U.S. warns Israel against rushing West Bank annexation – 10.2.20 TV7 Israel News

U.S. warns Israel against rushing West Bank annexation – 10.2.20 TV7 Israel News

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News broadcast to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories;
Sporadic rocket fire by Palestinian Islamists from the Gaza Strip continued to plague Israel’s
southern communities over the weekend, consequently prompting Israeli retaliatory strikes against
terror installations in the Hamas-controlled enclave. The United States warns Israel not to assert
its sovereignty over parts of the West Bank, before a joint effort to map the territories
is complete. An Iranian attempted satellite launch failed
to cross into orbit yesterday, after months of preparations by the country’s aerospace
industries Palestinian Islamists persisted with sporadic
rocket-fire over the weekend, from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip toward Israel’s southern communities. A rocket-alert was initially activated on
the Home Front Command’s phone application – on Saturday – for open areas only. The IDF spokesperson’s unit confirmed that
“one launch was identified” crossing from the Jihadist plagued enclave into Israeli
territory. Thankfully, no injuries or damage were reported. In an immediate retaliatory response, “IDF
tanks targeted two Hamas military posts in the northern Gaza Strip.” Meanwhile; another projectile was launched
from the Gaza Strip toward Israel last night, prompting rocket-alert sirens to sound in
the city of Sderot, and the area surrounding the coastal Palestinian enclave. Thankfully, the rocket exploded in an uninhabited
area in the Sha’ar Hanegev regional council, causing no injuries or damage. It is important to mention that local authorities
noted that additional blasts that were heard in the area, were apparently caused by balloons
rigged with explosives. In a retaliatory response, “IDF aircrafts
and fighter-jets targeted a number of Hamas terror targets in the southern Gaza Strip.” The IDF spokesperson’s united revealed that
‘among others, the targets included a training compound and military infrastructures used
by the Hamas terror organization in the southern Gaza Strip.’ The military further underscored that it “views
any kind of terror activity aimed at Israeli territory with great severity and is highly
prepared for various scenarios.” Meanwhile in Jerusalem;
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu levelled a scathing threat to the Islamist
organizations in the Gaza Strip. During his opening remarks at the weekly cabinet
meeting that was held on Sunday, Netanyahu asserted that Jerusalem is prepared to take
devastating action against the terrorist organizations in Gaza. “I want to make it clear: We will not accept
any aggression from Gaza. Only a few weeks ago, we assassinated the
senior Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza, and I suggest that both Islamic Jihad and Hamas
to refresh their memories. I will not go into detail about all of our
actions and plans for the media, but we are prepared to take devastating action against
the terrorist organizations in Gaza. Our actions are very strong and they have
not yet ended, to put it mildly.” The Israeli leader also seized the opportunity
to underscore the importance of working patiently, together with the U.S. Administration, vis-à-vis
Jerusalem’s aspired annexation of significant parts of the West Bank, including the Jordan
Valley. While Netanyahu emphasized that ultimately,
asserting Israel’s sovereignty over its ancestral homeland would be accomplished,
the main point of the move is to attain American recognition. “In Washington, on my last visit, we made
history. We brought an American plan, according to
which the U.S. will recognize our sovereignty over the Jordan Valley, the northern Dead
Sea and communities in Judea and Samaria without exception, large and small, and the area surrounding
them. This plan is the result of accelerated and
joint work by the staffs, President Trump’s and mine, and of my joint work with President
Trump. This brings the main thing, which is American
recognition of our sovereignty and of the application of the law to the territories
that the plan designates as being part of Israel. This requires precise mapping of these territories,
the entire territory. It has a perimeter of 800 kilometer (497miles). The work has begun. The Israeli team has begun its work. The train is underway and this work will be
completed. The U.S. and we have agreed that when the
entire process will have been completed, we will bring it to the Cabinet. However, the Americans are saying very clearly:
‘We want to give you the recognition, and we will give it to you, when the entire process
has been completed.’ This recognition is the main point.” Netanyahu further cautioned Israeli leaders,
from both within and outside of the government, regarding ‘voiced rhetoric’ regarding
the aspired Israeli measure. “We do not want to endanger this. We are working responsibly and sagaciously. To all those tweeting from outside and even
from within the government, we have done the work. We will complete the work; therefore, the
work is underway and I hope it will be completed very soon.” In spite of Netanyahu’s calls for patience;
