Obama Debt Ceiling Deadline Motivated By Fundraiser?

Obama Debt Ceiling Deadline Motivated By Fundraiser?

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low lingo he’s in the news again he has always has
a unique theory on the debt ceiling uh… why is again in the running out on
a blog a second lonely please tell me and i can’t help benefited be a little cynical here because you you
know we found out the president has a big birthday bash scheduled for august
the third celebrities flying in from all over and lo and behold oldest is the deadline forgetting stumping done so that he can
have this massive maybe the biggest fundraising uh… dinner in history for
both days celebration thirty six thousand dollars ahead yest that’s right
and uh… anyway isn’t that a major in the economy no it’s not there is okay you know well says that uh… we’re
gonna run out of money on on a saint paul ryan is republican congressman paul ryan also
interested in all mama’s birthday because they also care about that could louise unbelievable man he get his
either cartoon character berliners head and i think you can email oligomer
figuring out and then encouraging defend that but i don’t know that uh… numbers are
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theories that are so wacky i mean you couldn’t you couldn’t even
imagine i mean but there’s a terribly desist that they think they have they
were going to adds that their babies inside the united states and the like are eighteen years later thirty years
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100 thoughts on “Obama Debt Ceiling Deadline Motivated By Fundraiser?

  1. @TrollySam they blammed obama for the 14 trillion dollar debt.
    and they said that if he gets another 4 more year, it will be the economic collapse of america

  2. Do complete morons like Louie Gohmert get elected into office because of the overwhelming numbers of complete morons in the American public? Absolutely. It is a well known and obvious fact that people generally like other people (ie. other politicians) that have the same intellect and opinions as themselves. We are becoming a country of morons, and now the Tea Party has empowered the morons politically.

  3. Louie isn't certifiable, he's just a moron.

    He's evidence that I.Q. test scores should be public knowledge for candidates to elected office. He makes Yogi Berra seem like a prophet.

  4. @DirtFlyer I think it's the other way around.

    It's just that we're finally becoming aware of how isolated and fear-driven many Americans are. The "powers that be" saw the rising tide, and responded with great political and financial pressure. This has been the GOP M.O. for the last 43 years, since Nixon took office. It seems really ugly but with only 52% of the electorate voting, it's apparent that apathy is the real issue.

  5. @lilnicky492

    The debt is a non-issue, stupid. You don't know the first thing about economics, so take your ignorant white trash ass out of here.

  6. Obama's b-day isn't until the 4th… he doesn't even know his own date of birth after so many fake certificates, FRAUD!~

  7. This is a clear sign that Obozo WILL be a 1 term EPIC FAIL and he WILL LOSE to Sarah Palin in 2012! We NEED President Palin for ONLY SHE has the power to completely fix this entire debt mess! She will BALANCE the budget in her 1st year and create greater surpluses than Bubba with less taxes than Dubya! President Palin will drive our debt and completely LOWER our debt ceiling DOWN TO ZERO! The Palination will be completely DEBT FREE and it will be done through cuts across the whole board!

  8. yeah i know him, and he is crazy he even said that the patriot act doesnt spy on americans without warrants LOL

  9. I believe the Gohmert nonsense Cenk was recalling was when he suggested that Obama's mistake in saying 57 states in reference to the 57 electoral states was actually a clue that Obama had visited all 57 states of Islam and secretly had a Muslim political agenda.

  10. Amazing how they are wasting time with opinions, finger pointing, constant attacks on the middle class, and they expect to win reelection? They are all truly insane.

  11. I think the 57 states thing was what you were thinking about.
    Louie assumed that because Obama slipped up and said he'd visited 57 US states, he must have got confused with the OIC. Conclusion was that he's a secret Muslim somehow.
    Louie Gohmert, what a fucking goon.

  12. What is it about the conservative mindset that causes them to elect complete and utter morons? Is the whole hatred of government thing? "Let's find the dumbest asshole we can and ship him off to Washington"?

    How's that fixing the problem exactly?

