What Every Canadian Needs To Know

What Every Canadian Needs To Know

Hello, I am Stephen Garvey, Member of the National Citizens Alliance. Today, I will share with you how some of your tax dollars are being spent. If you are angered by these facts, then I
ask you to share this video with as many people as possible First, you need to know that your tax dollars are borrowed money as Canada is a debtor nation. The federal debt is over $646 billion, and
the national debt around $1.4 trillion. Every dollar the federal government is handing out overseas is money owed to commercial banks with interest payments As a country we are paying over $63 billion
in annual debt service payments to commercial banks. The last seven years the federal government
has had deficits of $25-30 billion, which translates into higher federal debt and higher
debt service payments. To understand what is going on, imagine a
household heavily in debt on the path to bankruptcy, and yet the household hands out thousands
of dollars to foreigners on a credit card, while ignore the needs of its own family members. It is unsustainable. It is morally despicable. It is financially insane. These are specific examples of how your tax
dollars are currently being spent: $5.165 billion average annually since 2005
of our tax dollars on foreign aid with nearly a billion annually undisclosed and in 2011
$5.723 billion on foreign aid and in 2015 $5.842 billion on foreign aid $650 million of our tax dollars for foreign
reproductive health $20 million of our tax dollars to the Clinton
Foundation $840 million of our tax dollars to Iraq, Syria,
Jordon, Lebanon $64.5 million of our tax dollars to Syrian
Refugee Fund $785 million of our tax dollars for aids,
TB, malaria $450 million of our tax dollars for UN peacekeeping $2.65 billion of our tax dollars to the Climate Change Fund $1.6 billion of our tax dollars to UN regular budget (2016-2018) $24 billion annually of our tax dollars on immigration and refugees $1.5 million of our tax dollars that is disclosed on attaining non-veto seat on Security Council As examples, in 2016 the federal government handed out our tax dollars to these countries:
* $122.6 million of our tax dollars to Bangladesh * $189.9 million of our tax dollars to Ethiopia * $61.5 million of our tax dollars to Iraq * $110.1 million of our tax dollars to Haiti * $58.7 million of our tax dollars to Lebanon * $124.8 million of our tax dollars to Mali * $104.5 million of our tax dollars to Nigeria * $120.6 million of our tax dollars to Pakistan * $69.9 million of our tax dollars to Syria * $29.3 million of our tax dollars to Yemen * $67.6 million of our tax dollars to West
Bank and Gaza Strip The National Citizens Alliance believes that
the fundamental duty of the federal government is to serve the Canadian people. It is not to be a foreign charity with our
tax dollars. In addition, the National Citizens Alliance
believes that the Canadian people and Canada should and must come first. We should give to foreigners when we are in
a position to give. When there is a humanitarian crisis, we should
give what we can afford without compromising own people in need. We have a growing homeless problem, we have
many seniors who struggle to get by, we have a health care system that is overburdened
and underfunded, we have remote First Nations peoples living in squalid conditions, we have
high unemployment, we have thousands of injured veterans falling through the cracks in Veterans
Review and Appeal Board. Our high debt of $646 billion is growing as
are the interest payments in the billions to commercial banks, which means less and
less and less of our tax dollars for the Canadian people. We need to look after our own before we give
to the rest of the world. Yet, the federal globalist political conglomerate
comprised of 4 parties is borrowing from our children and grandchildren’s future in order
to hand out billions of our tax dollars annually to other countries and foreign special interests. The National Citizens Alliance rejects the
post national globalist agenda that seeks to stamp out nationalism and Euro-Canadians who created Canada. Instead the National Citizens Alliance supports
a renewed Canadian nationalism, both culturally and economically Instilling a renewed sense of pride in Canada
and her people. From a broader perspective, many of the countries
that receive foreign aid are rich in natural resources and mired in corruption. On top of this the International Monetary
Fund and World Bank have traditionally loaded these countries down with debt and economic
obligations that were conditions of the financial aid. A famous example is the Bolivia Water War
in which the World Bank demanded that Bolivia privatize its water resources. After much struggle, in 2006 under President
Morales, Bolivia legislated water as a public resource, and banned international banking
cartels and multi-national corporations from Bolivian soil, and now Bolivia is the
fastest growing economy in South America. We as a country should cut all but emergency
funding to chronic foreign aid recipients until the underlying problems are addressed
and corrected, and we have addressed our own significant financial issues. This is common sense, and puts our people
and country first.

