward so obviously you know I’ve submitted my documents they’re sitting
on the bottom of a pile they must get tons of these every day. The guy on the
phone said they’re working through it but they’ve got a lot going on so fair
enough they’ve pushed my request forward they’re gonna sort it out. Now I have to
say the interactions that I had with the staff on the phone were all all that one
were pretty positive very helpful and genuine and one of them couldn’t have
cared less but I guess you know that’s just part of it. I have to say I’m not
someone that would ever you know, as frustrating as it all was, I would never
like shout someone on the phone and never have a go at a customer service
representative just because especially as someone that has worked in retail, I
know what it’s like to be shouted at at least once for every single shift
that you work you know by someone that’s blaming you for something that you have
zero control over and it’s the people higher up that are causing it and those
same people are treating the staff like you know like they’re expendable as well.
So throughout this process I just stayed very calm on the phone… The reason I kind of hesitate saying that- and we’ll get to it- but
I did get quite emotional. I didn’t get angry and shouty just…. crying…. So as I
said the people on the phone were very helpful, on this occasion the guy said to
me thanks for uploading your documents
we’re gonna push it forward and we’ll see
what happens. So the next day… I just looked down at my notes and realized
what the next day was. The next day was… I’m gonna get emotional as well :'( seems so
silly to get upset about it but it was just such a frustrating process. The next
day I woke up to a text from my personal bank account saying that I was past you
know my limit. I had a 500 pound overdraft on that account, I had
completely used that up and I was now even past that. So I was on minus £500
and something now. Just to catch you up on why; because of the massive amount of
orders I got, I still needed to send those out and people have paid for the
postage within their order but I couldn’t access that payment so my only
options were really to use my savings to pay for that or to not send them out
which… to take your money and say well thanks for that can’t send it out yet
and I don’t know when I’ll be able to send it out. Because I thought that this
would be resolved quite quickly I thought well you know I’ll just I’ll use
the money that I have saved up- I always have like I think when you are running a
small business the best thing you can do is have like a contingency fund have
some money backed up wherever possible- so I had used my savings to pay to send
those orders out, the postage for those orders came to between two and a half to
three thousand pounds. Now prior to that I had also spent a lot of money
paying for the products that I’ve sold and for all the postage bits and bobs
that I sent out with them so I bought business cards I bought envelopes I
bought all those little things but I knew that those would be paid for by the
sale of those things. If you want to see all that, I do have a whole vlog on it
but I had essentially put out quite a bit of money knowing that I would make
that back having made a few sales. It’s just that those sales obviously I
couldn’t get the access to that money so I was in a very precarious place
financially and even though I have all these different streams of revenue and
not all my money goes into paypal, I had used up a lot of the backup
money that I had and I’d had to move a lot of funds around from savings I had
to borrow money and then in the background obviously I’m still running a
small business which has its own expenses every single day. So little
things like my printer ran out of ink; I print my art prints at home so my printer
ran out of ink and paper, I use archival quality ink and paper so that
was one expense I had to pay for. The rent on my p.o box, I have like my
subscription to Adobe, little things that really don’t mean anything but when you
are living on very limited funds while thousands of pounds of being held
somewhere else it all it all comes together. So that morning I woke up to
find out that I was gonna start being charged a fee every day while I was in minus minus money at that point I was obviously very stressed but it was first thing in
the morning so I just put my phone down and I shut my eyes and thought I’m just
gonna get like another hours sleep and then I’ll deal with this. Half an hour
later I got another text from another bank account because I have two personal
bank accounts and one business bank account, so my first personal account was
in minus five hundred and something, my second one was also now in minus- so they
were also going to start charging me a fee every single day for a while I was
in the red. And the reason I’ve got emotional thinking about that is just
because you know it’s mad stressful. So you can imagine my relief when later on
that morning paypal emailed me to say ‘thanks for everything the limit on your
account has been lifted you can access your funds’. Within not even five minutes
they sent me another email to say- and it literally read, I’ll read it to you-
‘Dear Minnie Small, note please ignore the previous email’ followed by the very same
copy and pasted information I had been sent on the very first day. So if you
remember the first day my account was limited, I rang them, they sent me email
instructions on what to do… they had just sent me the exact same instructions; so
we need your driver’s license you need the letter of authorization and
we need a letter on company stationery. They’d also added that I needed to
switch my account from a personal account to a business account and they
gave me instructions on doing that but my account was already a business
account so everything that they had sent me was useless and what I realized when
I actually went on the website was that all the documents I had uploaded were
gone and they had essentially started the whole name change and account
limitation process from scratch and if you remember that there was a link that
said you know ‘this needs your attention click here to resolve, it’ll take two to
three days’ that’s that was still there but when I clicked to resolve it it had
a page that read ‘thank you for providing all the required information you’re all
set and your account is back to normal’ which obviously it wasn’t because I
couldn’t withdraw my money. So at this point, it’s like what do I need to do. I
feel completely helpless, I feel like I’m running around in circles and this is
gonna sound crazy but this is where it started to feel like they were doing it
on purpose. Like it felt like they were purposely trying to wind me up, trying to
like drive me into like frustration so that maybe I’d snap and like lash out on
