Shutdown Over, GOP Crushed, Funding Secured (Until January)

Shutdown Over, GOP Crushed, Funding Secured (Until January)

and is filed a lake officially all over
what time not completely officially cuz them
completely signed off on the list is it but everywhere total of 112 balls
everywhere yes the GOP has been defeated I we will
have get funding of the government back and
governor will be reopened of course until January and a debt ceiling will be
elected and till February and then we’ll go through
all this drama again unless of course to some point President
Obama finally gives in tonight’s not really giving in he wants to do anyway
and as a grand bargain cut Social Security and Medicare that’s
what this is about is not about Obamacare they know they never had a chance in
fact the head the Heritage Action Fund the guys who pushed them hard is on this came out today and said oh yeah I’ll
bombing campaign obviously we can’t present until 2017 that why in the world would you do all
this because it was never about that it was so they can cut your Social
Security and Medicare that’s a long con and that’s coming next but for the
moment being yes politically they are vanquished now the last throes the republicans went
like this: the house so hehehe said we got this we
got us all right where but the other proposal here job it
is a step aside all right and has great plan and rubs and John
Fleming was stupid enough to share with us publicly louisiana he said we want to
make a deal that they can’t refuse and we’re runnin outta time time is very
important you the same talking yesterday they’re gonna be more motivated take
this up otherwise they miss the Thursday deadline saying like I got that’s great fled we run out the
clock and at the end the house pass this
really conservative bill and it goes is that it does not yet know
yellow the debt ceiling so you have say yes and here’s what happened they couldn’t
even get it passed in the House even among republicans they want to go
argue among themselves in this is awesome moment last night and the moderate republicans such as
they are say estate market come while let’s go
get your clean continuing resolution that opens the backup are you as insane the markets are gonna
melt okay you can’t do this so then you have the conservative
republicans about 20 min holdouts the guys who a lot of whom went to
dinner with Ted Cruz other night se AWD auto no no no this legislation that is more concerned
than the one senate not good enough not gonna we will more
we want to define Obamacare and then was like I’ll come on dude I
don’t know if I could tell you has cleared up we’ll also will offer not
defining Obamacare he’s not getting what you want we lost
but no they could come to an agreement so they had to surrender and say alright the senate you do it and the senate
version obviously not as conservative the Senate run by democrats and the senate Republicans Mitch
McConnell John McCain and Sarah party said we lost we really have the
democrats pretty much what they want and there’s a
couple small details about if you know just meh new show to do a
tiny bit up face-saving but the bottom line is its
clean big windup opening the government back
up they lift the debt ceiling and then they have a commission that
will consider the grand bargain later and take it down the road but overall
the democrats when and the house couldn’t even get together
to pass anything at the end and any servicing
panicked weeks like this one email from Republican lawmaker time to
roll over book I love that one Java strong here’s
quote it’s all over will take the senate deal that’s a GOP
aide when I suddenly casinos rollin I was like are well now
we’re having fun for space and then Rams owner Jaime Herrera a
boiler who’s on the so-called moderates came
out slow Glover I try to give their republican leadership as much time as I
could so they can have the leverage to make a better deal it turns out they never gonna make a better deal the
leverage was wasted this whole thing was a fool’s errand so she says quote it’s time for my colleagues to face
reality they say it’s over then you go to the editorial boards and they have
war-ravaged the republicans here but the most interesting one is the Wall
Street Journal The Wall Street Journal is conservative the editorial board is
massive leaguers are and listen to what they say about how
they’d republicans play this quote the concert was thus undermined
whatever small leverage the house GOP had left when they were of something that
situation I just explain right without a united majority of 218 votes
republicans might as well hand the Speaker’s gavel the Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid
what in the world were you doing what were you thinking you’ve lost and
then he could continue this is the quality of thinking or lack
thereof that has afflicted many GOP conservatives for the beginning in this budget
showdown showed I should send a pic two-goal they couldn’t achieve in trying to
defund Obamacare from one house of Congress and then they picked the means they
couldn’t sustain politically by pursuing a long government shutdown
and threatening to blow through the debt limit and then finally they conclude by saying
republicans can best help their cause now by getting this over with and moving on to fight more intelligently another day there so then the rest have the
editorial boards rolled up their sleeves went to work
particularly on john bainer calling this according to Politico a tranzeo first for have been The Washington Post called it a
humiliating failure I’m rather enjoying this there we go to
