Nonprofit KNOCKS OUT Medical Debt

Nonprofit KNOCKS OUT Medical Debt


83 thoughts on “Nonprofit KNOCKS OUT Medical Debt

  1. Everyone should have the right to medical, dental and optical services. This country is so out of line and just in it for the money. One medical emergency will wipe most people out. Taking one's life will become more and more common. Such a shame. Medical care for all. Just do it.

  2. We can't afford to pay other people's medical debt through high taxes. The government will siphon away too much with massive administrative overhead. Best to let free market, NGOs, churches, charities, education handle this like it has been. Quit expecting the government to be your savior libtards!

  3. This whole Who had the hammer first is so pointless because ANTIFA are the good guys Regardless,
    NAZIS and Fascists will never get my sympathy

  4. default on your medical debts.
    thats what trump would do, and he's the motherfuckin president.
    learn from donald trump. if somebody sends you a bill, throw that bill in the garbage can.

  5. Trump and cronies don't give a CRAP about regular people. Big tax breaks for the stinking rich is what they are about 😡. 🇱🇷 Are we winning yet?

  6. Just had my first heart attack looking at easily 50000.00 in bills already have over 10000.00 in credit card debt to pay for dental and vehicle and basic necessities. Worth more dead than alive. Served in the military starting to wonder what for? Yet congress and senate and president all get the best! Guess this is wjwd

  7. AS A EUROPEAN I literally cant watch this – its just obscene that this is even a thing

    I nearly said, "its like people not having access to clean water for fuck's sake". Then I remembered lots of you dont have that either………………. SMH

  8. The UK built a welfare system (including the NHS) in the late forties when it was virtually a bankrupt nation. Anyone who claims that the US can't afford to provide universal (NOT FREE) healthcare is full of shit.

  9. So happy for those $30 millions, but because that Traitor Trump will spend it on golfing and visiting Russia and North Corea.

  10. But the country is so brain washed in believing that healthcare for all is evil and killing is ok it cost money to build weapons to.

  11. I don't think its about debt really if so than billionaires could wipe-out alot but i think its more about subjigation and maintaining a completely unfair and antiquated power structure

  12. We, in Canada, don’t understand the American’s objections to single payor health care. For example, in the mid tax bracket, I pay 26% of my income in deductions. They include federal & provincial taxes, which includes 100% (my underaged children, included) healthcare, CPP (pension) & UIC (unemployment insurance). So, I make $50,000/year ($4,166/month), my take home is $3,083. A livable amount. My health care includes pre-existing conditions (neo-natal to death), all doctor/clinic (of my choice) & hospital visits, surgery, therapy, etc. There are no co-pays or deductibles. There is also no paperwork. It does not include elective procedures like face lifts. Private employer or private insurance covers vision, dental, medication and many other medical assistance such physio therapy & chiropractic. Our drug prices are 10% of the US. We receive 1 year parental leave for mothers or fathers or a combination, including adoptive & same sex. Our care is comparable to yours, emergencies are triaged. Chronic conditions, trauma, heart, stroke, cancer, orthopaedic surgeries, geriatric, etc., are often transferred (when safe to do so) to a facility that specializes. The only choice you have that is truly different than ours, is if you wish to pay the profit associated with the administration, insurers & facilities. No medical debt or death due non-ability to pay. Figure out what you pay in taxes & health care. Same professional, timely care, much less costly & bureaucratic. Is it comparable? Don’t stigmatize a better plan under the guise of partisan politics, perceived uninformed negative labels. Do your own independent research. Healthcare is a right, not a commodity! So, my question to all Americans, what the hell do you have to lose? 🇨🇦

  13. What a sad commentary on the health costs facing Americans today. Healthcare in the States is run by the Big Pharma and Health Insurance company mobs. It's a protection racket – your money or your life – and they'll still bleed you dry then hang you out to die.

    RIP Medical Debt and it's donors are good people supporting good people. But that a non-profit organization and go-fund-me/crowd sourcing options are the only way to pay your medical costs (without bankrupting your family or committing suicide), says a lot about your political systems and the politicians that run them.

    Register to vote. Healthcare is a human right.

    Vote IN the Progressives and vote OUT the Republicans at every opportunity – the life you save, may be your own.