the phone and then they’d have an excuse to completely suspend my account. And I’m
not saying that that’s what they were doing because that would be outrageous
but that’s what it felt like at this point. So yeah on this day I’ll admit I
was just a bit too overwhelmed to deal with it at all I just left it for the
rest of the day and resigned myself to the thought of having to… essentially
hemorrhaging money. In the meantime, one saving grace was that I was expecting my
Google Adsense payment from YouTube in the next few days so I knew that that
would at least bring me out of the place where I was being fined every day for
not having money. So on the 23rd I spent a good half hour on the phone and this
was the day that I really just kind of broke down and I’m not embarrassed to
admit that I was in tears for most of that phone call just you know because I-
you know- it was- it was a lot and I couldn’t really cope anymore.
So because all of my previous attempts have been wiped from their system- again
I have to reiterate whatever you do keep your own records of it because
you know they have control over what exists and what doesn’t in their
universe- so because all my previous attempts have been wiped from their
system ,I was starting from scratch and the guy on the phone as sympathetic as
he was he was like oh yeah I see your account was limited yesterday. So
obviously there’s no urgency there obviously they don’t want to sort that
out ,I’m back at the bottom of the pile. I explained the situation and he went off
and I spent a long time on hold and when he came back he said that my account
might have to be closed. My heart just sank
and we had a talk about it, we kind of worked things out and he said the
best case scenario I’d have to wait 180 days to be able to maybe receive the
money that was in there before they closed the account. I don’t know why they
say 180 days because 180 days is six months! So I would have to wait half a
year to be able to get that money out- if that! So we talked it out a bit more and
he said well try sending in this other document we need, something that we
haven’t asked for yet from you for some reason. They needed a like utility bill
or something that said my name on it the company name and my address which I had.
So I sent that in straight away and rang back straight away because I wasn’t
gonna play that waiting game anymore. I was aware that if I just left it it
would be god knows how long you know. It would be until I next rang
them ,so I just rang them straight back I said look I’ve done it, all the things
are there now and let’s go it’s been three… two/three weeks. And what I found so
odd about this was that this utility bill that he asked for that wasn’t
outlined in the email that they sent me three to four times already, that
copy-and-paste email that they kept sending me every
step of the way, it wasn’t outlined in the phone calls I had had- I mean how
many phone calls had I had by then- never did they ask for that which I find quite
interesting because it’s like they intentionally want to make you spend as
much time as possible jumping through hoops so that in the meantime maybe they
can earn interest on the money that’s just sitting in your account. That’s just
a theory. Again, I don’t know, so like I saids I sent those
again, sent the utility bill I think I think I sent like a bank statement or
something and rang back and the guy said cool I can see it it’s all there. He was
like we’re gonna escalate this, I’ve got it off my screen now- remember that; I’ve
got it up on my screen now, all the documents are here- and at that point I
genuinely thought that like this has got to be it. Surely. Like I’ve done
everything they asked, there’s nothing else they could possibly ask for. Most of
the stuff I’ve done at least twice so I couldn’t think of any other reason that
my account would still be limited after that. But of course it just wasn’t that
easy. So you know where this is going… the next
day I got an email from PayPal and it was the same email from the first day, it
was the same email that I got however many weeks later, it was the same email
that said we need your driver’s license we need a letter of authorization we
need a letter on company stationery we need you to change your account to a
business account… like I’m sure you can tell by now why I was frustrated why I’m
making this video even if it’s just to kind of vent it you know. They were for
real for real giving me the runaround and it was infuriating and it was really
discouraging and disheartening and quite frightening to think like they could do
this for as long as they want. Like we are just playing a
game and they’re in control. So straightaway I called again, it was
like part of my morning routine literally before breakfast before I had a shower;
check my emails, ring PayPal. So I called again and here’s the interesting part-
this was the guy that really didn’t have time for it as well on the phone- he said
that one of the documents I uploaded way back, not the one they asked for the day
before but one of the older ones, was just a blank document.
I had just uploaded a blank document. Just really interesting considering the
guy on the phone yesterday was looking at all my documents up on his screen and
they were all there. Now I will give them the benefit of the doubt I guess because
the alternative is kind of too upsetting to think that they would lie or corrupt
my files… I don’t I don’t… I can’t explain it so maybe it
was a blank document even though those documents were showing up just fine on
my computer and had apparently been showing up to spying on that other guys
computer yesterday, I will give them the benefit of the doubt and you know if
they were blank… if that was a blank document, why was that not flagged up on
week one when they first checked them or week two. Why would it take them so long
to get to this final step to then go back and say well actually that thing
that you uploaded actually doesn’t exist. It just doesn’t- it just doesn’t make
sense to me but again they told me if I just do this one more thing- one more
thing- re upload that document and then we’ll
have everything and everything will be fine. So after another like mini
breakdown on the phone, I said fine I’ll send you those documents
you know I’ll reupload it for the third time and so I did. And this was the day that I
really physically felt sick right. I could see it just going on forever and I
could see the game that they were playing and I just felt completely
helpless. I uploaded those documents I didn’t want to call back, I was kind of
done for the day but my mum convinced me to just make one more phone call, keep
the ball rolling and then just you know give it a break over the weekend. So my