NBC’s Peter Alexander ni says after shutdown that lasted 16 days a
shutdown led by House Republicans by the end of today those republicans
may leave with little to nothing to show for
that’s fairly obvious and then ABC’s John Carl house
republicans or the clear mmm users they pushed to the brink and have
nothing to show for it I don’t believe the general colin is
reporting actually said Moser’s but he should have said about way
because beaner has been remanded every direction he’s actually saying it
II worse I’ll tell you why because you got a concert a sec are you
okay the data caballo those you know you’re going to use the
democrats to get enough votes with the republicans are going to vote for this
ride because service are never ever ever ever
gonna vote for so ben is gonna put it up at the end some
fewer problems will pour along with the democrats per toppling
over back up and they’ll say all better and but due to how long did you want to
go I mean he slit one wrist in what order
did you want both ordinaries on both wrists up but not got out of baghdad iPad
sharma et al of breakout I double dog are okay other am you have the mainstream
say up bainer house stupid were you that you started this
whole mess without knowing how to end it now they’re right about that right but
beta was force in that position is he didn’t do that then he will also speakership and I
don’t know if you know this for politicians kinda care about power so he damned if he does them to be
doesn’t and in this case he was damp in both
quakes solely store gigante can take failure on
the part a banner in the republican party but driven there by the tea party
Republicans to be fair now people who told you all about it all
along was somebody like Peter King peking said it was hard for them to get
a vote anyway and then one heritage came out that
killed at least that’s a really interesting part above this dynamic because as they’re
discussing it last night within the a house Republican caucus heritage action group the same guys who
now say up Obamacare hope you’re never going to
be put my are you crazy we’ll have to wait till 2017 when we
actually want a president elected well what did you say the from day one
you Schmucks anyway so they put out a letter saying no the
last post from the house not cut it up and so Peter Welch understandably ass and is a Democrat
from Vermont who’s calling the shots here Ted Cruz heritage action who knows but
it sure is a john bainer then a plan they withdrew
the plan right after heritage action denounced the plan well he’s absolutely
right about that and of course john bainer is a common
shots heritage action it’s now why why they call it s because they’re
represent the guys with all the modern EE john bainer isn’t the deciding factor
here john bainer is a paid actor any guesses notes from the director the
director in this case well you can trace it all the way back
it’s not as simple as just sings the Koch brothers but there are a large large part the say
put $200 million dollars into the effort to defund Obamacare push
the government to the brink shut it down et cetera but overall them
combine with multinational corporations there the actual actors in this play and you know actor meaning person who takes
action right as well as an actor light job
eight hours ago What’s My Line was will say yeah I got them there that silly I’m not
gonna raise arms post raisin now okay yes I raise it he
is no decisive role to play here that’s why
heritage action is so important and then we go back to Peter King says
quote this party is going nuts another right kinda way
slowly through a banger I’m like dude this thing is not awesome well the means
that way so many people I run into our normal
people when I to use that term formal news generally hate issues that
they’re they just can’t understand what’s going on and he continues on this one they can
even see both sides they just think Republicans are crazy that’s it they see no justification for any of
this and then finally here ads even if this
bet bill pass tonight or the suffering the house below sorry
about earlier what I’ve done after shutting down the government for
two and a half weeks laying off a hundred thousand people all the damage
we caused all we want a in in the end doing was
taking away health insurance from congressional
employees that was for the package that’s it that’s where you go to war for
that’s what we shut down the United States government for well that’s what you did and it was
monumentally stupid and it has hurt the Republican brand
tremendously now there’s a very good argument to make
that they still went on policy grounds could be shifted the debates so far to the right but when it
comes to politics they have really damage themselves I think that this is a bit of a decisive
moment that decisive in that it ends history here or anything like that
but decisive in the sense that this sets the tone for how people
think a republicans and I think that he could have
wide-ranging ramifications not just for the next election in 2014 but be on I think going forward the american people when they think the
Republican Party they think all those are the extremist those
extreme guys who’s all week they’re always hop on and poppin they want their
way they shut the government down they’re like cry babies their extreme and in order to get rid of that brand
that has now been established it’s going to take a lot to doing probably allow that Koch Bros money
right now the Cobras money let them off a cliff and destroyed the
brand to begin with so GOP well played K locating an elbow yep are you do he drove all girls won’t see you till
all him

