The TRUTH About Looks, Money, & Fame

The TRUTH About Looks, Money, & Fame

Celebrities don’t get laid as much as you
think they do. There I said it. I get so many comments from guys who say things
like, “The advice only works if you’re good looking, or rich.” Well today, I’m gonna be telling you the
whole truth about looks, money, and fame, so that the next time somebody filled with
excuses comes to leave a comment like this, we can link him this video and shut him up
once and for all. Looks, money, and fame can get you far. But not as much as you think. They aren’t everything. And in the next few minutes, I’m gonna blow
your mind and explain why. I’m also gonna explain how you can steal
a concept from psychology and get the same results that looks, fame, and money could
bring you without needing ANY of those things. Yeah bro, insane. I know. But do you expect anything less from a god
like me? This is the youtube channel of god, not some
pesky human mortal. The common denominator between looks, fame,
and money comes down to a psychological concept known as social value aka social status or
clout The truth is that the looks, money, or fame
itself, isn’t what gets you girls. It’s the fact that being rich, and being
seen as popular or famous is considered desirable by society. It’s a social and cognitive shortcut, you
see that other people think this person or thing is desirable, so your brain makes the
shortcut and thinks “if everyone else thinks this is desirable, it must be desirable too”. You gotta remember bro, humans are social
creatures… since the cavemen days, there have been social hierarchies which is the
nerdy term for popularity contest. Back when your caveman ancestors were trying
to get laid, the ones who were getting the most action were the ones leading the tribe,
the ones who were most physically fit, and the ones who could protect a woman and their
future child. Luckily, we’re not living in the caveman
days anymore, now that we’re not struggling to survive, modern society has decided that
the most desirable guys are the ones who get the most instagram likes, have the most money,
and have jawlines that are a perfect 90 degrees. There are two main benefits of high social
value. The first benefit is that social value is
contagious. Think about it like this, if one of your homies
hooked up with Mia Malkova or Sommer Ray, they’d be hailed as heroes and statues would
be made in his honor. That’s because they hooked up with a girl
with insanely high social value. In doing so, they received part of that social
value. Your homie can now say he hooked up with one
of the most famous and hottest girls out there. It gives him a boost of social value. This is why “clout chasing” is a thing. People are looking to suck up some of the
social value or clout from someone who’s already famous, in the hopes that being associated
with them will increase their own clout. Any time you’re trying to date a girl, you
want her to feel like dating you is a winning situation for her. She wants to feel like she gained something,
not like she’s losing or giving up something by hooking up with you. The easiest way to make her feel like dating
you is a ‘win’, is to have high social status, I’ll break this down more later
on. For now, let’s move on to the second main
benefit of high social value. And that is, comfort. I’ve talked about this before, but in order
to make a girl like you, she needs three things from you. Trust
Comfort And value (this goes back to her feeling like
being with you is a win) Social value builds massive comfort and trust
with a girl. Knowing that you are someone accepted by society
makes people and girls readily accept you. Girls are always on edge because the world
is full of creeps and weirdos. Even if a girl is attracted to you, if she
doesn’t feel that trust and comfort, then she won’t feel comfortable enough to date
you. This is why being non-creepy, non-threatening,
and making a girl feel comfortable are huge for allowing attraction to turn into action
if you know what i mean… So the higher your social value, the more
attracted and comfortable she’ll feel. This is another reason why in school, the
popular guy gets laid the most. A guy who’s seen as getting a lot of girls,
is seen as subconsciously safer because if he was gonna try stealing a girl’s organs,
he probably would’ve done it by know, you catch my drift? If a girl goes home with Drake, she can be
pretty comfortable knowing he won’t kidnap and kill her. But if it’s a random guy she just met, the
guard and discomfort goes way up. So the higher your social value, the more
attracted and comfortable she’ll feel. See what I mean? The comfort that comes with social value is
huge, and is just as important as the “clout” that comes with it. So, how can you use this concept of social
value to your advantage if you’re not rich, famous, or super good looking? It’s easy. All you have to do is use what I call high
status triggers. We already know that there are certain things
that society deems as desirable. Guys with a high status, tend to have these
things, so if you have them, your status increases because you’re basically stealing the clout
from these high status triggers. Things like having really good style, being
in good shape, confidence or even just having really strong body language and eye contact
are all things that increase your perceived value. This works because people of high social value
tend to have these things. Most hollywood actors are super muscular and
have crazy good bodies, so if you’re in good shape, they’ll associate you with the
higher value of other people in great shape. You’ll also notice that famous people tend
to have a really good sense of style all the way down to the details, so things like rings,
necklaces, and bracelets will all increase your perceived social value. This works really well to your advantage if
you know how to use it right. I could go on forever about this but I wanted
to keep it brief before this video got too long, so if you want a separate video on building
your social value, and becoming more high status, then leave a comment and let me know. The most important thing to realize about
looks, money, and fame is this: It gives you a head start, but it won’t
finish the race for you. At the end of the day, you still have to form
an actual connection with the girl that makes her feel attracted to you. If Jason Statham walked up to a girl but he
was super unconfident, made no eye contact, and whispered the words “hey cutie” to
a girl, there’s no way he’s gonna get results. In this case, his social value isn’t congruent
with his actions and personality. If you’re gonna look the part, you have
to BE the part. And that’s the most important thing to take
away here. Your actions need to be congruent with your
social value. Even if a guy has average social value, if
he’s congruent with that, he’ll outcompete a guy with high social value, whose actions
and personality don’t match. If you want a detailed, and in-depth look
on how to package and mold yourself in a way that has INSANE social value so that girls
are attracted and comfortable with you from the start, then I highly recommend you check
out my course The God Approach. Inside you’ll learn the conversational skills,
phrase, body language, and proven techniques that make everything you say and do, appear
high value, regardless of what it is.. And this is just the start… social value
is just the beginning, you’ll need WAY more than that if you want to consistently attract
the hottest girls. You’ll learn exactly how to become magnetic
around women, specifically those 9s and 10s. When you sign up for The God Approach, you’ll
learn: How to have a conversation with a woman that
subconsciously turns her on. How to get into a “flow state” where your
interactions start to run on autopilot, and you know exactly what to say and do
When you should make the move and how to get her to actually pull YOU in for the kiss After you go through the course, you’ll
master attraction so well, that you’ll make it IMPOSSIBLE for her to friendzone you. You’ll be going on dates with girls who
are so damn gorgeous, people are going to be high-fiving you, and giving you that nod
of approval that says, “damn bro good job. How’d you pull that off?” I believe that teaching you guys this skillset
was so important that I even recruited the help of my manager, Benjamin, to go out and
do real-life infield breakdowns of him using the techniques I teach in the course in action. Don’t you think it’s time you stopped
struggling with women? Isn’t it time you start living the life
you want, and dating the highest quality of women… the type of women that you deserve. 99% of guys struggle with women, and end up
settling for girls and a dating life that doesn’t excite them. If you’re subscribed to my channel, it means
you’re different. You don’t settle for “just average”. You won’t stop until you get the absolute
best for yourself, until you create the life of your dreams. Now it’s time to take action towards that
life. If you want to sign up for The God Approach
and learn my blueprint for dating 9s and 10s, then click the link below and I’ll see you
in there. Zeus out.