very last phone call that day was to Michelle and Michelle was very very
helpful. Michelle was the most helpful of all the customer services so far. I was
genuinely shaking on the phone but she kind of like held my hand through it and
just walked me through step by step. The weird thing is that she sent me an email
that she wanted me to copy and paste into a Word document to submit as
another letter. A letter that just completely came out of nowhere,
completely not on a list of things they told me to do previously. This whole
other document that they wanted me to upload that I can genuinely say had
never been mentioned before. So she sent me an email with what I needed to write
in that letter, she said put your name in it, put the date in it ,sign it, send it
back to me and all of this I did still on the phone with her so I’m they’re
like ‘yeah I’m on Word now, I’m saving it I’m sending it
to you’ and she’s on the other end saying ‘okay I’ve received it and now I’m going
to send it to the claims people, blah blah blah’ I guess that would be another
tip of mine if you can- I’m not sure how how much they’re gonna be okay with that-
but if you can try and stay on the phone with these people while you’re doing
everything just to keep things progressing so you’re not having to call
back every five seconds, every step that you take. So by the end of that phone
call , she had changed the name on my account at last and so the limitation
was lifted. All of this still on the phone with me. I was on hold most of
the time obviously but I was happy to just sit there and wait while she worked
on it. Now the last thing she said to me was that I would need to remove my bank
account from my account and then re-add it because my bank account was in the
wrong name which I didn’t really understand but I thought okay I’ll do
that. My fear was that if I didn’t, then they would just limit my account all
over again. They would just have a reason to limit it. I remember when I first
mentioned this, someone did recommend that I don’t when I do get access again
don’t withdraw more than eight hundred pounds at once because they might see
that as suspicious and find a new reason to freeze my account all over again. So I
tried to remove my bank account from the PayPal account, it wouldn’t let me, it said
I needed to wait five to seven days, I waited five to seven days and it still
wouldn’t let me so I tried to withdraw a pound to my bank account. You obviously
you can imagine I was desperate at this point to just get my money out- and
the pound came out and I saw it in my bank account so I just thought f*ck it
I’m gonna withdraw everything. So I just withdrew all the money that I had in
that PayPal account and I have not touched it since and I will not touch it
ever again. So that was right at the end of November, so almost a whole month
later I finally had that money. I just want to reiterate like… that was my money!
I worked for that money and I earned it and a lot of you guys gave that to me
and they had their hands on it and I think the worst part for me was that in
this time while I’m facing overdraft charges from my bank, they had taken
their cut, paypal had taken their cut. They took that before that money even
touch my account so in that twenty to thirty
days where I didn’t get anything they had received 317 pounds fifty four
in fees from my transactions. They had also obviously probably earned quite a
bit of interest on the amount of money that was sitting in that account. And as
I said I’ve had quite a smooth run with paypal over the years but I’ve also
never had that much money in my account so my guess is that they wait for people
to make mistakes, they wait for a large sum of money to be in there that they
can jump on and they find the smallest things to be able to suspend your
account and put limits on you and make you jump through hoops to get it back
and in the meantime they can earn interest on that money. If you think about it,
it makes sense when you think about how many people they’re doing this to at
once, how much money they could be making if they’re making everyone wait 180 days,
that’s six months of someone’s money sitting in there that they can just feed
off as much as they want to. And a quick read of their terms and conditions is
actually quite terrifying. According to their User Agreement, PayPal has sole
discretion to decide if you have done something wrong; so when you sign up
you’re essentially giving them the permission to lock you out of your
account if they want to basically. If they can find a reason to. If
they can make up a reason to. Listen to this; ‘PayPal can refuse any particular
payment transaction at any time for any reason and will only be required to make
available the fact of their refusal and the reasons for the refusal and how you
can resolve the problem where possible upon request and provided is not
prohibited by law’ so what I’m getting from that is that we can freeze your account
whenever we want for whatever reason we want and we don’t have to tell you about it,
we don’t have to tell you why and we don’t have to tell you how you can fix
it unless you ask and even then we still might not. ‘We may close, suspend or limit
your access to your account or our services and or limit access to your
funds to the extent and for so long as reasonably needed to protect against the
risk of liability. For the avoidance of doubt we may permanently block your
account for a breach of section 10.6’ which is information about you.
Remember this isn’t a bank. They hide behind this guise of fair and secure
transactions and business but they are just an online
cash handling company. They are a business, they don’t have to abide by federal laws,
they don’t answer to the government, they answer to their own rules and they have
the freedom to really do whatever they want. Now as I said my finances did
suffer but I was very lucky in the scheme of things as a small business. I’m
lucky because I didn’t have all my eggs in one basket, I have savings scattered
around that at least allowed me to send out those existing orders, if not they
would be sitting there in my room all month while the people who ordered them
wondered what was going on. And I have a lot of very understanding customers but
then it comes to a point where it’s just unprofessional and I can understand that
you know a lot of people would have wanted their money back
and that would be quite a tarnish on my reputation as a seller. I’m lucky because
I work from home; if I had an office space that I was renting out or a studio
somewhere I couldn’t make those payments to keep
that space. I do pay rent to live here with my mum but obviously she was a very
understanding landlady this month. If I was living anywhere else in London I’d
be on the streets. And I’m lucky that I have other sources of income so even