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  1. And this isnt even counting CORPORATE WELFARE like the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS TO BOMBARDIER … the welfare to 'green' companies that would never be able to keep their doors open if not for tax dollars.. and that is just to START! As for the immigrants/refugees and Trudeau's total LIE using propaganda to sell his whole refugee rush that brought tens of thousands of NON refugees, NOT THE REFUGEES SUFFERING IN CAMPS, AS HE TOLD US THEY WERE . We paid and are still paying hundreds of millions of dollars for the first group, let alone then tens of thousands he's brought in since. At one point the fake 'refugee rush' was costing tax payers 100 million A DAY in hotel rooms, 3 specially ordered/made Halal means a day, social supports/spending monies… alone!! The math was done on Syrian refugees (that makes even more sense now that ISIS is all but taken care of in Syria).. $1400.00 USD will totally support an entire Syrian family, IN SYRIA – FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!!! that is less than HALF of what we give them PER MONTH in welfare and supports to stay here, let alone travel costs to Canada, health care, education etc..
    Now we ALSO have an open southern border where apparently it costs up to $500.000 for EVERY PERSON walking across in immigration court costs ALONE! That is NOT the welfare etc.. that is just for court costs and up to SEVEN APPEALS that can take years!

    FYI.. A little talked about issue that most Canadians arent aware of is the state of our immigration courts, which in my personal opinion was totally set up/on purpose disaster made by Trudeau. Blaming it on his 'equality' program Trudeau laid off over half of the sitting immigration judges in order to replace them with 'gender equal' numbers. This has thrown the entire immigration court process into a nightmare b.c there hasn't been enough qualified women judges to fill those positions leaving the courts with HALF the available judges. This has pushed an already severely over burdened court process, one that can take YEARS already to properly vet these people coming in to Canada, to the brink of collapse, apparently now it can take up to 10 years to get to current cases. Tell me, how does this do us ANY GOOD AT ALL? If we have someone who comes across and can't stay due to his/her criminal record etc.. how the hell do we remove them when every one of them is allowed 'due process' through THE COURTS???? I believe he did that on purpose since he laid off the judges right before he announced to the worlds migrant population as well as every undocumented illegal immigrant in the USA and Mexican, Haitian etc.. who can get through America… to come to Canada!!!

    I also believe his only fix for this is to offer blanket amnesty to every single one of them right before the next election. This will make them Canadian citizens who is eligible to … you got it… VOTE .

    Add to this all the other immigration programs that is flooding our country, along with those that tax payers are paying for – 1) Our 'normal' immigration program at the highest possible numbers. 2) the family reunification program where each immigrant/refugee/migrant is allowed to apply for their family members to also come to Canada. 3) The UN/Trudeau Federal Refugee program 4) The George Soros program 5) the open border 6) the temp workers program 7) the Mexican Visa requirement dropped letting in even more Mexican immigrants. The sheer numbers flowing into this country must be ASTOUNDING IF WE KNEW THEM!!
    Add to these the costs of housing, health care, prescription..optical… education, crowded schools, language and other programs (for those who will take them, according to the stat's on the first 40 thousand refugee rush ppl almost none complied with language and job/trade/education requirements within the first year as they were supposed to.