100 thoughts on “Shutdown Over, GOP Crushed, Funding Secured (Until January)

  1. not everybody is greedy like you duchebag. I cam from middle class family, and if I become successful and make more money than average individual, I am willing to pay higher taxes if that can help other lower middle class families.

  2. lol how fucking ignorant douchebag you are!! I want top 1% of American pay their share as regular American people. "Obama does not pay taxes" Where did you get that idea about Obama does not pay taxes while being in office" Did you bring your ignorant bullshit out of your fat ass?

  3. look here it is typical libertarian moron!! Right, who gives tax cuts to rich folks again douchebag and who started trickle down economy? I am guessing it was Ronald Regan who wrote all tax policies to help his rich folks. That policy was continued by both Bush father and son.
    "He does not pay a dime out his pocket." Go look at up Obama's tax return in 2012, and again moron, every president has to pay taxes like regular people.

  4. Every country has to pay income taxes, that's how the society functions. You should ask the question why I have to pay taxes where it goes towards military spending and big banks bailout when they screw up.
    So you are suggesting Obama made a tax return but he did not pay anything back. Wow dude, maybe you wanna tell that story to FAUX news, so that Obama get impeached. LOL dumb idiot.

  5. Every country has to pay income taxes dude! It is not like only U.S. people pay income taxes. IRS has been created so that people don't misuse or ignore paying their taxes.

  6. ok first of all, you thought that i would hate paying my share of taxes when I do my superjob in engineering. Then you accused Obama not paying taxes and you claim that he just showed his tax return and never payed it. Now you accused IRS as scum ruin everybody's life, if you don't pay your taxes, then it will be nightmare for you. You are talking like those ignorant tea party congress people, we should get rid of IRS when IRS controversy came along

  7. I find it funny that you don't address all of my points you only address one. This just proves that you are stupid because you don't have a comeback. And I have no comeback for the whole president thing because I don't want to type three comments to you proving how wrong you are.

  8. lol the fact is I questioned your statement calling "Obama being bitch who is taking our paycheck." where I showed whom to blame when you put that statement. Also dude, are you a hypocrite? in one comment you are a high school student, then in the next comment you go to college, which one is
    You don't have any comeback for anything at the first place moron!! You know shit about economy, you are narrow minded by thinking all democrats are poor. you get your talking point from fox and Limbaugh.

  9. so it all comes to you don't believe in government. According to you, it is my money, why do I have to pay taxes? am I right? In order live anywhere in the world, you need government and you have to pay taxes based upon your income.
    Germany has good economy and their lawmakers are not as corrupt as ours, but people in that country pay income tax. I agree our congress don't do shit, but there was time when congress was really effective to run this country.
    How Obama live off a stolen money?

  10. So man trolls on this site now. YouTube needs to do a better job eliminating foul mouth punks that are just wasting everyone's time. As for the government, the tea bags are dead. Long live the democrats.

  11. As individuals, they ALL PAY TAXES. Just because a corporation is not paying tax does not mean that tax is not being paid. That's a lot more money going to the federal coffers then are paid by churches and ministers throughout this country. If you want to complain about freeloaders, start by looking at every religious organization that has NEVER paid income tax.

  12. Obamacare forces me to subsidize freeloaders, illegal aliens, politicians and a financially irresponsible federal government.

  13. And much like public education which you obviously never used benefits society as a whole even if you individual never use it and pay other to do so. For example you don't get small pox, polio, TB, mumps, ect because of public health care efforts, vaccines were original covered by government and now covered under health care. Same as you being an ignorant lump but benefit from science which comes from public education like a skilled work force to maintain power networks, the internet and so on

  14. The EU is wealthier than the US by far. The EU is the cradle of Western civilisation and always will be. PS I was born in America so don't accuse me of being biased.

  15. Majority of the healthcare cost is due to personal's choices in diet, level of physical activity and stress management. Why should I be forced to subsidize costs related to other's personal choices?

  16. what people who are against universal healthcare don't realize is, your taxes that "subsidize" others also make it infinitely cheaper for you. Not only because you don't have to pay when you do need to see a doctor, but without it uninsured people go to the emergency room and cant pay the bill which raises medical costs and you pay more in taxes to subsidize that

    Without universal healthcare you're actually paying 3x as much in taxes to cover healthcare as you would with it only getting nothing

  17. Yes the GOP is crushed. Their approval is the lowest ever. over 75% of americans hate them now, they didnt get what they wanted, Obama's approval rating went up.

    So yeah I'd say where your approval drops to under 25% your opponents approval goes up, and you got nothing, you got crushed.