  13. Look at his head?.. look at your head.. fucking gobshite.. you really are a hateful one aint you.. besides, you come from a country full of hateful cunts, so why am i not surprised..

  14. I'm just wondering:
    1. 14th amendment, section 4: "The validity of the public debt of the United States […] shall not be questioned"
    2. Oath of office: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States"
    3. Defaulting on debt

  15. @blechtic For further ponderance:
    4. 14th amendment, section 3: "No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress […] who, having previously taken taken an oath […] to support the Constitution […], shall have engaged in […] rebellion against the same"

    If the democrats play their cards right, they can make all the current Republicans in office non-re-electable.

  16. @Matthew0161 Oh shit! I'm gonna check that out immediately. Oh wait no i'm not, I know what the debt ceiling is and you're a fucking moron.

  17. @RockBrent

    Bush Jr was/is a douche bag. But, the reason for the debt is Americans. Most Americans don't know ANYTHING about the structure of the government and, while they can tell you all about American Idol or X factor, they couldn't tell you who any of their representatives are.

  18. @RockBrent Ronald Reagan lowered federal taxes on the richest Americans from 70% to 28% and spent money like it was the end of the world. Not coincidentally, Reagan believed the the "End Times" were upon us. The Republicans have been very angry since Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. At that time, the parties re-polarized and the Republicans took up the cause of the religious, racist Right. Over the last 47 years, these lunatics have been trying to destroy the country and its people.

  19. Louie Louie Louie Louie Louieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xD lol this dude is dumber that the actual one in the show

  20. Cenk is in da building! Time for more elbows from the sky. What else did you think would happen? OFCOOOOURSE!

  21. I swear if I see one more GOP ad on TYT Im gonna fucking find a way to spam the Fox News Channel with Gay Marriage ads

  22. August 5 is my birthday. I called Obama and asked him to get this shit done quick so I'm not sweatin' on my birthday. Thanks Obama 😉

  23. why would America ever default? we have about 200 billion coming in every month, so pay the fuckin interest first, then the entitlements, military salaries, essential services, then go dept by dept and fire the hundreds of thousands of asswipe bureaucrats hired by Obowma to regulate every move business makes.

  24. @RockBrent

    Americans didn't hire Obowma to complain as to who caused the problem but rather to fix it. Obowma obviously doesn't have any clue as to solving our problems so let's fire him, good ridance, git git

  25. @Bronzecop

    OK big boy! problem is because "progressive intellectuals" have been doing the thinking for nearly the last 3 yrs. there is very little work for everyone else,..haha haha

    let's get rid of the stupid sapsuckers

  26. Loiue Gohmert was a judge before. HE ACTUALLY PASSED JUGMENT ON CASES THAT EFFECTED PEOPLES LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a country!

  27. Fucking seriously!? Cenk, cut it out with the name calling and childish insults. If you've got a good counterpoint to Gohmert's, then fucking present it! I was excited to see that you were back, but now I'm not so sure. What the fuck has MSNBC done to you? I'd expect name calling and asshatery from Republicans, but not you. Seriously, clean it up.

  28. @lilnicky492

    The issue is a lack of stimulus. Much better to grow GDP in the debt/GDP rato, than to just shrink debt.

  29. @RockBrent Tha's why the Debt increased 61% AFTER Nancy Pelosi became speaker of the house RIGHT ?!
    But just blame Bush – It's all liberals have left……

  30. @MetalDetroit Because Pellosi had control over military operation? And she was speaker of the house when the tax break pass? And she is the one who appointed Greenspan? Or push for deregulation? Or wanted to do nothing in the energy? Look, W don't have all the blame since there is a plurality of force in place, but he have to take a lot of it because he was the president and it happen under his watch.
    We now need "3 Bill Clinton with moderate Republican house and a split senate", in a row.

