Ryan Grim of Huffington Post on the Debt Deal

Ryan Grim of Huffington Post on the Debt Deal

let slams the door on the jurors worked on
the phone washington bureau chief for the
huffington post of ryan graham welcome to the program ryan uh… so well let me let me start with
these speeches last night uh… because i was completely be followed by these uh…
these dual um… i guess uh… speeches i guess ur or uh… dresses by below first president
obama he came down that that red carpet what’s
i called as a chinese man theater yugioh okay so he walks down the red
carpet it comes at the end he is speaking um… as if to us actually not is that has not been
following this it seems at all is that an accurate assessment mean both
he and bone there seem to be talking about this as if this is just
sort of come out gate deluge think altogether you’re looking at that location on wed and how it should be raised uh… a
political pollsters uh… badly hurt you if you’re right on that
both of them uh… talk that the people like they were kept just showed up for a
quick sunday school and so and let me ask you this that what
disappoint president obama came out and he was very much he embraced um… uh… bainer here he and he specifically blamed essentially didn’t and name it but the
key party caucus in the house he said the words balanced approach six
times over the course of whatever his five or seven minutes twelve minutes
uh… address and uh… what what what what’s it going for here well-kept you know it almost looked like uh… and i hope to dictate but looks like he was setting failure guilty when he was drunk and make it
clear to the american people that get this whole thing goes down it’s not his fault uh… he what he wants seems like you
want the sound like the reasonable guy low look at what i’ve offered a balance
balance balance balance and they refused to take it and so uh… one that should go down openly and in fact they were going to be a
dialogue right after me and uh… he uh… they are almost made his case for right i mean in in he’s responsible but
the one thing that that that that sort of mystifies me on this and it almost suggests to me that he may
be making another speech is that he came out and he kept talking
about revenue increase its right he wanted a bouncer approach rather
increases in cuts but earlier in the day uh… harry reid came out with a
proposal that had two point seven trillion dollars in cuts and no revenue increases and the white
house said that they could live with that wide right why do you bring that up in
these he basically skipping some of his powder dry to come back in in five days
in say okay today uh… uh… is is the disaster day we’re willing to take uh… two point seven trillion in cuts and
they still say no we are really uh… speech only make her in the context of the up people because
you’re right at the time line doesn’t make sense in the morning pete said he had come up on ok with
uh… that would just deal that would be all packed up on all cut no revenue and then in the evening he he goes back
to pushing pushing for this grand bargain voted the like pat buchanan is framing uh… you know who gets blamed for this thing going down and uh… then uh… there came up he
didn’t talk any any specifics to um… and basically just he seemed to be
talking to a completely different constituency he’s worried about a revolt
in his own party isn’t god and talk to an entire nation when you’re only audience at the eighty some hot tea party folks in your car kits like why not just meet
them in the basement of capital and can speak directly to them and i i get the
answer to that effect she’d want empathy pennies he’s not be asking them behind close doors
with the system this is the message that he’s taking to the appealed to the entire country so uh… but you know it was kind of scary
little talk to the gate because you’d be a bit hardest how those tunes side cuba obama then followed by david
hale how in a couple of days goes to her to
be reconciled he’d really struck a flag in the crowder yeah and he also he also uh… broke the
first uh… rule of addressing the tea party on national t_v_ aren’t you
supposed to speak into a camera to the right of the one that sent it filming you drawer called or or we don’t look
directly into the camera day that was the most disconcerted thanking them
reviews that it’d party people is little more directly into a camera butter now but is this a function of the fact
that he came out with his plan which is um… which i wanted to delineate the
the read plan and a bit about uh… the bainer plan for me but my understanding is that was more or less rejected by uh… uh… the house tea party caucus without you know it’s not that not enough for
them they don’t want uh… uh… if you could i get off your
trillion dollars in cuts and the promise of a vote on a constitutional amendment that they
want you know but without the whole
government cut down they want others cocked pistol meant to be part of the
constitution you know by next tuesday died so anything short of that uh… you know it is in something that they’re going to
reject them and their and bigger basically tactic uh… and then if you’ll read comes back
with this here’s your two point seven trillion
dollars in cuts two point five trillion dollar increase
the debt periods every creed abhor and there you know so they’re in the position of
looking crazy for not taking it an important firework work there seems
to wondered about that and that’s starting to become more apparent today by uh… by cochran regarding the
president for not leading and saying look we’re
leader we’re the ones that are presenting plan that means that you have to go forward with his plan and coat dr uh… went back thursday there could be
both american know-how on on the house plan ed because you have
to do that because the don’t put out to me marbles in that bag about angle