    …Have you been purged from the voter rolls? Check your status and/or register to vote at
    ….Fight voter suppression and polling station shenanigans, see example from Georgia:
    ….For election dates and info, see:
    ….Is your Rep really working for you? Check their voting records at
    ….Where do all those donor dollars go?, see:
    ….Start up or join Indivisible, see:
    ….Other ways to engage, see:

  14. 250000 Americans per year have gone bankrupt or declared bankruptcy because medical debt. I know of a woman who lost her home and a 50 year old business that was 2nd generation because of medical debt

  15. I have over 1 million in E.R. debt that will never be paid. I am partially disabled. I can not get the operation I need on my leg to fix the problem. I can not afford any insurance of any kind. I can only work 4 hours a day at best. I have been turned down 2 disability programs. Here is what they both told me. 1st one says You are NOT able to work so we can not get you this disability WTF!!!. The 2nd one says I am TO POOR to receive disability. No shit that is exactly what they told me. So I tried our wonderful government Medicaid. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Fuck no. The told me also I am TO FUKCING POOR to get Medicaid. I do not make at least $11,000 and change a year. Therefore I am SOOOOOOOO poor fuck me. I literally have nowhere to turn. No way to help my self or get into a normal working function. Absolutely ZERO quality of life for me and others like me. So here I sit with nothing. living on fucking ramen noodles. I can not afford rent anywhere, can't afford medical help anywhere. I can not afford to feed a dog or even something more than RAMEN FUCKING NOODLES for my self. NO cable T.V. No nice clothes or even cheap clothes. Nothing, I will die in pain and poverty and old useless man. What a great life and country I had. Lets here for the 34th greatest country in the world the U.S. Fuck me.

  16. I'm a cancer survivor wound up with 135k plus in medical debt. I made it through college working 40+ hours a week the whole time debt free. I had health insurance through my job just never looked into it until I got sick the policy wasn't as good as I thought.

    Please keep up the good work medical debt many times is entirely not the fault of the sick person and effects every group of Americans. If I had extra money that wasn't going to getting out from under the debit I would certainly give a sizable donation to RIP.

    Yes I am cancer free now.

  17. Hey America…..don't worry about your medical debt……President donald trump is doing everything he can to ensure that migrants are detained at $800 per person per day so that private companies make a profit!! 🇺🇸

  18. Sad that we cannot get healthcare for everyone but we can pay debt collectors and skip trace firms to find everyone to collect for their debt.

  19. I have little to no understanding of this issue outside of a Last Week Tonight report, so this might sound stupid… Wouldn't it be simpler to run an actual, profitable business where you buy the debt, and just become the new debt collector at +10% of what you paid? If you can buy someone's debt at "pennies on the dollar", that extra 10% would save the customer quite a bit, and you'd still profit for every debt you buy.

  20. We, being the US citizens, are in 37th place with health care. Think about that for a minute. We can go to, for example, Cypres for better health care. I'm stunned.

    That's one of several that I've found and none are good.

  21. I thank my lucky stars I'm not living in USA but in UK, though some ppl say it's free health care it's really not but we pay roughly around 10% of wages and if/when needing medical care or hospital stay we aren't burdened with going into debt and in my case as of for past few years I'm not one penny in debt after serious health problems. I really feel sorry for people of USA having to be held to ransom if them or any family member gets ill and undoubtedly having to take pretty awful decisions.
    And this isn't communism but very good I social care system I am baffled by some ppl in USA thinking this is bad somehow.

  22. I️ was stink with a $5000 on medical bills for a single visit E.R. to find out that my wife numb face was nothing to worry.
    I️ think that this is the most brilliant idea these guys had come with and I️ hope that everybody who get this info join the movement and participate. I️ will do.

  23. First step is to go to the finance dept of the hospital and talk to them. Be prepared to back up any financial statement with proof. They will often help with bills and if they are actually a "not for profit hospital" your likelihood of assistance is much greater. BUT you must ASK and the sooner the better, this can save a lot of heartache and stress

  24. Our collective acceptance of debt is our fatal flaw, it's simply the Corporatocrosies way to squeeze every penny from us the sheeple. If we got rid of medical & education debt, our economy would flourish. Old farmers saying; "Money, like manure, has the best benefit when widely distributed".

  25. 6 billion dollars of medical debt on the backs of veterans. Just think about that for a minute america.