though my patreon money went into that account while I couldn’t access it- and
patreon is where a lot of people have come to like give me a more consistent
income because this life is quite unstable, people have come there for the
sole purpose of helping me out financially, that money went somewhere
where I couldn’t access it- but as I said I thankfully had that Google Adsense
payment and that at least helped me get some ways out of the five hundred pound
plus hole that I had dug myself into. So despite the stress, it wasn’t the end of
the world for me but this is the kind of thing that leads people to get loans, it
leads people to make financial decisions that they can’t really come
back from and it just becomes a downward spiral. And that’s why I think it’s
really important to think about how much trust we put in these companies whether
you’re a small business getting your payments through them or even just as a
shopper knowing where your money is going and if it’s going to the person
that you actually meant it for if it’s sitting in PayPal
making them money. I think we’ve been lulled into the convenience of paypal
and allowed them this monopoly, allowed them to make their own rules and just re
write the script on you know how to handle people’s money for their own gain.
So I will be okay, I’m alright now but what concerns me is
how many stories I’ve seen from other people where they haven’t been okay and
businesses have had to shut down and people have ended up never getting that
money back. Moving forward from this, I have been looking for
alternatives; a few people suggested to stripe which I have been using
for a few weeks now. So stripe is a platform that accepts card payments, is
very convenient, it’s very safe. So you can accept card payment through your
website and one thing I’ve realized since using stripe is just how much
money paypal we’re taking from each and every transaction. I thought it was quite
normal you know it’s normal for companies to take a fee if they’re
handling the money that’s fine, what I realized is that PayPal are taking so
much more than they need to be and I’m saving a lot more money and I’m earning
a lot more money from that middleman not taking a such a large chunk of it if
that makes sense. So stripe have been a great option for me so far I really
couldn’t recommend them more. In terms of patreon I now accept my patreon payments
through payoneer which is a service that I’ve been using for about a year anyway. I
accept my Amazon payments through that they will give you like an american
bank account, a european bank account and you can transfer money through there
quite easily and so when i’m accepting money from the u.s. from amazon from
patreon it can now go into my Payoneer account, they take a very small fee and
then I can withdraw it straight away into my UK bank account and it’s been
easy, it’s been safe. One other thing that is worth mentioning, I’ve been locked out
of my Payoneer account before which starts to make me sound really careless but I
put my password in wrong once and they limited my account like PayPal
did and you know they wanted verification of my identity they wanted
me to like submit like a photo of myself with a sign saying
like all sorts of different things. Just proper solid verification methods but
they sorted it out quickly. Like I did the things they wanted and they let me
back into my account. So you know it can be done and it’s being done by
everyone except the you know online payment giant’s because paypal don’t
have to take that much care they feel like they’re above it,
they feel like they have that control over their customers. Now in terms of
protecting myself with online payments going out because you know making
payments with your card on all sorts of websites- I’ve been used to using PayPal,
I find it safe you get refunds if you need them- now that I am NOT using PayPal
anymore I will just use you know a prepaid card. You can load money onto a
card, I use one called starling and it’s a master card, I will have it linked below
but there are tons of other types of cards like this. You essentially load it
with money from your own account and then you use that card to pay for things
so when you’re putting card details out there people will only have access to
what’s on that card Obviously none of this is foolproof
I’m not saying that this is the safest way but I feel like as long as you’re
banking with like a reputable bank there are security procedures and
there is insurance and there are ways to get money back if things do go wrong. So
yeah, I’m taking all the steps I can to live a PayPal free life. I had heard about
issues with PayPal before like every few years there’s a boycott PayPal reason
but I had never paid attention to it and I wish I had. I feel like there’s a lot
of complacency in big companies like this I don’t think PayPal are the only
ones that treat their customers like this. The same problems will constantly
arise but I feel like they have this monopoly over us, this convenience or
perceived convenience and perceived lack of alternatives. We as consumers are not
that important to them we are pretty easy to ignore. I thought I
could at least use this platform to share my experiences
and just to think about how much trust we put into PayPal and companies like
them and honestly I really did just want to come here
and rant and vent my frustrations and I feel a lot better for it so thank you
for listening. We are definitely small fish in a big
pond when it comes to situations like this but all I know is that I will not
allow them to benefit from one single penny from me in the future. My payments
in and out will not go through PayPal they will not profit from my earnings
ever again and because of that I don’t think I’ll be using society6 anymore I
think I’m going to be switching over to red bubble because for the time being
society6 only accept paypal I think so I’ll be making a few changes here and
there nothing drastic and nothing that should affect you guys too much but yeah
I’m just doing whatever I can to avoid them like the plague.
So yeah we’re maybe some fish too these big companies but they make the choice
to treat us one way or another and at the end of the day we are the customer
so without us they’d be nothing so of course we can still make a big
difference even if the difference I make is my small tiny chunk of money that
they’d be earning from me, they’re not having that ever again. So yeah if you
want any further reading I will have links below, thank you so much for
watching and if you have any similar stories, I would love to hear those in
the comments as well and if you have any tips to help resolve it as well as any
suggestions for payment alternatives. Yeah other than that I will see you soon
for the next video! Bye!