leader then it goes over the panic where kept squashed gunnery practice here reasonable looking legislation and that’s up to the house to either uh… happen or not pass it and that put all the old come out and in washington but the laptop
standing but the one that usually becomes law and so bainer biet by his covered bragging about how
is the leader had been forced to leave and the people that are behind him or the
ones that are probably going to be able to a push their bill over the over that over the finish line so you know he kinda screwed himself here
bio by getting too far out in front of the
profit ultimately got outlook malcolm poplar
failed cab right before i get out but that’s not the way it seems to be the calcutta i want about one hour break
down the actual two different plans because there’s some very subtle
differences uh… when you look at it from a from from afar but if you get get
closer they’re they’re they’re pretty significant differences but basically what you’re saying is that
because uh… that this is sort of like uh…
the reverse of the the tic tac toe i play with my daughter uh… in this case because he goes first um… it’s gonna be uh… it’s gonna be back on the house at
the end of the day it’s going to be back on the house to reject or accept a bill that could come out of the senate
which would be harry real reads bill and is the house basically they’ll take the last vote
before defaults is that basically what it comes down to yet and that the position that if you
read that you want to be and and and we probably predominately diplomats are
legislative and parliamentary tactician and and if you go down to work later on that
point well i mean to be fair uh… we don’t know yet mcconnell help to right
not to be so we don’t know if the bainer or is been sober the whole way and it we
can only imagine i think that there was sober he might be you might be doing a
little bit better so i don’t make it a judge in a bitter on anybody let’s let’s
add up breakdown breakdown for me uh… harry reid to plan uh… he’s got it’s two point seven
trillion dollars a cuts what where do the cuts come from thing cut did not come uh… from social security or medicare uh… or other entitlement program that
they are right or medicaid or gourmet or medicaid right they come from uh… discretionary spending and they
did make one guy on their way uh… to getting to through a trillion
some dollars then they factor and uh… you know if they’re not interest lapping that bill nichols intolerant
about four hundred billion is not like that and an attack on what
about a trillion or so savings from i wasn’t going to war a
little bit left over the next decade right and filled with that you get the two point seven program okay so you gotta a trillion and
predicated on the ending of afghanistan in iraq wars uh… you get there four hundred billion
off of the savings on interest because you’re not borrowing uh… the money and then uh… uh… another one point three or so um… who comes from uh… three trillion three hundred billion
comes from cutting out friday night on a while we’ve been doing that though the whole fraud thing that that
should never be a line item in any bus which he
describes i’m concerned you know we have a yahoo abroad lobbied
better very strong washington story there are no one of you in the bottom
became governor of uh… uh… of florida is my understanding uh… right uh… but okay so we cut that out and then he also hasn’t you one of the
first day if not the first to report on this he has the inclusion of the super
congress but it’s slightly different than uh…
bainer super congress breakdown read super congress but robo-cup to prepare a combo woodwork
and somewhere where where you have uh… twelve but at the twelve-member
bicameral body where you’ve got folks from the fact that throughout the
tropics democrat six republican and you would need seven votes for them
to pass legislation that legislation would bring abdul ram through congress abstract in a matter of days it couldn’t be amended opportu how they
could just be voted on don’t what you’ve got uh… the leadership’s behind this trip at the fair complete her and i think a
little bit my understanding is that there’s there’s no filibustering to see
the right and the senate the big back we are not solve the
problem lol dolly or group of you’ve been hearing i’m talking about uh… filibuster traditional and whatever whatever addy relay that will apply
anymore knelt down to the key difference between there was a good buy one more
liquefied one more thing to do when you talk about legislation you’re
essentially talking about cuts and a lot of people are concerned in in
the idea is that uh… these cuts they could be social security they could be medicare they could be
medicaid they could be anything essentially and they are not subject to a filibuster behar uh… they’re not subject to
amendments and he it really is there’d there too important elements one he’s
who sits on that uh… this this uh… this high commission of the super
congress and then the other part the difference
between reed and uh… mainers plan is and compared with the allied default now three either would it uh… extend the debt ceiling past the
past the election so you wouldn’t have to monkey around
with this with this debate again uh… bear however would only offer out about a trillion slightly and change uh… inc
reproductive which mean perfect six months sometime uh… after that a year from
now we have to come back to this debate and
he pulled me away photography could vote on rate in the
deputy campus is the first passed the recommendation the legislation that
recommendation is that the legislation that comes from super congress so that would be uh… the patent situation to will
magnify text exponentially don’t you know if you
don’t pack their now would you have to have a fat chocolate biology natural but
right now we cannot amend it but you don’t after you cameras repair that’s that’s a status date massive massive different sending one is