leaders of Israeli West Bank settlements are repeatedly warning the Israeli Premier over
postponing the aspired measure. “We must not postpone this (annexation) decision
for even one moment. This is a historic moment, this is an important
moment, both for the State of Israel and the U.S. and it should take place immediately. The more it lingers, the more it attracts
objections and could possibly cause damage for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in (upcoming)
election.” While right-wing political figures threaten
Netanyahu of probable consequences of inaction in the upcoming Parliamentary elections, which
are scheduled to be held on March 2nd; the United States is warning the Israeli leader
not to succumb to domestic pressure. Speaking at the Jerusalem Center for Public
Affairs, U.S. Ambassador David Friedman warned that if the Israeli government would move
without American consent, it would lose Washington’s recognition. “The president (Trump) got up and he made
a speech and he said there will be a committee and the committee will take… go through
a process, the process will not last very long but we want to go through a process. The politics seem to be emerging that you
know people are saying – who cares about the process, let’s go do what we want. I can’t stop that; I’m not suggesting that
the government of Israel shouldn’t do whatever it wants to do but I think people should know
that if the president’s position is simply ignored then we are not going to be in a position
to go forward.” / “We just don’t think it’s going to happen
before March 2 but beyond that the committee will proceed as quickly as it can.” Ambassador Friedman, who championed American
recognition for Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, stressed that while Washington’s stance
is not a threat, it will not relent from its adopted position. “With the news out that the (Israeli) cabinet
was about to be pushed in a direction that was potentially adverse to our view of the
process, we just let people know where we stand. It was not a threat, just let people know
where we stand.” Turning to the Islamic Republic of Iran, where;
An attempted satellite launch failed to cross into orbit yesterday, after months of preparations
by the country’s aerospace industries – which are controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary
Guards. The spokesman for the Iranian Defense Ministry’s
space program was quoted by domestic media, as saying: “Stage-1 and stage-2 motors of
the carrier functioned properly and the satellite was successfully detached from its carrier,
but at the end of its path it did not reach the required speed for being put in orbit.” Nevertheless, in spite of its third such failure
to place a satellite in Orbit within less than a year, the Iranian Defense Ministry
attempted to portray its latest setback as a “remarkable” achievement for the Islamic
Republic’s space program. It is important to mention that placing a
satellite into orbit demands the use of ballistic missile technology that is capable of carrying
nuclear payloads. Therefore, the Iranian launch is in breach
of UN Security Council resolution 2231, which in Paragraph 3 of Annex B “calls upon Iran
not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering
nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology.” Meanwhile;
Several hours after Iran’s failed launch; the Islamic Revolutionary Guards unveiled
a new short-range missile, called “Raad-500”, which is Farsi for “Thunder”. The IRGC claimed that the Raad-500 was half
the weight of a similar missile, the Fateh-110, but its range was about 200 kilometers, or
120 miles, more and it could be powered by a new generation of engines designed to put
satellites into orbit. In response to Iran’s failed attempt to
launch a satellite and the unveiling of a new short-range missile, Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu underscored Israel’s ongoing efforts to thwart the Islamic Republic’s
efforts to deliver weapons to Syria and Lebanon. Netanyahu wrote on his twitter account: “Iran
failed to launch a satellite today. They also fail to deliver weapons to Syria
and Lebanon because we operate there all the time, including during these days.” Turning to the Iranian city of Qom, where;
Thousands of supporters of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards gathered in the city, to honor the
assassinated commander of the elite Quds Force, Major General Qassem Soleimani. “Death Death to Israel, Death Death to Israel.” During the memorial, IRGC Deputy Commander
General Ali Fadavi listed numerous Iranian-perceived achievements of Soleimani, including the support
of the Islamic backed factions in the Gaza Strip, which he claimed, ‘granted them the
capacity to neutralized Israel’s capabilities within a matter of hours.’ “The Islamic Revolutionary Front in Palestine
and Gaza is able to neutralize the Zionists’ (Israel’s) capabilities in a matter of hours.” Iranian supporters at the ceremony sought
to pay tribute to their slain commander and called for revenge against the United States
and its allies. “He (Soleimani) was a world-class commander
who made all the people in the world feel safe and happy.” / “We neither expect compromise nor surrender;
we only expect revenge.” For more information on Israel and its region
visit our website at WWW.TV7ISRAELNEWS.COM