100 thoughts on “Why I No Longer Use PayPal · Selling AND Buying

  1. I stopped using Paypal over 4 years ago. They're too much of a hassle, plus they nickle and dime you, also they give your data to the government. FUCK THEM! They screw over too many people. Next time you get in a situation like this, get an attorney, they bank on users not having lawyers. Btw, you cashapp, much easier and if you wait a business day or two, you aren't charged a fee.

  2. you hit a nail on the head, one of may, holding funds in a pool with others to acrue interest while you go through hoops. they did something similar to me until i called them on it, litterally along with a pdf of a lawsuit against them they lost. had my money within sixty seconds. they are owned by ebay whoforces people to use paypal. just got off the phone with the stating id file with the FTC and SEC for fraud, RICO, and imparing the obligation of contracts. they re also guilty of id fraud as they have no lawful reason to obtain copies of drvers licenses, bills or other documents of that nature, kerp in touch, when my website is back up i can help you and other, it will be called Article 3 llc. good work and great artwork, I xhecked it out

  3. If you don't use paypal who do you use?, It seems to me they are the only people you can use when buying and selling on line especially with the likes of ebay.

  4. They did the same thing to me. Ive been battling them for months. No amount of verification is good enough for them. Calls, sending in ID, marriage certificate, business license, 3 times now as they "lost them" but they are UPLOADED so how do they lose them?? Then my account started refunding customers who all got my digital product. I called them again I was like what are you doing?!?!?! They said the customers wanted refunds. I do not accept refunds on digital products because you cant undo a download 🤦 so I stopped selling digital products cost me hundreds of dollars and time. So then they started holding all my funds….my account has been in good standing for 8 years! They said it was "random" they wanted all the documents I already sent 3 times again 🤦 I resent the 4th time. I never got anything fixed.

  5. The customer service is a joke had similar issues as you have had with them. I kept getting automated responses to sent emails. I eventually had had enough of contacting them via email for 3 days. I eventually rang them and the whole line was crackly and sounded like an Indian scam call centre, you could hear everything in the background and the woman who was dealing with my case could not understand me at all and I kept being transferred from department to department. I eventually got to one department to then be told by the customer service agent that my pending balance wasn’t on the system and the pending balance I was seeing on my screen was just an image on the screen 😂. £170 out of pocket! No access too my account because of a suspected fraud attempt, they gave me no evidence that there was any fraud attempt and to make it worse they still have my money locked I’m beyond angry. I’m seriously want to take them to court but the court fees will counter this. I’m lost on what to do it’s my hard earned money! It’s been nearly 2 months now still no where. I’ve called up a dozen times almost on hold for half an hour a bunch of times. Scam artists only worth used them to buy items. They do not protect sellers!

  6. PAYPAL BUNCH OF CROOKS ,they wont help me refund my money, when it was clearly the sellers fault go FUCK YOUR SELFS PAYPAL burn in hell

  7. I've been having a comparatively very, very minor issue with them. They kept telling me to do the same thing over and over, just like they did with you. I got exasperated. A few weeks ago, I channeled all of my payments through my credit card. Today, while watching this video, I removed pre-authorized payments and closed my PayPal account. I don't know how I'll pay certain people now, but dealing with their customer service made me realize just how awful they are. I guess I don't do PayPal anymore.