  31. Under the hick administration of GW Bush, they raised the debt ceiling 7 frickin times. Well, we had to since we were dumping our treasury in Iraq fighting a pointlessm war to make lil ol Bush and Haliburton pleased as pigs n' shit. Back then Cantor called it 'house cleaning'. But with Obama for some reason the debt ceiling is offensive to the R's sensibilities. Thro the US into default, bankrupt its industry so these chumps can get back their power. Too bad they have the house.

  32. @usam1981 Or did they? On the Bush tax cut, this happen in 2001 and 2003 -> They would not have been able to block that without 2/3, right? Now, the two wars: did W ever asked the congress for a declaration of war, or he put them in front of it when it was done? On two big peaces of the deficit, they were not able to do much.. For the rest, the democrat were infighting all the time and did not bring a lot, but

  33. @jag10 There are so many genuine reasons to hate that corporatist piece of shit

    He's a corporate ass licker as bad as bush and the republicans, he's so fucking stupid that his policies are just stealth republicanism

    Thats more than enough reasons to hate him, resorting to making shit up just isn't necessary

  34. @jag10 As I know?

    I know that hes enabled you kochsuckers by adopting your talking points

    I know he consistantly shivs libs in the back

    If there was ANY chance of sending his traitorous, "fuck the poor I want the rich to be richer" ass out of the country with the birther stuff I'd take it

    If there was ANY merit to it I'd be with you in expelling him, too bad though

    He's selling off america to the evil multinationals and megacorps, fuck that turncoat traitor and the blue dogs he rode in on

  35. @jag10 Obamas "demanding" 4 trillion in cuts to "reduce the deficit"

    He could have reduced the deficit by ending the bush tax cuts, but he supported them

    He has spoken out against holding wall st accountable, he's letting them "investigate themselves"

    He told the blue dogs to ease the wall street regulations that liberals passed for no good fucking reason other than to enable another bankster crime spree

    He's bought and paid for by gold man sacks

  36. @jag10 Betting against us?

    The only person betting against us is cantor who is literally short selling america along with his wall street pals

  37. @mrselfdestruct23 That is because (shock horror) they are not using the money for war, but for trying to clean up the Republican's mess.

  38. @2010GOP The deficit was not $1.6 trillion under Bush, but it was rising fast. Massively fast, due to tax cuts and the topper was the last minute rescue of the banks, which would not have needed rescue if not for Bush's deregulation,and the stimulus which would not have been needed had the economy hadn't collapsed.

  39. @genie0390 even if he fired them all, without cutting the military, the debt keeps on ballooning. Gotta cut the military and raise taxes.

  40. Here's my Gohmert-inspired theory: He was first elected in 2004. Before his constituents realized they sent a madman to Congress, terror-babies began their work. Without anyone noticing, everyone in Texas' 1st died. Gohmert, its only living citizen since he was in Washington at the time, elects himself every election year.

  41. @MsKBrennan She would pray and blame it on homosexuals and abortions. Which would then turn the economy around and give us a 2% unemployment rate………or we would be fucked.

  42. I'm a liberal and I don't want them to raise the debt ceiling. They'll just use the extra monies as justification for continuing the 2.5 wars in the middle east. It seems like the only way to force them to stop funding those idiotic wars is to go into default.

  43. I've heard stupid crap from Palin, Bachmann, Cain, Fox, etc, but I still think they pale in comparison to Gohmert. I hope he was more sane when he was elected, or I have serious doubts about the intelligence of the people who voted for him. Also, if you doubt Glenn Beck could get into office, just look at this guy. At least Beck has charisma and personality, depressingly enough.

  44. @jamieblond1 Shame, looking at the Republican field I can't imagine who you'd vote for on that side to prove you're smart.

  45. @usam1981 Gone against the constitution in the last two and a half years? Yeah, I kinda gathered that since he's only been a president for two and a half years and we were talking about ignoring the constitution.

    So, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe I may have asked this question some time earlier:
    In what way exactly?

  46. @usam1981 I don't think the health care bill is unconstitutional. (You a teabagger/libertarian by any chance?)