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    They exchanged their glorious Hashem for TRUMP and demo(n)cracy!
    They forgot the God who saved them, who had done great things in Egypt.
    Annex without asking anybody. Hashem gave you land Israel not Trump ! Do not affraid take over Hashem Land !

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    an American Behaviour Trait.
    Israel faces similar antifa bs.. Soon. Soon we will Flatten palestine.. it will be a parking lot..
    No Jihad on my Watch

    Africa Operations.

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    God Bless

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    See, the guardian of Israel/Yisrael never slumbers or sleep.
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    Yahuwah will guards you from every evil, and Yahuwah will protect your life.
    Yahuwah will protect your coming and going, now and forever. (Psalm 121:3-5 7-8)
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    [3] Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee : because he trusteth in thee.
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    21] For, behold, the Lord cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.

    Revelation 22:20-21 KJV
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    21] The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

  41. All Israeli citizens should be Vigilant, be Aware, Have Faith in GOD & KEEP ON PRAYING ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ & Don't loose hope.
    The future of Israel is in the Palm of Elohim & all 12 tribes of Israel have a purpose in life for Adonai's glory throughout the Universe!

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    Israel just be Ready 24hrs., Anytime & Anywhere( North, South, East & West) & by Land & Tunnels, Sea, Air & Space & All the ports(Airport, Seaport, Transport & Busport).

    praying๐Ÿ™ for safety of all Israeli citizens. Hashem be with you all always.๐Ÿ˜˜

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  45. Israel & USA must come to the Table Soon, for Great solutions, for Better of every one & for the future of Israeli new young generations .

    Meetings of both countries should take Actions, not just by mouth or in paper only & not just a dream but facts with Reality & Just under the Bible.

  46. Our Living Loving Merciful Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua Will definitely make sure Israel's gets back all the Holy Land's Territory's he gave to the Jewish people.
    Our Living Loving Merciful Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua raises Leader's of Strong Countries to do his will.
    Remember to pray for our Leaders Prime Minister Benjamin Nathanyu and our Beloved President Donald Trump. Especially ISRAEL and America.

  47. We, in the United States, have NO Rights Whatsoever, to decide ANY splits of Jerusalem or ISRAEL, Because Their Land Belongs to the Most High God, and HE has decided to Give It To the Jewish People, NOT ANY SO CALLED PALESTINIANS, OR ANY OTHER PEOPLE OR NATION!!! The Lord God Almighty, Most High and Holy, Said that ANYONE WHO HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH SPLITTING UP HIS LAND, That Person or Nation's Land WILL BE SPLIT!!! The Lord God, Has A Covenant with Israel for Several Thousand Years, and He Has NO INTENTIONS of Breaking It, Not Now, Not Ever!!! Not ONE SQUARE INCH Should be Given Away, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!

  48. Yeah I saw Abbas's idea of a Palestine, his map had all Israel coloured in, NOT going to happen.. God made a promise and He won't go back on it.. Shalom and Toda Jonathan and TV7 Israel News.. Praying for Bibi, Israel, Peace in Jerusalem and salvation for the Jewish Nation.. Bo Yeshua Bo

  49. in the Spiritual world, their are also beings that cannot be seen w/ naked eyes,
    there Angels of GOD that watch & protect Israel & righteous nations of the world including USA .

    Rockets or Nukes fr. Iran is doomed for failure bec. the Aim is Evil.
    1 Angel of GOD can destroy
    1 nations & this Angel of GOD has the most powerful technology than anything here on Earth had ever seen
    GOD 's power is seen through mother natures.

    Iran may plan & practice a launch of nukes towards Israel but GOD controls the spiritual realm that cannot be explained in this worldly phenomena, so the Iranian attacks will fail bec. the power of GOD works in mysterious ways!

    the difference between Iran & Israel is,
    Iran wants to
    1. stand Proud (Satanic DOCTRINES since the Garden of Eden) &
    2. Revenge ( A Satanic DOCTRINES outside the Garden of Eden starting fr. Cain & Abel)
    Israel wants
    1. Life/ L'chaim ( A Biblical doctrine since the time of Seth the anointed 1) &
    2. Defend mode only (Just like in the time of Moses, when Moses defend the 12 tribes of Israel in the Red sea against the Egyptians army) Israel defend itself against any enemies for the future of the new Israeli generations under GOD of the Bible.
    3. Israel only wants the Glory of GOD seen through good works that helps humanity & to better our lives by using technology for curing ailments.

    Before Earth was created & Before any Religions came into this world,
    There was only 2 choices in the whole Universe a Battle of Good & Evil, it all began when there was a civil war in Heaven & when falling Angels fall through the Earth, this Falling Angels hated GOD so much that they want to the Destroy the world, humanity & all GOD'S creation of Life.

    In conclusion, before a person has a choice to choose good & evil now is a nations against nations manipulated by Satan through nukes programs.

    May GOD heal the world & bring peace to all nations of the world.

  50. Rad 500/ thunder.
    Thunder only happens when it's raining, no rain then no thunder๐Ÿ˜ฑ
    after a thunder a lightning bolt follows ,
    a lightning bolt is a symbol of Satan
    Bible said that Satan fell fr. the sky like a lightning .

    is also doom for failure bec. Iranian nukes is named after the Devil!

  51. Iranian nukes wont reach Israel,
    Iranian leaders was only boasting before , that their nukes can reach Israel
    but the truth is the Iranian nukes was already stations in
    Muslim countries outside Israel. that's why it can reach it capabilities eh!
    Iranian nukes in Iran is positions in the deserts so is far fr. civilizations, so it wont reach Israel.
    Israel just have to watch Muslim countries near Israel used by Iran as a buffer zones & a stations of Iran planned activities.

    Shalom for both countries!

  52. Doesn't a State required to be part of a country? THEIR NOT PART of the United States, their is only 50 states in America. I wish and hope people would recognize Israel is its own country. Their borders may be in dispute, however Israel is its OWN COUNTRY.

  53. My country the United States has no business telling Israel what to do with its own land. I love my country and my president but this is wrong and there is a price to pay for interfering. God watches over Israel night and day.

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