that there’s a pair of tremendous in the bangor plan there’s a lot of leverage
here to pass this thing not only is the
threshold lower abut there there’s a tremendous amount eleven leverage on the
band i think on uh… on reads proposal there is no
leverage and so um… you know they could they
could say we’re gonna cut x_y_z_ uh… but you need just basically in
upper dom vote tech washes thing in the senate or you would need altered uh… democrat on the superconductivity reputed to
anything if they did that in the best situation people will be the resolve and work in
the residual asian they would just be a bunch of wasted uh… meetings and you still parties
uh… right okay so so that’s a big difference and and
despite that fact the uh… the republican uh… banners
caucus as beverage acted right thing i would like to in the past have been copier kal that
have been used to rape active uh… you know the greenspan uh…
mentioned back in what a three-year that up expended are the wife of hostile to
curitiba you’re making tweaks and written contract with america i get something that they that they
don’t like the for example of something that that didn’t work for them because
it involved some tiny amount of of tax increases so yet uh… took down the department uh…
uh that’s a big the trigger or not um… then we’ve got some people are a
number thirteen we have had reservations about or training there uh… younger super legislative body because your great-great talker huge
demand two thousand i’m too doesn’t have a
closed-door meetings and guardedly optimistic out here all you need to do is call the super
congress the uh… superstar congress is on the
relegated to the poison pill uh… elastin uh… walker sometimes we have technical difficulties
inhabitants north was in my thoughts pals real question is that willie into some
hit the bottom up so i can use uh… city i and i had a little bit of technical
difficulties and i opera uh… so so collette the superstar
congress and that’s the point of telling can never they can never exist uh… bubbly let me ask you this eric it
because m i consider myself someone who is not
in any way hesitant new uh… to classify uh… recall republicans and
particularly tca a tea party people has completely bat shit crazy even with that understanding do not understand why they are rejecting
the bainer planned because it you know you can look back at uh… that uh…
greenspan commission all they did was essentially raise taxes on not on poor people but on the hard-core
people in our class people uh… them and uh… they could they could you know they can always reject this
they have the majorities in the house um… you know uh… if this uh… superstar commission that came up
with this what what is their endgame here i mean
is this are we at the point now where there is absolutely no cohesion on the republican side
whatsoever i mean there is no bullying there is nothing
it’s simply every man for himself at this point yet talking to you uh… atop house republican eight very
early are in this in this congress n and he kept talking about that stuck
with me that was uh… he said you know where we’re in a position where we can get tremendous in unprecedented confessions from democrat which reached see it before it look at the question structure are we
going to be able to persuade ark restaurant to pick them and that’s always been uh… but always
been the tension i think part of what’s happening is that uh… the game depression republicans
has really the lines that the republican been watching that
have been using for years uh… really internalized that via leaf in washington why do you that the game is rigged uh… you know you can’t make a
difference north that where are you look at the weather watch at work to petra
thatcher and that no they showed that pearly ong
let me rejected beat up contract but if you remember that uh… that they were told look this is just particularly little
provisions of the just three oh three month extension please we need to fix it really big deal destructive and the pressure but no we don’t trust
you but you know this neighborly internal
auditors distrust of institutions that the republicans greeting for a couple
decades now an appendix comment on the route now uh… being a cancer and the party or
take a look this is an amazing deal you’re not going
to get and i think i don’t have to know if we don’t believe you it’s it’s it’s like they all have rabies
it’s like literally you have a rabid raccoons you put a plate of food in
front of it it just sort of like thinks it’s loop i mean a big bird it it’s it’s it’s
bizarre well let me ask you this um… and because if that’s the that’s needed
to me the most under-reported story here is that this is not unlike what happened
with immigration i think uh… agus four years ago now where this sort
of the the elective oral of the the the lies in the red meat
they’d been feeding the electoral base they’ve created these these these
frankenstein’s and uh… they’re even lasts sort of
like uh… uh… kal hearing then frankenstein in some respects but where
where does anybody know where the republican presidential uh… hopefuls
are on this videotape and a great much are respect the depression have much respect his
presidential hopeful that they have for the leadership that which is an offer you a very very little uh… that because i feel that they
would vote little incentive for the use candidates to weigh in here i think yeah i mean it seems you get this would be the like that the
number one i mean this is the most relevant thing for these guys right i
mean uh… if they’re going to be a default ameen what’s gonna happen uh…
presumably in a year if you’re president or year and a half if you’re president
and this debt ceiling thing comes up will partner uh… arab st foul joel
always date protections that the cheap should bow to get the paper clean no
matter what associate depicts staking a little out on the far
right column no i don’t know what a president