  8. I've had nothing but problems with Paypal recently. Some payments I made using Paypal last month got rejected due to money being taken out by another company and since then I left my last job, so I haven't been able to resolve my negative balance. All of this week so far, Paypal have been calling me EVERYDAY, Monday to Friday, sometimes upto 4 times, trying to get payment. Last week, when I spoke to one of their colleagues, I explained to them that I am starting a new job on the 16th of this month, but I won't get any money until the 27th. Since then, like I said before, I've been getting calls EVERYDAY, which I've either ignored or rejected. Why the hell would they need to phone me at all after the last time we spoke when I've ALREADY told them what I am going to do?! Suffice to say, even if I sort out my account balance on the 27th, I won't be using Paypal EVER AGAIN.

  9. Can you accept payments when selling digital products online on your bank account? For example accepting payments and when selling that money goes into your bank account like JP Morgan Chase?

  10. i just dumped paypal and replaced with other payment method. stay away from paypal. i think paypal means you have to pay to learn the lesson using paypal

  11. Eff PayPal and Ebay, owned by the same SOB in San Jose California, I have purchased and sell so much on these greedy mutherfers Apps, my last transaction I got cheated and I will rather do a GARAGE SALE THAN GIVE THOSE SUCKER'S ANY MONEY.

  12. Wait but them what is the safest app to buy and sell with? If it sounds weird I meant it as like if paypal isn't safe the what's safe?

  13. Thanks for this info! I’m having similar situations with PayPal and I will close my account as soon as they give me my money back. I’m seller on eBay since 2007 and I’m looking for good alternatives to PayPal because I will never use PayPal again. Also their security is the worst! Thanks for sharing your experience!! #QuitPayPal

  14. Paypal are now keeping payments for large ticket items until after proof of delivery and then it takes a few days to release the funds and then when I do a withdraw I have to wait a further 24 hours every time. I have one payment on hold for £1000 but they will not release it for 28 days as there is no online tracking, even though I have a signed POD, they have now said that if I cant provide a tracking number they will be refunding the cusotmer that has my sofa. I hate paypal !

  15. Wow I’m going through some crazy stuff with them as well. They are not a good company and once I get everything situated with them I’m done!!!!! I can’t risk it anymore. I’m so sorry you went through this, they should be sued seriously!!!!!

  16. ebay is a piece of shit, so by default, so are paypal.
    As an ebay seller you have absolutely no security if your buyer pays through paypal. Payments can be reversed weeks after they have received their item and paypal will do NOTHING. paypal will also try to take money from your bank or 'funding source'.
    I gave my bank strict instructions in writing, in person and over the phone to NEVER release any funds if requested to do so from ebay/paypal. They tried to steal £750 from me.
    Let it get legal with civil debt collectors.

  17. I am going through a problem now,every day on the phone to my bank getting charges,multiple times (10) a day ,stopped payment on any pay pal coming through but again some (10) came through today. So now changing all my banking accounts which means any deposits will need to be changed as well as any automatic payments. I did get three letters back from pay pal stating “ we will not discuss this case since you have contacted your bank ( you must do that) and you will need to handle all of this through you bank” …. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT ? They WILL not help or answer they live in the CLOUD no person to talk to …..NO LONGER WILL I USE OR RECOMMEND THEM

  18. Of course they earn interests… It's their business… and they don't pay taxes, or, at least, only in Luxembourg

  19. Bless you & thank you for your Video!!it Greatly helped!***you Are Truly Loved More than you can even begin to comprehend ❤️ Each of you Are!! If you Truly Knew how much Jesus Christ ✝️ Loves you, so Tenderly in such a Personal Way…you will Absolutely be in Aaahhhh😍 of Jesus ❤️ He Loves you irregardless of what you did in the past or doing Now~The Color of your skin doesn’t matter! Obey the 10 Commandments of God the Father & read his Living Word((The Holy Bible))!!! Your Soul is Precious~Don’t Let it Perish in the Lake of Fire 🔥 for eternity because you rejected God the Father Free Gift of Eternal Salvation(John 3:16) which is his one and Only begotten Son Jesus Christ((Yeshua))We encourage All, to Get Saved!! Jesus Christ ✝️ is Truly Lord&Savior!! He was CRUCIFIED for your Sins & after 3 days God Almighty Resurrected Him from the grave…For the remission of SINS for All humanity. You Can Not-And-Will Not Make it into the Gates of Heaven ‘WithOut’ Jesus Christ ~Jesus Is Truly the Only Way to God the Father AND the ONLY way to Your eternal Home Heaven!!! ONLY JESUS CHRIST can Save you & Forgive Sin.. to Get Saved…You Must Believe & Accept Jesus Christ in your Heart as your Personal Lord&Savior & Repent of All your Sins to Jesus!!!! Pray to God Almighty in Jesus Name for your name to be written back in the Lambs book of Life in Heaven!!! seek & Love Jesus with All your Heart!! I know Jesus & Daddy God Personally and they Commanded me And Many others to Sound the Alarm 🚨 to Warn All that will hear That Great Destruction And calamity will fall upon this Whole Earth in a instance.. Many will Loose their lives, you are living in the Last Days!! (Like the days of Noah and the Ark) When God Flooded The Earth!! God Also Rained down Fire and Brimstone on the City of Sodom&Gomorrah reducing them to ashes because they were full of abominations like this World is Today!!! This time it will Not be Rain~God Almighty will use Fire 🔥 The Rapture of the Church will Truly occur at any moment, If you Find yourSelf Left Behind you will have to Endure The 7 yrs of The Great Tribulation please Do Not Receive the Mark of the Beast 666(the Chip) spoken of in the book of Revelation(Holy Bible) you Do Not have as much time as you think you Do!!! Take Heed, Research and Share!!

