Student loans provide opportunity

Student loans provide opportunity

when we look at college loans we have to understand that this is an opportunity for many people to go to school we've got a massive issue in the United States with college loans the increasing level of tuitions is out of control kids often cannot comprehend the amount of money that it costs to go to school so here's the deal sending your kids to school without any type of school loans may not necessarily be the best thing for your child this is one of the first significant opportunities for a student to get a taste of the real world and how debt works they get the opportunity to perhaps go into a bank or at least work with financial professionals second this is a huge opportunity for them to be able to build credit when you look at the opportunities when someone's in their late teens or early 20s there's not too many things available for them to be able to establish a strong credit history student loans allow for that when it's their own money and they're actually seeing that they're gonna have to pay for this going to class taking advantage of that class being part of that college experience and the most comprehensive way that they can possibly be Google is a little bit further this is not just about tuition being paid for and you're having a great four years it's really about a relationship of why you're going to that school of how much it cost and what you're gonna do with that money that was invested in you you you

25 thoughts on “Student loans provide opportunity

  1. I'd like to see how much in student loans she plans to let her kids rack up… or is her "concentric private wealth" going to deprive her children the life-long learning experience that is college debt!?!

  2. 200k is way too much
    If u want to safe years of ur life paying back this ridiculus high loans u should really consider doing it abroad
    In germany you can get the same for like 80k all in at a private university and live like a king

  3. This…is actually quite shameless. You should be ashamed of youselves for spewing such nonsense.

    There are cheaper, easier and much less painful ways the build credit.

    You do not need to be in debt to seek a financial advisor.

    The real world will find you whether or not you take out a loan. Believe me, you'll understand this when you start paying taxes.

    Student loans acrude interest the moment you take them, not when you graduate and you cannot claim bankruptcy. This fact alone makes it a truly wicked burden. More so than any other loan you can take out in your life.

    If you must take out a loan then so be it, it is not wrong to do so. But view student loans ,in their current form, for the nessary evil that they are and not some sort of blessing.

    Please, do not be a fool.

  4. Yes I will agree with her that student loans teach you about life. You'll learn that corporations won't hesitate to take advantage of you especially when you're desperate. It's actually quite a modest proposal don't you think ?

  5. LOL!!!! omg First they had that fool on fox saying we are privileged to work till we are dead without retirement… now this? The Elite really think people are dumb little sheep. I can't believe how bold they are getting.

  6. I start my final semester at the University of Texas in fall and have not racked up a single dime in debt.

  7. Student loans provided the opportunity for colleges to up their tuition 1000% over the last 25 years…while they destroyed the lives of 90% of the people dumb enough to attend them.

  8. Send your kids to college and get a loan so you can go into debt in order to raise your credit score so you can borrow more money to go into debt….sounds awesome sign me up 😑😒

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