bachmann with dua ka she had the raise the debt ceiling um… colosio and do it we don’t pretend like
this never happens rabbit exactly uh… and you know that the other attempts
have no taken extreme positions but you know what was the out where they pay
that they’d like uh… you know they want these pipes a
prosecutor but not yet been out at the table and
they don’t have to vote so it kind of him don’t you just get you a sharper for them to be and what will be because
they know that what they’ve heard of him doesn’t have that much topical alcoholic folks see them settled at the next president and uh… you don’t know that block to deal with it all right well or close their
opportunity to get it just a clean debt ceiling fan right so what’s the white house and
where do we think this goes i mean uh… we need is your sense that there’s
not going to be a deal at all dared their concerns are very strong talk about it there’s no
deal uh… i think it though administration that rates would find
some way to avoid default uh… i don’t i don’t know how literal about
working from an atomic arms of the author and do that but at the time tether dot that was a little car everything that you could just fighter
necessary clause embattled fenway park awakened to if you know opal bomb puro uh… suspending habeas corpus but but i
think that there did it do you can check that uh… the alpha patted before before the house won’t cut like
the chapter anger will lose the boat because democrats are going up opulent rally against it right and thinner to thin eluded them up part of a
dome conference he could actually not get his going through the house eb at which point deal no return call candace brahma tables debug even if you don’t get it through
the fed will then quickly squash it uh… with mcconnell help warpath rar two point seven trillion dollars in cuts
them evento and then it’ll be up to the house and the that that’ll be banners moment
where do you have to decide swallowing help armed or put it on the floor and try to packed with democrats and
republicans working together or do i want to keep it from the floor now what he could be earlier put it on
the floor but because of the democratic thing to
do and boating against if i think that this terrible but i’m gonna put it on the floor and
that allow good folks under seems to have charter whip up don’t fail hundred hundred ten republican votes in a hundred and ten you’ve got a quote from the and then
you’ve got it and then he hoped for there’s no verbal does comptroller i mean is that is if you put
it on the floor he’s done as speaker the house is any i mean to you we will be around i don’t
want is net cantors i mean isn’t that cantors wet dream right there amin isn’t
that what he’s waiting for the bill goes from the senate the mcconnell and with the reid bill uh… with
mcconnell’s blessing goes from the senate to the house uh… and day nears says i’ll put it on
the floor put it up to a vote on the vote against it and uh… the uh… all of uh… the tea
party caucus votes against it some of the moderate republicans that if
there are any i don’t know if there are any enough basically dealing with the
democrats to pass it it passes in kantor basically become
speaker all right but you know when you lay out applaud
bought they thought the pothole that of the the the fragile realized that uh… they didn’t have they don’t have
it and they can certainly catch overthrown um… but there i mean is
that there’s no shortage of club members of his convert or um… you know we were work would be happy to
see that happen but there are there other to who
recognize the value of having uh… bear up their i’m going to be they’ll let him stay there for awhile
um… before brought him over border uh… and and and you know if if it’s hard to
cut riot you’re right i mean then that
matter that painters are huge problematic one final question for you on the
fourteenth amendment has the office of legal counsel weighed
in on this i know that we’ve heard from geiger i know that we’ve heard from from uh… the administration but as the
officer legal counsel waiting because it all to millie that would be the to the fig leaf if i’ll bomb a had to
come on uh… t_v_ again walk down the red carpet and say look we’ve tried everything it hasn’t passed and uh… the justice department is told
me that it is uh… it is my obligation constitutionally as an undergraduate
here it’s my obligation constitutionally to invoke the uh… uh… the uh… fourteenth amendment for closing
fourteenth amendment i have to have to do this well pat i think that uh… the closure kept
could collapse the more likely something like that is uh… steve said in college
park the other day i asked about this and you get that about where you go
um… he’s said our people have looked into it which i soon mean probably work out what they have a
comment to one another uh… on whether or not p_p_o_ has actually
dropped a memo or what the fed yelled mike my political but that means but that the winning argument that was a
strange properly but it’s not an argument bracket the power struggle joking he
later that is what i’m doing that the professor’s kim go ahead and argue with outdoor type
expert older side they’ll have experts on their product and becomes a power
struggle over whether it was actually try to impeach the president over overpaying elsewhere i think that the political argument that he wins hands down i agree with that i will run grant thank
you so much i i know i can still on and i said i would but i appreciate it
states edward clutter it’s it’s it’s just uh… this is where
justin just one of those is among the most bizarre periods of politics uh…
uh… in the in in years and years as far as i
can tell is so strange so straight up to a and made up it did see it is just bazaar it is like uh… it is a layer is in layers of theater
and uh… uh… north negative frankly i think you so much for joining

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