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  1. This is not the official banknotes, but let me know if the US government announces an open competition for a new banknote design, I will definitely participate and try to do really high level design.
    For me this notes design more a sketch than a serious project. I made it for three-four month, for my design portfolio and as you know, for fun. So if you have any questions – ask here, in comments. If you like the project so much that you are ready to support me, you are welcome:

    Bitcoin – 1HBLqaGuQDzJ57oBLWLVtDQDngLUpZeyY4

    Personal questions and busines proposial write on my email – [email protected]

  2. Get real. They still are not Constitutional Lawful money. THeir still "Promissory Notes" empty of any substantial value. See if people continue to let the cabal convince the people that "Debt instruments are money" then everyone is a debt slave. Working for worthless paper.

  3. Genral design is beautiful but need to be tweaked but so amazing as it will make you feel pride as you buy a stick of gum

  4. OMG they should totally use these, but they would cost too much to produce, but I just want to frame them all 😂❤️ 💵

  5. The vertical design just makes sense. Its the most common way we actually look at dollar bills. Think about it, when you hand money to a cashier or when you count it out, it’s always lengthwise. Canada got it right

  6. This the exact same design and configuration as the new Canadian notes, would’ve made more sense if you made them look more like the traditional bills we use now, green, a border, a more classic font, but I get the idea is to make them modernized and clean.

  7. Sorry,.. these WILL NOT BE,.. the new USTN design. Biggest tell?: "Federal Reserve Note",.. SHOULD be a clue.

    The FED is slated to be "absorbed" into the new US Treasury in Reno,. while the "FED Building".. will likely continue operations,. but only after transitioning to,. and operating under, the new Quantum Financial System. VERY soon to be announced [WW]

  8. Fed.Reserve !! These two words should never appear again on your bank notes my American friends even in a new Gold Backed System. Treasury should appear somewhere to mark the transition. IN GOLD WE TRUST !!!! Have a nice 4th of July !!!

  9. We didn't go to the Moon. That is a LIE. WHY would they put that on 'currency'? Seems FAKE to me.

  10. I'm not positive this is the ACTUAL new currency but simply a concept brought forward by an artist. The new currency or money has been rumored to be called 'Rainbow Currency' as each denomination has a different colored hue to it(Red, Purple, Yellow, Green…). It also won't have any of the Fed's 'All Debts, Public and Private' B.S. on it. These are beautiful creations but I have yet to see any evidence that this is truly THE NEW US DOLLAR as the title suggests.

    Asset, Equity, Gold-backed is the way to go! WWG1WGA Trump/JFKJR 2020 KAG Drain the SWAMP! NESARA/GESARA and the return of Common Law is the only true way for us to be TRULY FREE! May we all receive our blessings and use them wisely

  11. Plus, another added feature I am hearing is they, the new USA Treasury Note is made of a polymer material that is very difficult or even impossible to counterfeit….they are very handsome I think!! Cant wait to get my hands on some, hear they should be available now or soon for the 4th of July!!!

  12. Also, where are the Black Americans who help build this country? Nor is there women on any of the bills. To me seems like a certain group feels entitlement.

  13. They look cool but the purchasing power is gone. These debt notes have lost over 90% of their value. Are we supposed to be happy about this deception? I prefer CashGold from Karatbars International. Real money backed by a physical asset #Gold 👍🤔😌

  14. if they dont vary the bills in sizes then the Treasury will be sued for non compliance of the Disabilities act. All other countries vary the size of their bills for those that are blind

  15. I understand the Federal Reserve will be taken over by Dept. of Treasury. Since the US will no longer be incorporated, and the IRS will be abolished due to change in tax law, it’s just a hold over name. The mechanics of the new currency, and banking system, will be stream lined considerably. Banks will have significantly less power. Simply payed for managing transaction, record keeping only. No new cycle of debt. Down payment required. Set amount payed back. Bad loans go against bank, a loss. Harder to get a loan for something stupid. Ability to pay loan back is paramount. It’s going to change everything. You’re going to want to get off welfare.

  16. LOL what the fuck are these, leaflets advertising a summer camp!? Also, Jefferson is on the 2, not the 10… Hamilton is on the 10. Whoever designed this is smoking waaaaay too much crack…

  17. People, these the new US Treasury Notes from the US Treasury & not by the Fed Reserve, I know it's confusing. These new Treasury Notes will be backed by the NEW GOLD STANDARD coming soon. Nixon cancelled the Gold Standard in 1971 but thanx to POTUS is has returned, thanx POTUS. JFK tried in early 1963 but he was murdered in Dallas.

  18. This looks similar to Venezuela $100,000 – bolívar note from 2017 series. Who's the Designer????

  19. WHY do the new bills have '"FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE" printed on them??? I thought they were supposed to be printed "US TREASURY NOTE"……!!!!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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