100 thoughts on “The TRUTH About Looks, Money, & Fame

  1. I knew I’d be rocking the boat with this video ;)… should I do a full podcast on this topic with some other dating youtubers? Let me know!

    In short, yes. Looks, money, and fame matter but not nearly enough as most people think. If you’re not congruent with these things you’ll be worse off. If you don’t have game and you’re rich, handsome, and famous, it still doesn’t address the necessary skills you need to have a successful interaction and build connections with women. Also, having spent time with other super famous youtubers, I can tell you that their dating life has not been changed as much as you’d think.

  2. You can also score by being mysterious, the underdog, and stepping forward when other deucebags are making fun of themselves . Ofcourse, workout and smell fresh , look healthy.

  3. Looks is the most important thing the status then money
    A 1, 60m small guy with an asymmetrical face don't get girl or hardly a girl it doesn't care if he is confident or has game af you lying make a stream with faceandlms

  4. For a girlfriend, no. There are a couple fat men who have hot, and good girlfriends. One has a wife. They are not famous or rich. There are also many guys who you fools would call average or beta for their looks but they have very hot girlfriends.

    For getting laid, looks matter sometimes.

  5. I need help😏 girl from my class have crush on me, she always touches me when we talk, we have strong eyecontact and we flirt all the time but… She is super super sexy and beautiful but i dont wanna be with her to be honest. She is smart but also she is really weird and have friends who i really dont like. Should i friendzone her? I like her, but i dont wanna be with her… Maybe i am weird too🤔😅

  6. If u take care of yourself ,know ur value and have that good positive energy and even if u r not the prettiest u will still have some interested girls especially if u r likable honest guy girls will feel it.