    The Libya thing? Sure, maybe. But considering that that specific clause/act has essentially been a dead letter for decades, at least, I wouldn't read too much into it.

    You got one, sort of. What else?

  47. @usam1981 I was under the imperssion that refusing to buy the insurance only means that you can't deduct that money in taxes. You'll still get the insurance through medicare or smth. I could be wrong, of course.
    I don't think the republicans would have allowed anything sensible like a properly free natural insurance by the government, so that's the silly system that got put in place.

    But sure, kick Obama's republican ass out and replace him with a progressive, leftist democrat. I'm all for it.

  48. @usam1981 Oh, okay. Then the health care bill is crap and diluted by corporate intrests. Kick the guy out. (Along with the Tea Party and the rest of the Republicans.)

    But you do know that Obama is far from progressive and leftist? You'd have to be crazy to think that.
    I'd say he's not even a democrat, but he probably has a proof of party membership.

  49. @usam1981 Sure, Obama is as far left as he can get …for a center-right politician caving in to all demands from the political right.

    Raising taxes will fix things (for now at least), that's not "very Liberal Progressive". That's *sane*.

  50. Who voted against raising the debt ceiling?
    95 Democrats and 66 Republicans exactly – voted against the bill
    The US credit rating was downgraded because the bill didn't contain enough cuts.

  51. @usam1981 Who you think said he was right WING?
    Obama's policies are stupid and mostly come from caving into demands from the right. They like spending money they don't have and refuse to obtain.

    "won't fix anything" = "won't fix everything" is a very right-wing way of thinking. By that, if there's no *single* solution that fixes it, they think it is impossible to fix.

    So, cut wars&defense, get corporations and the rich to pay taxes.
    Macroeconomics 101: in a recession, spend money on poor.

  52. @usam1981 What I was referring to was that you can't cut yourself out of a recession. Deficit is a long term goal.
    At the moment, it is cheaper to increase the deficit and spend the money on poorer people, who'll use it to buy things, retaining the demand and, thus, jobs. It also further stimulates the economy and gets more jobs. People with jobs increase tax revenue. It'll also keeps them off the dole, etc. which cuts costs.
    But right wing likes slash and burn. It costs big time in a recession.

  53. @usam1981 Also, I would be very cautious to call it Obama's spending. The House makes the budget decisions, no?

    (Sure, the president can use the veto powers to cut a deal, but this one couldn't negotiate himself out of a wet paper bag.)

  54. @usam1981 Oh, please. See the spending while Bush was in power. Then see the things Republicans pushed when Obama was in, namely all the increased spending.

    And the whole "trying to get money they have no right taking" sounds like the intellectually dishonest ..talk.. you get from minimal/no government types, who are against all taxation. The problem with the ideal they push is that they refuse to see the government as a form of self government of the people which it is or should be. […]

  55. @usam1981 […] The point being that the government has to counterbalance and limit the power of the markets, corporations and the individuals, for the protection and well-being of people. When you push for minimum or no government, you're pushing for corporations and oligarchs to take over. They are amoral and will only do something against their will if they're made to do it, so the government has to be stronger than them.
    You get to vote for government, you don't get to vote corporations. …

  56. @usam1981 […] There are no power vacuums. It's like with militaries: People don't like the killing, but there will be a military in your country – if it's not yours, it's someone else's.

    But we seem to be getting off the track here. I suggest we stop before a flamewar. This medium's not suited for discussion.
    I'm sure we share many values, but differ wrt what the respective parties are responsible for and what to do with economy.

    (Had nice 1 earlier, tho: /all_comments?v=b-tIY99QFFk&page=3)

  57. @usam1981 If a government is to enforce rights of the individual, it has to also limit them. Rights and freedoms are inherently contradictory. "Getting the government out of the way of people making a living" is the propaganda and always results in people getting shafted.

    As to "spouting opinions"… You do realize that opinions are the point of a decent conversation. If I stop "spouting" them, there will no longer be any conversation.

    Anyway, I agree this conversation is pretty much dead.

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