Steve King Owned On Crossfire

Steve King Owned On Crossfire

representative steve King went on
crossfire now remember again steve King is one of
the craziest congressman in the country let’s listen that’s an interesting
question because most congresses deal with it by working through a budget process
passing legislation hehe reduced spending to not listen to
only the hard-liners and I’m sorry I don’t mean this is an insult but you’re
a hardliner in the republican congress on and
listening you know you went to that that dinner
last night which you know it’s your right to do you can go have dinner with
whoever you want but reports today there was a secret dinner with 10 cruzan you’re plotting your strategy to hold
the line at the hold the line on letting the
state keeping the government shutdown so that you can defund Obamacare now
work more than two weeks into that have you learned nothing I mean what if
you get what have you gained I wanna I wanna move the debt ceiling and I do I’m gonna do it prudently and I
offered on this proposal last time we had this conversation right stable
staffing and in essence this why don’t we then
this if you’re love Obamacare so much just a call will
give you all a bit minus the waivers minus the on
constitutional changes all that and sunset Obamacare then in january 15
the 2015 and then let’s have an election in
November 14 and decide whether we really want Obamacare an outline because we had
an election in November 2011 we had any action it 2008 over health
care we cannot talk about whether we reopen
government or not and whether we pay our bills because you don’t like you’ll hear the
ocean down you know how to curl up but your
negotiate you won’t negotiate Tommy Christopher again as media hype
but this perfectly he said well when republicans have been using as
they’re talking point now it’s like a guy walking up to a girl he doesn’t know a let’s have sex what I don’t know you
what are you talking about and the guy goes alright a blowjob I
don’t know you is a sexual harassment your creeper you get arrested go away you were here to negotiate with me
because you’re asking for sex and a blowjob in your lover’s are you talking
about but after the republicans are doing all
right we know that this law Obamacare passed in 2009 with sixty
votes and we know that now it only time to fund the law that we passed but now we needed
to make the funding along that we passed that’s not the way government works if
you want to defeat a lawyer I defeated in 2009 and not pass it in the first
place amending the democrats in 2006 when it
came time to fun the war in Iraq right get more money
to our troops and give more tanks eccentric cetera the democrats I know we passed a law
that continue the war in Iraq but we don’t want to give the troops
armor promoted on did on democratic dictators fascists
right but when the republicans do with
Obamacare ok ha we do something wrong no we didn’t pleeease man these guys are idiots
clowns and their falls and are also dictators it was on to the next election
are all mobile those in 2008 there like other this election doesn’t count was
really a mandate even though Obama won by a lot more more about the 2012 World come back and revisit their 2012 cadre
yeah I know I’m already on my lap in a way I don’t even know the guys going to
me your ideas because it’s not really a Mandan and what we gotta do is wait for
the next election and do is 160 in the lamellar 2014 although
Ln and the actual come around in a however it goes the low number where
your mouth is a democrat ago majority even other Democratic majority in winter gonna

15 thoughts on “Steve King Owned On Crossfire

  1. This is a great College Humor skit which outlines what the Republicans are doing. /watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9AEUIHBoudU#t=0

  2. One of the nation's leading far-right anti-Obamacare groups conceded today that the health care law is untouchable until 2017, at the earliest.

    Then what was the point of the shutdown?.

    and now the shutdown is over the Republicunts got nothing

  3. No amount of gerrymandering is going to save the tea party. Its obvious that they seek to govern through crisis and coercion. They have no political agenda to speak of, other than obstruction. They have been exposed for the frauds that they always have been. What was the result of this fiasco? They got nothing. There bluff has been called, and they folded, they blinked. I always knew behind all that tough talk, they were pussies. Now the world knows it too.

  4. at this point they just want to delay the aca long enough so that by the time they can do anything about it it will have done the least amount of good for the least amount of people and the fight against them repealing it won't be as great. they wanna take it away before the people can really make up their minds about it.
    as to why? yeah, i'm still not really sure.

  5. the TeaOP nutters died from the shut down. They have LOST the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 elections. Demographically, with the partisan policy of ignorance they have today against the majority of American's, they're unelectable. They'll always still hold house or senate seats to a degree due to gerrymandering. But it's all over but the crying

  6. Why nobody mentioned this group is a terrorist because the terrorize our economy. they shutting down did threatened people's lives wealth and then Channel the built in the whole world clearly they are terrorists I have to be accountable for that should we put losses on there credit cards

  7. hey Steve add some more guns gp because you add a useless rifles and sub machine gun you add a new VIP this year how about GP gun you never add. what a lame game😬😬😬😬😬

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