The team attacks lair Vandal Savage | Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

The team attacks lair Vandal Savage | Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

It’s quite a crib Vandal’s got. All that’s missing is a sign
that says, “Bad guy lives here.” -(MUFFLED GUNSHOTS)
-(GRUNTING) – Come on.
-(BULLET SHELLS CLATTER) (GRUNTS) How’s that? Mighty beauty, I’d say. DEADSHOT: Let’s not give each other
hand jobs just yet. You see a way to get inside? I think we’re being summoned. Poor PiQQY- Looks like he went to market. If this is a warning,
I’d say it’s working. VANDAL SAVAGE: I presume
my grieving daughter sent you. Children. I must’ve sired 100,000. You’d think one would
show me some respect. If you wanna live another
century or two, hand over the card. (GRUNTS) That would be impossible. Mate, he’s gotta have it.
Doesn’t work unless you have it on you. Not on me… In me. Professor Pyg. I don’t get it. He had Pyg implant the card in him. In such a position that
to remove it would kill me. Why do you even need it?
You’re supposed to live for-bloody-ever. I’m immortal, not invulnerable. I’ve had more brushes with death
in the last 10 years than all the centuries preceding thanks to the emergence of metahumans. I’m afraid no one lives forever. (ALL GROANING) VAN DAL SAVAGE:
It’s a neurosynaptic discharge. Blocks sensory
motor functions pretty quickly. That is, if you can still hear me. (STRAINING) (GROANING) That’s a hell of an entrance. Frosty, you got the wrong side. We’re the good bad guys– God, I’ve been wanting
to do that for a week now. (GROANING) ZOOM: Such a quick healer. You and I have that in common. Our little favor, Miss Frost? WALLER: Lawton. We should be there
at 0200 hours. You have it yet? Getting there. (GROANING) They’re bloody freezing him. Not quite. Just bringing down his body temperature to the point where we can work with him.

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  1. The whole fucking clip, I'm thinking, "Jesus, guys; spread out when you're sweeping a room!" What happens? Everybody gets disabled by the same trap.

  2. I'm sorry, but I gotta be honest: all these many months that this movie has been out, and I STILL do not get the whole "immortality doesn't mean I can't die" explanation Vandal Savage was doing. It's honestly very confusing to me whenever I try to think about it. >_<;

    Can someone please explain with more clarity?

  3. You know, it would’ve been super easy to have Vandal Savage in this movie without nerfing him. In the comics, he’s immortal as long as there’s still something left of him, meaning he would need to be fully atomized in order to die. Unfortunately for him, there are a multitude of metahumans with that ability(Superman’s heat vision, Captain Atom’s radiation beams, Firestorm’s nuclear blasts, etc.), which he even SAYS is the reason he needs the card! So yeah, this whole plot element was pointless.

  4. The worst depiction of Vandal Savage ever. He’s right that he’s immortal and isn’t invulnerable meaning he can be killed, but even when he “dies,” he just revives himself. His death here is stupid as it both undermines the character and his purpose, makes him look like a guy who is scared of death, and downgrades his immortality. Basically he’s like Doomsday, except with a reverse in powers in a way. Both can die and revive themselves. Doomsday adapts to how he died so he can’t be killed that way again, while Vandal Savage carries the scars of his deaths and presumably learns from his numerous deaths so that he can better equip himself for the situation if it calls for it. This is the guy who can outwit the entire Justice League, and he gets taken out by a bunch of B rate criminals?! Seriously, this is like the Suicide Squad love action movie, where the squad goes against Enchantress, and somehow win. It’s blatantly stupid, and yet somebody thought this was a good idea! It’s like Darkseid getting killed by a simple man with a gun.

  5. Vandal Savage in Young Justice:
    Is the first meta human and all of earths meta humans are his direct descendants. He deliberately spread the meta gene to empower earths population, and is now kidnapping his descendants and deploying them as weapons of mass destruction across the galaxy. He's is a major intergalactic player, even Darkside respects him.

    Vandal Save in Suicide Squad:

  6. Space Hitler  – Is about to be shot
    -Will go to heaven when shot
    -Reveals the card is inside him, so nobody shoots
    -oh wait

  7. Tbh, I’m amazed that nobody who ever held the card didn’t immediately commit suicide. I mean it’s heaven. I get that they still want to enjoy life, but compared to the idea of eternal perfection? Trying to find ways to stay alive and still have the card seems like a big risk that isn’t looking at the big picture. I suppose it’s all about the guarantee of it working, but if you had tat knowledge you’d want to use it as soon as possible

  8. The suicide squad reboot better not make the mistake that the 2016 movie did!I better see Harley Quinn in a red and black outfit since that’s the outfit that fans are familiar with back in the Batman animated series cartoon. We also need to see new antiheroes in the suicide squad like Giganta,LiveWire,Damage,Poison ivy, cat woman and the reverse flash should be in the suicide squad.

  9. I think immortals have limits in someways. I mean yes they downgrade one of true immortals in fictional world ever but I think the more damage you take, the more it's more permanent and weaken. then again that wouldn't make any sense but still

  10. But he is invulnerable…….though…..

    Don't fucking change a legendary character to fit your damn movie…

    For fuck sake Vandal Savage made a weapon that destroyed the solar system in one time line, and it killed EVERY HERO, even fucking martian manhunter, superman, Dr.Fate and all the other ultra tanks that are nigh unkillable.

    Yet HE survived his own devastation where all those others did not, dude he IS fucking invulnerable!

  11. "Immortal, not invulnerable" if you are immortal you should not give a shit about vulnerability. You can't die……………………………………………………. That's what IMMORTALITY IS
    The writers of this crap of a movie should look up the word in a dictionary.

  12. Isn't he supposed to heal very quickly and thoroughly? He shouldn't have an open wound or scar on his chest from having something implanted.

  13. they made vandal savage weaker in this movie for the sake of plot. he's suppose to have wolverine's healing factor even if you chop off his head he'd still regenerate it back

  14. I didn't like how they made Harley seem dumb in this movie. No doubt in my mind she, a former psychologist would have understood the pig mask guy did surgery on the caveman. Plus she was the most useless member of the squad during the whole movie. Harley Quin is a lot of things, but useless is not among her traits. Hell to pay did not do Harley justice, or even make her seem like much of a badass.

  15. Even though they were affected by the shock, but still heard the screams you'd figure the squad would also fall over and bleed from the ears from all that. Oh well, no matter.

  16. So they made Savage weak? But Hey, Harley can hit people with a bat… Why is she on the team again?

  17. If he’s immortal how come he’s aging. When you age your closer to dying which makes no sense. He may just live long but will eventually die

  18. It's sad. The villians can easily kill each other but have a hard time killing the good guys. Too much plot armor on their end.

  19. JLA Vandal Savage is the best version I've seen. That guy survived a castle collapsing on him and was still able to re-assemble after getting every bone in his body broken.

  20. So they made Savage a pussy in this? Huge disservice making him so weak but I guess if you gotta make a movie with him you must do this. Shame though

  21. Moral of the story:
    Even the immortal Vandal Savage fears Hell

    And anyone would do anything for a Get-Out-of-Hell-Free Card

  22. On one hand:
    This isn't the live-action Suicide Squad movie. That's a merit all on its own. They could have screwed up in all the same ways very, very easily. But they didn't. I applaud them for that.
    On the other hand:
    They totally nerfed Vandal Savage.
    And I will never forgive what they did to Thawne…

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