    These also do not count the 37 BILLION PENSION PLAN DOLLARS he is risking on his new "Trudeau bank' for foreign billionaire elitists who will then have their investments in infrastructure guaranteed! If these investors make bad investments/deals and the job fails, goes bankrupt etc.. THEIR INVESTMENTS ARE GUARANTEED BC OUR PENSION DOLLARS ARE USED TO PAY THEM BACK!! – THEY LOSE NOTHING, CANADIANS LOSE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmxr5LCLeE0


  2. Trudeau, like these terrorists, and Islam itself, is a threat to the free world. Liberals globally are devoid of sound national economic policy, and seek power from purchased migrant and special interest votes. The truth behind their mantra is this: DIVERSITY (flooding the country with migrants, legal or otherwise, and exchanging free benefits and concessions for liberal votes will keep us in power forever) IS OUR STRENGTH!! This insanity must be stopped for our cultures and freedom are at stake. If not, there will no doubt be civil wars in our own countries. The new liberalism is globalist marxism, and Islam is its invasive weapon of choice. Islam abhors freedom and democracy; and Islam's god HATES unbelievers. Ask yourself "what good productive place does it have in the free world?". Islam is marxism with a god!! Look at what it has done in Europe: constant strife and no-go zones. It is an invasion; and a continuation of the eternal war on freedom and Christianity that Islam started 1400 years ago.

  3. Trudeau is only a dangerous well dressed puppet as we see in horror films. He travelled 45 years with his father's money and he is now doing the same for nothing with worker's money. He don't answer questions in the parliament as a trapped islamic psychopath.

  4. The mass public sheeple don’t believe in presentation of the hard facts and actual accounting numbers, yet they absolutely believe in zero fact based climate change and ‘’diversity is our strength’’.
    No real wonder they fall for Jehadi Justin Fakedeau, our soyboy feminist islamic ideology following PM.

  5. It's not just Canada. Every country is doing this… I don't know how it will end, other than a total collapse.

  6. WHY DIDN'T YOU MENTION ISRAEL? am i to believe we give ZERO to Israel? bullllshit! what the fuck is this a zionist party nca?

  7. In 1974 the Bank of Canada Stopped providing interest-free loans to the Canadian
    government. We know the outcome.
    Rocco Galati and the lawsuit against the Bank of Canada

  8. Trudeau's done irreversible damage to a great extent… there are ways to regain solid ground.. but first.. Trudeau, the headache…MUST go. bottom line… now…not later…. we can't afford ''later"…

  9. On the most important things you do not address is that can that used to print its own money borrow it and not pay any interest on it and pay off that. Very quickly plus we had silver in the coinage. Canada lost its ability to print its own money without interest payments early 70s I believe and that was the beginning of the enslavement of the Canadian people since now private European families print money for us lend it to our governments and charge an interest that we could never pay back and then at such time when we default they will come in and take everything as a result is a defaulted loans to our government, our governments will be unable to pay it and we the citizens will be on the hook for it and they will confiscate all our private property to pay back an enormous loan that was created out of thin air for money that has no value and at an interest rate we could never pay. This candidate doesn't sound like he knows what's really going on on the nature of our enslavement he speaks as if he does. I'll grab them one thing that he understands that it cannot make freedoms is the most important thing but without sound money the economic freedoms will mean nothing of course along with reasonable taxation that the people can pay back while retaining their wealth from the fruits of their labor. I'm afraid this candidate has disappointed me today he needs to clarify things. I suggest to consult with Rocco Galati who sued the privately owned Central Bank of Canada which is owned by European families who issue us that for money that's created out of thin air and have interest that we could never pay back to consult with him because he has taken this privately owned Central Bank to the Supreme Court to get the power back to Canada to print its own money once again

  10. the Canadian conservative party's connection's to Islam, unfortunately I don't think it is going to make any difference who gets in liberal or Conservative ,things are not going to change in federal politics for our….. ( free and democratic!!??) .. country in particular with Andrew Sheer at the helm…the name of the article is… The Conservative Scheer of Islam


  11. ONLY PUTIN! He paid off Russias debt and kicked the Rothschilds out… They have a nouse around Canadas neck. We need to pay off our debt and control our own money

  12. Any family with credit card debt would consolidate for the low interest rate, yet our protectors don't do it on behalf of Canadians!

  13. worse is done without the consent of the Canadians, and those countries do not benefit the peoples, only their country's government benefit, so why does the current government give away our money, our money……………….unreal, vote NCA this year, please

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