  20. Thank you for the video. Just wanted to let you know you saved me from working with them in the future. I was already reluctant a bit when I got to know that you get to pay %3 fee to receive payments and later pay more to transfer them on your bank account. I thought, maybe it is still worth using with protection of information on your credit/debit cards, but after watching this video, this company is definitely no go for me. Hopefully, more people get informed about such cases. And their customer support is such a joke for such a big company…

  21. Thank you for your video which I found while researching PayPal and their seizing of my funds for a completely outrageous reason. They are asking for my customer's date of birth and won't give my money back to me unless I provide this personal info that I have absolutely no access to. This has been going on for 12 months now. It is a case of "computer says no".

    Hope it's OK to share my experience here. I am advising all the business owners I know not to use PayPal: https://bit.ly/31wEBlD

  22. One of my 9000000 issues with PayPal: My Venmo was having an issue and I needed to pay my rent. “No problem,” I thought. “I’ll just use my PayPal.” AHAHAHA BIGGGG MISTAKE. I paid my rent, and my landlord said he only received like 2/3 of the payment and his account was literally closed so PayPal should have not let it go through. Needless to say, I had to pay twice for him making me have negative balance in my bank account, which means OVERAGE FEES! Thankfully I have US Bank, and they actually had my back because of PayPal’s ongoing issues. Needless to say, I got my money back in 2 days. Problem solved, or so I had thought. About 6 days later, I was at the post office trying to by envelopes when my card kept getting declined. “Well that’s weird.” I looked at my account and I had a charge for the total of my rent from PayPal, meaning they just decided “screw you we are taking your money for no reason.” I was on the phone for nearly two hours with the rudest and worst customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life. I ended up giving up, and again US Bank to the rescue! I got my money back because of my amazing bank, as for PayPal, DO NOT USE THEM. I immediately terminated my account so they can’t keep screwing with my money. I’m gonna use Venmo from now on.

  23. PayPal is a wery sick company.                                                                                                                                                                                                            And i will just recommend people to avoid them.                                                                                                                                                                                        I'm one off those who became involved in the Digital River scam.                                                                                                                                            Just search for paypal and Digital River and found it out by you'r self. I hope my spelling was good enough. For me english i'ts secondary languish.

  24. Paypal kept close to $200. of my money. I ordered wigs from a company in the orient, and they ended up being costume wigs. They did not even match what they showed online on the website. Paypal are scam artists. I tried to get my money back after contacting the BBB. No luck. As the BBB cannot make a company refund anyone's money. 8000 claims against paypal are filed with the BBB right now. I HATE PAYPAL! Huge scam artists.

  25. I am having similar issues, I want to transfer $$ to my bank, and they want me to agree to terms and conditions that give them full access to my bank account. I can't pay for purchases through paypal without setting up a cash account, and its impossible to get through to them.

  26. There are alternatives to paypal like paysimple, stripe, square, wepay.

    Just google search "alternatives to paypal".

    I no longer use amazon, ebay, etsy or paypal, I use paysimple and sell directly off my website, this way I have more control on how I get paid and how I want to conduct my business.

  27. Great Vid! Real Insider Information! Heads up Digital marketers……If you sell Products and Services STAY AWAY from PAYPAL… I have friends that have over 20k Just FROZEN!! Imagine you have to Pay bills like the next day or Worst Feed your Family! and you check your PAYPAL ACCOUNT and it's FROZEN!!!! The Crazy thing is that "No One reads the Terms of Service" !! this is a Total Interest SCAM Job! if you don't make it through the Tough 180 day Hold! Your money is gone!

  28. In 2003, me and a friend started Ecommerce business and after 1 year we were taking in $350k a month in revenue. 65% of our customers checked out using PayPal. One day PayPal limited our account and we had over $200k frozen in the account that we couldn't access.

    Since we were a high cash flow account we needed the money to fulfill orders and pay employees. Long story short we followed all the instructions PayPal gave us but they still gave us the run around for about 4 months. It took us hiring a lawyer and filing a lawsuit against them to release the funds.