  18. 2017? republicans are never going to win again. They lost 5 out of the 6 elections for popular vote, and even after the last election where saying how if they didnt drastically change they would never win the presidency again, and all they've done since is get dumber and crazier.

  19. Funding "secured" they make it sound like a good thing lol. We're going to shit out money for this job killing program.

  20. That's not how money works man. This is another TAX. The biggest tax hike in history. It will kill jobs because that's what taxes do. We're basically taxing progress to make progress. Premiums went UP. I don't know where you liberals get your data from! lol

    You're basically justifying freeloading, not enough people were "uninsured" for the numbers to work in favor of universal healthcare. They even LIED about the cost. Government cannot create wealth or make you healthier.

  21. You're both an idiot, and completely unaware of how things actually work.
    It's not a tax, nor is it "the biggest tax hike in history" and liberals get their data from reality. To Quote, "Reality has an unfair liberal bias."

    If government cannot make you healthier explain why every county on earth with universal healthcare has healthier citizens with longer life expectancy and pays less for healthcare than we do?"

  22. hate to hit you with some reality, but under obamacare premiums are already lower than they projected them to be, which will save 190 billion more than they thought it would over the next 10 years, and increase the laws deficit reduction to almost 300 billion, and those lower premiums mean and additional 700,000 can afford to buy insurance

    Also part time work has been declining and full time work increasing. So much for it being a "job killing program"

  23. and if Taxes kill jobs, explain the 1950's. Economically it was good times. Strong middle class, low unemployment strong economy, a single bread winner could support a family of four, and yet Taxes were their highest in history. Anything you made over 1 million you were taxed at 90% And yet it was when taxes were lowered on the rich that the economy started to fall apart.

    Low taxes on the rich and high on the poor are what kill jobs and the economy.

  24. I've only seen maybe 5 TYT videos ever so I dont trust them for anything, it isn't one poll it's polls by gallup fox news MSN, NBC, etc etc. At least a dozen different polls all show the exact same thing, republican approval half of what dems is, in the mid 20's.

    Since there hasnt been an election since the shutdown, or since their approval rating has dropped to the lowest in history, no elections from 2 years ago don't matter.

    I'd say you ought to think before you speak

  25. congrats you win dumb fuck comment of the month.

    without the GOP no one would need welfare, and conservatives collect far more welfare than liberals.

  26. You should hurry up and sign up for Obama care! Maybe you can find a provider to help you with your severe delusions! How does it feel to have no soul and be a repugnant lying bigoted racist arrogant greedy Rethuglican sheeple! Your kind are responsible, didn't you see comrade Cruz, Palin, Bachman and the other Rethugs saying how excited they were they closed down the government? Oops, I forget the cornerstone of your kind is total ignorance!

  27. The demonic soulless zombie Rethuglican sheeple all need to be held accountable and tried for treason! There's a petition going around that can be found online, that all real true Americans should sign! $24 billion is what these foul nasty lying arrogant hypocritical homophobic subhuman frauds wasted. do they care, not a bit. It's all a game to them, when real people are hurting. They should be forced to live on food stamps for a year and receive zero pay or any other help.

  28. It might very well be that republicans are being obstructionist just to destroy themselves…maybe some of these rabid phoney bastards actually want to destabilize the party for some good.

    Well thats the hope at least.

  29. 14 out of the top 15 huh? Well the top 15 are
    New mexico, Mississippi, Alaska, Louisiana, west Virginia, North Dakota, Alabama south Dakota, Kentucky, Virginia, Montana Hawaii Maine Arkansas and Oklahoma.

    I see see a lot of republican states on there.

    There are only 2 republican states that receive less in welfare than they pay in federal taxs

    California only gets 78 cents in federal aid for every federal tax dollar it spends. New york, "Taxachusetts" receive less than they give.

  30. Most red states get more in welfare than they pay in taxes and most blue states pay more in taxes then they receive in welfare.

    I don't eat because of conservatives, they eat because of me.

  31. there were more people on food stamps under Bush, and it was Bush that got them on it.
    It was also under Bush and conservatives that the economy fell to shit, since Obama's taken office the economy has actually been recovering. Unemployment dropped, the dow is up.

    Yes Lib-nazi's like me are responsible for fixing all the shit retards like you fuck up.

  32. Bzz wrong. Welfare means your employer isnt paying a livable wage so despite working full time, or in many cases 2 full time jobs, you can't afford basic needs. Min wage right now is 3 dollars an hour under poverty so any one working 40+h a week on under $10 qualifies for welfare.