  26. Talking to your representatives will NOT help. My father in law emailed our representative and was surprised to get a response. The response was that 99% of his constituents felt the same way, but HE knew better, so he supported the opposing side of the issue. We don’t have representation for our taxation!

  27. Ya once they get close to succeed they would b fuked wit tough cus the market literally purposely created round flawed credit….. Plus more to write bout

  28. This is absolutely brilliant… buying off their debt- the same way predatory collectors do – but in order to get rid of it entirely. Wow. What an amazing charity. ♡

  29. Medical debt is a burden to the elder set…but has no prejudice…no politics involved… pennies on the dollar…❤️

  30. It was just last week an elderly couple killed themselves because they were overwhelmed with medical debt that they could not escape. Unbelievably sad. They called the police ahead of time, so they would care for their dog. If only they would have known or gotten help from these people. Oh .. wow .. as I was typing this , they just mentioned them in the video .. ugh.

  31. John Iadarola does very good interviews. He frames questions well, listens, and sets context well. He gives his guests a chance to explain.

    Good job!

  32. Times American Healthcare System Shocked The Rest Of The World

  33. It's overwhelming,I have a 6,000 hospital bill for two visits,no insurance. I hope to God I don't get sick again. By the way,I have contacted a representative for my area and guess what? No reply to this blessed day.

  34. Stop hoping for charity from non-profits, work towards Medicare4All, Medicare for you!
    This charitable organization is not to be celebrated, it is to point out the shame of our nation, not keeping care of its citizens.

  35. Is it not charities like these that enable the current broken system? What about those who slipped even through this charities cracks.

  36. Ya but you are still paying way too much for the services you are getting. They are inflated by profit, the system needs to be public and non profit like in Canada, the UK, Germany, Australia etc…

  37. Charity is like "mopping the floor with the tap open". Read, many people are helped, but the system isn't changed, keeps on creating new victims. The core of the whole health care must be changed. Companies should get richer from more healthy people and or pay for any victim they make.

  38. You guys need to bite the bullet and develop a universal health care system. Charity is only a short term measure to help some people, it doesn't take away the anxiety and the risks some people take by avoiding seeking help.

  39. I had a years worth of savings and was wiped out due to illness and hospitalization lost my business and filed bankruptcy. Now very poor it’s ironic I worked with the homeless

  40. Don't worry about it keep going people max out more credit cards and don't pay them the US banks are out of money and have to take loans from Germany and China we can bankrupt them in no time too

  41. Congress doesn’t care. They are raking in the cash thanks to the current lobbying system. Members have the best healthcare in the world and they dont pay a cent so there is no incentive for them to do squat. US isnt working.

  42. You get fucked all the time by the republicans and some liberals. Get out and get rid of all those who accept corporate money.

  43. It's disgusting that a so-called 1st World country is like this. Their rulers do NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THEM. WHEN will they learn and get rid of them all? That's the ONLY solution.
    This gentleman is a true humane human. Well done, Sir.

  44. Only those who haven't (yet) experienced being screwed over by their health insurance company believe the healthcare system isn't broken. Countless people who thought they had the best possible insurance that they thought would cover pretty much everything have been screwed over and landed with a bill only a millionaire could afford to pay.

  45. Only those who haven't (yet) experienced being screwed over by their health insurance company believe the healthcare system isn't broken. Countless people who thought they had the best possible insurance that they thought would cover pretty much everything have been screwed over and landed with a bill only a millionaire could afford to pay.

  46. Behrens should pay the medical debt of the counties they destroyed for the benefit of billionaire state capitalist globalist neo-imperialists.

    The British have a law that means that if you get hurt while committing a crime that it is your problem, so you should be on your own cheap mercenaries.

  47. It really sickens me the military fetishism.

    You aren't ROMANS and shouldn't behave like then.

    £uck Veterans.

    they know what they did.

  48. I commend those churches, but at the same time— that’s exactly what they SHOULD be doing. They should be at the forefront of every human rights issue in the country, otherwise wtf are they good for?

  49. Good coverage. But wish he could’ve elaborated more on how they reverse engineered predatory buying of debt (will look more into personally)

  50. I would like to know what most of our representatives are busy doing? Other than raising money and golfing. They have think tanks and lobbyist right bills, have their aids read bills and give feed back. Also are they still spending 8hrs a day off location to make phone calls to raise money? I have yet to a full house of Representatives on debate foot like you see in other countries.

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