  29. I agree with Tim Carney: a class action suit is probably the only way to bring PayPal around. PP is allowing Chinese based sellers to steal from buyers. Most recently, my wife and I purchased items online and paid through PP. We received the items after 9 weeks. The items weren't even close to what we ordered. The multiple mistakes made by the seller (intentional or not, no one knows) are supposed to be paid for by unsuspecting buyers. Turns out that the Chinese govt subsidizes shipping costs to goods outbound from China. Inbound, we are being told that to have the proper tracking of the item the must pay in excess of $60 to properly track the item. We didn't pay anywhere close to $60. If the item is "close enough" to advertised photos–fictitious photos–then we should just keep the item and accept a $5 gift card as a resolution. It's time to find a permanent alternative to PP. Hopefully, the people running PP now do not purchase the alternatives. PP is unrecognizable from it's beginnings. Thanks Elon. Wish you were still involved in this disaster of a company.

  30. Hi Minnie! Are you able to sell on Ebay without Paypal? I was told no! I rarely purchase on Ebay, but when I do, I like to pay by check if the sellers will allow. I don't want a Paypal account!!

  31. It was so cool and nice with this hacker, she founded me $10,000 an i confirmed my payment from her within 45 min contact +1(626)386-3155

  32. Watch Jeff Berwick's channels e.g. the Dollar Vigilante. He says he would have committed suicide already if not for crypto.

  33. Until Paygates start being honest and not run a scammy business none will ever be able to compete with PayPal. It's also unfortunate that PayPal itself is scammy. Anytime PayPal asks you to upload documents you never do. You just run and run fast. They distribute your info and documents to all their partners. Your info is not safe or secure and they will not give you your account back anyway.

  34. You have the patience of a saint. I have a paypal account for shopping, not for business, and now I'll never use it for anything other than petty transactions

  35. I lost like 500 USD today, like, I've never really used it or shared any details. I contacted them and hopefully a positive answer..

  36. When I have time I will tell you how PayPal fucked me as Loyal Buyer . Do not accept money from PayPal ! It is not about money ! I want to get back at them for so much Pain and suffering and DISRESPECT I had from them . DO NOT Settle with them ! Ruin them ! 1000 Thumbs up ! By the way they work for Ebay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They protect EBAY from it';s customers, what a bunch of MFs !

  37. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.paypal.com you can not link from here because YT blocked the link , like the site is not safe . The site is supper safe it has reviews about a zillion companies

  38. You can not even write an Email to Paypal , they will find 100000 ways to discourage you from writing to them. BTW I send money to my daughter in the USA through Paypal. They charged me 4.5% and they charged her 4.5% Plus fucked me on the exchange rates. Very very "nice friendly " company. PayPal is PayEnemy I can not believe the disrespect they have to customers.

  39. PayPal is relying on their Past. Now they are a disgusting Capitalistic Pigs company who is serving/protecting EBAY one of the worst sites to shop

  40. First sign of a bad bad bad bad company : you talk with 10 representatives and you have to repeat the story to each one of them. But they "act" as a "team " what a joke

  41. I have a new rule , If whatever possible online company allows you to pay with PayPal ====> I stay away from this online site ====> it is probably as bad as PayPal

  42. Wow! How scary your experience with PayPal was. I don’t have an account with them yet but was trying to research on whether or not I should create one. Glad I saw your video. Now I am not sure if I will get one.

  43. I'm just a small artist and they block my account with just $100 in it. But what make me furious was when I called their Singapore Branch Customer Service and they laughed and said there's nothing I can do with that account anymore! That's just rude, do they even realized that I was their customer?? And now your video made me realized that I'm not the only victim here, imagine if they block and took another $100s from 100 accounts. I hope they'll burn in hell with that money! 😠😠😠

  44. I know this is quite an old video, but thank you for posting this! I really appreciate your honesty. I’m a very emotional person as well, I’m a painter too. This video really resonated with me, couldn’t even imagine.

  45. Paypal allowed a foreign seller to scam me by sending a significantly different item. I will never use them again. Hopefully more people stop using them and they go under.

  46. Yes, I agree with your experience. I have just had the experience of having my account hacked into, (changed all my credentials-which I NEVER SHARE!), and then within a day , Paypal said that they saw no problem with the transaction and that I would not be getting my money back. I know I didn't send anything to any group or individual. Of course Paypal saw nothing wrong with the transaction, and sided with the criminal instead! There is a surprise!!

    I'm now looking for an alternative to Paypal. Honestly, I won't be bothering with them. It seems that the only course of action is to walk with my feet, given that it is so easy for them to side with the individuals that stole from my account.

    Thanks Paypal. You have been a massive help-NOT!

    Guitarmm has spoken! (Not happy, or returning to Paypal anytime soon!).

  47. Any suit against Paypal under RICO will send a wake up call to Paypal, but the suit needs to be initiated in federal courts, not state courts.



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