    You dont even know what welfare means and you're trying to have a discussion about it? Go back to playing with your Lincoln logs

  33. it's not "people" it called a living wage and fucking economists come up with this not random people. Things like price of gas, milk, rent, etc are taken into consideration and a line is decided upon by people millions of times smarter than you of what does and does not qualify as poverty, and anything under $10 is poverty.
    Our "safety net" is 8% of the budget. Hardly a lot

    You're a moron with no clue what he's talking about.

  34. No one pays anybody to not work, and the government cant even pull of making sure everyone can afford to eat or have a roof. We have more empty houses than we do homeless people.

    And I'm sure the 1 million+ military veterans living on the streets are glad to hear you call them deadbeats.
    We could cure homelessness tomorrow, we have the houses to do it.

  35. I just think it's sad that we have so much opposition in are own government, this is not a fucking game played between two players, they are fucking with people's lives. Why do we even call ourselves the "United States".

  36. curing homelessness would not send everyone into poverty, which most americans are already in anyway.
    Socialism works not matter the size of the country, just like Capitalism works. The only failure is having too much of one or the other. Right now we have far too much capitalism. a balance is needed, and we dont have one

  37. most people on welfare work 40h a week jobs. a min wage job after taxes gets you around 900 dollars, you can make over 1,200 a still collect food stamps and other welfare. Welfare is given to anyone under poverty level, which is anyone in america making under $10 an hour. They aren't "paid because they don't work" They're paid because business owners decided to stop paying livable wages.

    again you're a moron who has no clue how this works.

  38. Taxes were raised in order to lower them on the wealthy, which yes that is a problem.

    and no the government doesn't steal or, nor is it to pay for everyone else. only 8% goes to welfare, most of it is "stolen" to give you roads, hospitals schools police fireman, etc. And in fact the biggest chunk of it is stolen to build tanks and jets for the military that are immediately thrown away because the army doesn't need them slash the military budget to 1/5 of what it is now then you can lower taxes

  39. I knew this whole shut down was bullshit. As of today oct 23 the democrats are calling for a delay to obamacare. So they supposedly get pissed that the republicans are trying to shut down obama care or delay it and NOW they are delaying it themselves. The government shut down was just smoke and mirrors to get the people to discuss the parties instead of investigate if obamacare is even good for the people? It's not, if you have medical insurance already it will become useless.

  40. Majority of the healthcare cost is due to personal's choices in diet, level of physical activity and stress management. Why should I be forced to subsidize costs related to other's personal choices. If Government wasn't financially irresponsible with $16.7 trillion (and counting), it could afford to subsidize our healthcare with Cadillac plans instead of stealing more from us to subsidize theirs and their cronies.

  41. before Obamacare you were doing just that. People without insurance go to the emergency room then can't pay, so your insurance company charges you more, and doctors and hospitals raise their costs to cover the uninsured.

    The government pays 3x as much every year for healthcare then all other industrialized nations, all of which have universal healthcare, better health and longer life expectancy. So you're already paying 3x as much before you even go to see a doctor and getting less in return

  42. So which sounds better to you? Universal healthcare where you pay 1/3 in taxes for health than you currently do and zero out of pocket but get better treatment and a longer life?

    Or our current system where you pay more in taxes go into debt when you get sick and dont get as much in return?

  43. So if the US "destroyed the USSR" then the US is destroying itself the same way which is to say, through bankruptcy.

  44. Na, I pretty much see bullshit and am compelled to correct the moron. It usually is a futile attempt to get them to realize they are being so stupid that they should reconsider their education if they have any at all. But then again some times they are just trolls trying to see what nonsense they can get away with. So which one are you?

  45. yes you should continue to be the only first world country that lets its citizens die of preventable sickness because making sure every citizen has healthcare coverage makes weak sissy boys -_- USA please realize how embarrassing you are.

  46. Oh and let me guess, you were a apart of all of these right? You helped build parts, assemble teams, solve problems, fund projects, carry out designing, constructing and training people. We all have you to thank for it? Right? You don't think other countries had input into any of these projects? If I am not mistaken, americans who want to go into space nowadays need to hitchhike on a russian rocket. I see you left that out of your little outline.. convenient.

  47. It's not a business owner's fault that the economy forces them to cut costs in order to compete. That;s the laws of a free market. Oil has globalized us and resulted in production jobs being sent to Asia.

