Origami Money Cat v2 (Jo Nakashima)

Origami Money Cat v2 (Jo Nakashima)

First lets cut a rectangle with the proper ratio
You can also use a dollar bill and skip this steps Fold along the diagonal and unfold Fold the edge to the diagonal line Make just a little crease near the edge Use this crease as a reference point and fold the top down Fold the bottom Cut it Now we have two rectangles with approximate ratio of a dollar bill Fold and unfold the corners Mountain-fold Form a waterbomb base Turn over Fold the edge to the right and unfold Turn over Fold the edge to the center and unfold Repeat on the right side Turn over Fold downwards while mountain-folding on the previous creases Squash-fold on the top Turn over Fold the corner to the center Fold along the angle bisector Unfold Crimp-fold on the creases you just made Repeat to make the right ear Fold the little corner and unfold Reverse-fold Repeat on the right side Fold the tip up Fold the tip down to make the nose Turn over Valley-fold Swivel-fold Tuck it below the other layer Repeat on the right side Turn over Fold and unfold the corners Mountain-fold Fold and unfold Mountain-fold above the creases Mountain-fold through the intersection of the creases Form a waterbomb base Valley-fold the left and right sides Turn over Pull the paper as far as it goes Fold the corners inside Fold the white triangle to the side Tuck it under the colored layer Open the top layers Hide the triangle under these layers Turn over Mountain-fold below the head Valley-fold Fold the sides of the body while making swivel folds behind Cat finished!

100 thoughts on “Origami Money Cat v2 (Jo Nakashima)

  1. I just spent way too much time trying to make this cat. I made it all the way to the tail, and that’s when the whole thing fell apart. So frustrating.

  2. I did this with a $5 bill and it for sure didn't come out like it did at 4:14 I asked this lady that came to my school to follow the instructions to this video and she said it didn't make sense (she is a elderly woman whose job is to do origami) I'm dissatisfied with this video 😔

  3. Tus dedos no me dejan ver el proceso de doblaje de la hoja a partir de 4:10 y sería de ayuda que pusieras audio mientras explicas

  4. Very well you are a teacher and I at least tried it but there is a lot of effort that you made but your video is better thanks for sharing the idea

  5. Imma start an origami cat adoption center with this tutorial

    Thanks for making this cat too adorable to be true. ^-^

  6. I just recently got into origami (yesterday lol) and I really wanted to do an origami cat and NOW I CAN 😀 thanks

  7. hoo very precius
    no pues no vas y pones money de dinero claro lo que nuncas tendras con la mierda de persona que eres
    it is a FAILLLLLl

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