  7. Money is thee most important thing today…no girl is gonna get freaky with a good looking beggar but will surely do it with an ugly rich guy 🙂

  8. Of course it does 🤓 but money and status might help to obtain the women physically – I use the word "obtain", because such men and women both think and treat women as objects.

  9. Yes looks matters, I'm an handsome guy and girls crave me, they feel my vibes and just want to f me, they even get in line cause I'm a sexy guy and nothing can stop me

  10. To put an end to this: All of them matters The more you have it, the better for you. You guys can't just go: 'Okay. Ima take looks, and forget to work on game, charisma, social circle, oh… and I also don' t get a job, I'll live at my momma's place' Really? You think having 1 out of these qualities is enough (8/10 looks, 1/10 money 0/10 game etc.)? Women want it all.
    Go work on yourself lazy biyatch

  11. Looks are number 1, fame is second and helpful, money is good but not needed because you shouldn’t spend shit on women

  12. Zeus thank you so much I am not the best looking and I got a cute girl. She 13 I am 14. I used your advice it helped my be confident and I got her.

  13. If you think looks don’t matter to women your like the biggest dumbass ever. They care about it as much as men do, actually maybe even more.


    LOOK DOES MATTER – You read it right. It does matter a lot.

    -Looks matter, height matter, dick size matters and personality matter. However that doesn't mean that you should quit living. Above all this success and status matters. These are all excuses to not work hard and improve.
    Lastly, you're not surviving for women, your success does not depend upon a hot women, it depends upon the amount of hardwork you do.
    Therefore stop giving excuses.

  15. Alright, so there’s this girl I like we text like every day, go out a lot and I think she’s into me. But I don’t know how I should ask her out cause I don’t wanna ruin the friend ship. Any advice?

  16. "if a girl goes out with drake, she can be pretty comfortable he won't kidnap and kill her" – I agree 100%, I mean we never hear of stars (movie, music, sports, etc) being accused of rape or things like that… oh, wait…

  17. Zeus my lord, ive been following your vids for a while. Worked out fantastically, but now I got a girl who I really like. Need guidance from a god on how to keep a relationship going. I mean its been good so far but I just wanna know if im doing something wrong. Keeping it confident though.

    Love you vids bud,
    Dearly devote follower 🙂

  18. Looks really doesn't matter.. I'm ugly as fuck and still I ended up with the most beautiful girl I've ever met and countless guys have crush on

  19. I got a girls insta the first day we talked when i was hanging out with her and my friends
    Yeah i got social anxiety but thank you zeus you got my back i built confidence to ask her out
    Gonna update this post what will happen 🙂

  20. I think it does I tried all the advice. Getting shredded, dressing better and girls still aren't interested in me.

  21. Looks do matter. Not because of social value but because of biology.

    Evolution has made women more attracted to men with certain traits which suggest they have good genes. Some of these traits are facial symmetry, hair, height, body shape.

  22. He’s saying get in great shape like Hollywood actors, wear accessories and fitted clothes to improve your social status. In other words he’s saying looks matter A LOT, what’s really the point of this video based Zeus?

  23. I see you showed that SCUMBAG Obama… What ?, You couldn't show a pic of Trump ? No need to talk smack back… I've already unsubscribed,

  24. Y'know
    I may not agree with the "bang as much hot chicks as possible" motive, but you and your channel have really helped me increase my confidence and provided me a general idea on how all this shit really works, thank you

  25. Based Zeus: You don't have to be good looking to get girls.
    Also Based Zeus: You can use a high status trigger, like being super muscular and have crazy good bodies like Hollywood actors.

  26. Everyone want to have his part of cake.

    Both men and women, want to be with someone who’s good looking and financially stable.

    Women don’t care just about money they also care about look, and men don’t care just about look they also care about money!

    Women are as visual as men, if they weren’t, pretty faced actors wouldn’t be successful, and men are as picky as women! They say they don’t care about a woman’s incomes but the truth is that I know so many men, who would choose a woman who’s an Ivy League student over a high school drop out of a waitress , if they were both equally attractive, just like women would both go for the best looking man, over an average looking one, if the best looking man, was just earning a few bucks less, but he’s still hot.

    Conclusion? Look and money attract both genders!

    Men are also as picky as women, they aren’t picky when it comes for a hookup ( which is what they are looking for most of the time) but they consider their commitment to be a rare commodity that only the absolute best women deserve.

    Women just act more picky, because most of them want a relationship and not a one night stand, the same way men standards get instantly high when it comes for a long term relationship!

    So just a message for men, we all want the best of the best, so don’t shame the opposite gender for not loving you while you’re «nice», cause you were also attracted to them because of something shallow

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