  48. so when im talking to someone else and he buts in with ( the US is destroying itself which is to say, through bankruptcy. ) I should ask him for a hug and a kiss ???

  49. min wage should be over $16 an hour, but instead Ceo's have gotten all the extra money from increases to the economy and inflation.
    wages should at least keep up with inflation, otherwise you keep earning less and less while spending more and more just to live

  50. businesses are making record profits. CEO's are paying less taxes and making 10x the money, the oil industry makes more money than every other industry combined. So why is it they cant pay a livable wage? Especially when in the past they paid more?

    wages should at least rise with inflation otherwise you pay more but earn less. Just for inflation alone min wage should be almost $10. for improved economics should be over $16 that it's anything under is their fault

  51. Republicans would have been better off letting the disaster of take the headlines first 2 weeks of the month.

  52. The Young Turks are a bunch of leftists who, like all leftists, fancy themselves much more clever than they actually are.

  53. The House of Representatives sent 10 bills to the Senate to delay obamacare. Obama shut down part of the government because he would have no part of delaying it.

    Guess what Obama just did. He decided to bypass congress and unilaterally delay obamacare.

  54. The top ten wealthiest members of congress re Democrats. Obama himself is a multimillionaire who gives more financial advantages to Wall Street than any president before him.

    Look it up.

  55. Turk shouldn't be laughing it wasn't a victory. We just went into more debt (again) to keep our Gov't going a little longer. When January comes around, it will be the same thing again. It amazes me that most ppl don't see a problem with this. No one thinks we have to cut anything??

  56. An employer can only pay his employees what that person is worth. If u can justify why flippin burgers is worth more than $8.50/hr, I would like to hear it. I applaud anyone that is working for a living, but this type of work isn't designed to raise a family. Health care is expensive & broken because we don't have a FREE MARKET. If u think thats what we had, I will gladly explain in detail why that is incorrect. This subsidization needs to end, we have enough Gov't dependency & debt as it is…

  57. That's my point these subsidies need to go away. If a business can function on its own without subsidizing it then it needs to go away. We already have a record number of ppl on welfare & disability. This cannot persist, money doesn't grow on trees! There is a difference between helping those who really need it and making everyone dependent on Gov't money. This helps politicians get elected, but when the money runs out the Gov't won't be able to help anyone…

  58. Ever see "Goodfellas?"
    The state is Paul Cicero; "fuck you, pay me", and borrow on your credit until there's nothing left.

  59. You're making the cardinal mistake in thinking that government is about logic or justice, vs. simple arbitrary brute force.
    It is the master, and the people are the servant; thank Lincoln for that.
    As he said, "a Congressional majority is the only sovereign."

  60. TYT = "Beavis & Butt-head Discuss Politics."
    They laugh at everything, having no clue.

    "Uh… uh….. Republicans SUCK, huh-huh, huh-huh."

  61. Obama was a multimillionaire long before he became president.

    His policies have put more people on food stamps than any president in history.

  62. The article was confusing, and so I made the diagram for the author; as you can see, it's pretty deep just from what's shown; even Blago's on it.
    I published that during the 2008 election, and distributed it; nobody cared.

  63. Oh I'm not trying to refute it's accuracy. Don't get that idea. I was just think about the Soros connection which is tied to the Woods Fund and the Tides foundation.

    I realize that you had to make the diagram readable and traceable. It's a great diagram. Please hang onto it because somebody does care and it's not over yet.

  64. It's too late to do anything about Obama; and anyway he's just a mutated germ in the epidemic of statism which is coming to a close as the empire nears collapse.
    The states really need to secede, it's the way for the People to re-assert their role as the owners of their respective states, and the government as their staff of hired servants.

  65. Hate to break it to you Simon, but secession is treason. You just might want to study both the constitution and the Civil War again. You simply CANNOT claim to love your country and then advocate for its dismemberment.

  66. Cenk, only rational people are going to think Republicans are radical extremist crybabies (which they are). What about the Tea Party kooks? What about the Psycho Christians and all the people who watch Fox News? My dad and my brother didn't pay any attention to the damage the gov shut down caused, they were just happy the gov was shut down b/c they hate the government.

  67. course the only person who still spinned this and blamed the democrats was hannity and other right wing EXTREMIST…..YOU KNOW YOUR OUT THERE WEN FELLOW CONSERVATIVES BASICALLY SAY, WTF WHERE YOU THINKING….

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