NEW World of Hyatt Credit Card: Should You Get This Travel Rewards Card?

NEW World of Hyatt Credit Card: Should You Get This Travel Rewards Card?

What’s going on everybody David here today we’re talking Travel Awards credit cards Today’s credit card is the world of Hyatt credit card first off. If you knew the channel, please hit the subscribe button Don’t forget that the little Bell icons you can get future updates on my videos. Ok So as you can see, I have a little screencast little picture of me at the top left corner So you guys can see my beautiful face and we’ll go ahead and get started with this video But I wanted to talk just a little bit about I have the old Hyatt card So it looks like they switched over to this world of Hyatt card now, and I’m really excited about it It’s one of those pricing. I’m probably gonna get and I want to go over some of the benefits So the positives negatives at the end. I’ll give you my overall opinion, but this card does look really good. So the first part Here is a little misleading if you look at it quickly, but it says you earn 60,000 bonus points. So generally credit cards you earn the bonus points you’re getting That they’ll they’ll give you the the point so tell you a hundred thousand points or sixteen thousand points, and it’s usually three months in the three month period In this situation in a three month period you can get 40,000 points and that’s after spending $3,000 now if you spend an additional three thousand dollars within six months so a total of six thousand dollars then you’ll get the sixty thousand bonus points and The sixty thousand bonus points is equivalent to twelve free nights in a category one hotel Category ones are generally That you have from category one and category seven category seven are the the nicest hotels at Hyatt has and It doesn’t mean just because there’s a category one does it mean that it’s it’s not a nice hotel The Hyatt Place is generally category one or two Depends on where you are if you’re living in California, there are no category ones But in certain some other states are some category ones If you’re out of the country Costa Rica some places like that. You can stay at a higher place for That as a category one, so it just depends on where you’re going So that’s really beneficial twelve free nights that you can work on or that you can use The points for and you can also get the two free nights at a category seven hotel category seven Like I said, that’s the park Hyatts. That’s the nicest properties that height has so that’s not too bad two three nights that works some of these hotels I mean there are over a thousand dollars a night so you can really save some money there now Let’s look at the iron possibility because I think this is really good. This is what makes the card Really? Enticing for me so you get nine bonus points And first off you need to be a member of the world of Hyatt So all you need to do sign up that’s free. You don’t have to pay anything for that so you’ll get four bonus points for every dollar spent for that and then actually let me back up so you get four dollars for every four points for every dollar spent Just for having the credit card and then for being a member you get an additional five points And so that gives you that nine points and that’s when you’re spending at Hyatt properties So if you’re spending for lunch dinner Spending for the hotel stay just any expenses that you use at Hyatt now You get two points for every dollar spent for travel. So any other travel taxis or Mass transit they have here tolls Also for restaurants and for airline tickets, you get two points for every dog In fact the best card to use for for purchasing airline tickets I would probably use another card. But if I’m staying at a height, I’m definitely gonna use this card when I’m staying at the Hyatt This is interesting too two points for staying healthy most I can’t think of another credit card that will allow you to get two points per dollar for your your membership fee and at your fitness Fitness facility. So that’s pretty good. And then you get one point per dollar spent for everything else Here, they’re just showing you that free nights five thousand points as is the low so category warm to be five thousand points So you get one free night Every year so every anniversary or you get one free night now if you spend $15,000 in a calendar year You’ll also get a free night. So you get two free night if you spent $15,000 so it just depends on how you use the card If you do use the card a lot, you can get that fifteen thousand points our fifteen thousand dollars Then you’ll get that extra free night. So that’s not bad. It’s it’s pretty good automatically status so this is nice you get the discovery status now, I I will do a video comparing this card to the Hilton card because I think I think there are some similarities there but The giving you that automatically status is it’s always nice to have some type of status at a hotel Even if you haven’t stayed there before so that’s pretty good. This is something that’s interesting as well just having the credit card you get five qualifying nights, so Generally in order to hit the different statuses. You have to stay a certain amount of nights Every year so you get you get five right off the bat so if you’re close to that next level, let’s say you want to go to From the discoveries to the next level I think it’s explore it or if you want to go from explorers to the globalists Then you have those those five extra nights credit there and then you also get two additional nights Credit for every five thousand dollars that you spent so this is really nice because you can if you really start thinking about it, you can get to a point where you can if you’re spending the card on a regular basis and for most of your Purchases or things like that, then you’re getting these these free night credits. And so you don’t have to stay the full 60 nights I think one of the problems with the world of high-end This is just my opinion and I do stay and hide a lot. So I think I can give my opinion when it comes to this but they put out there the 60 nights and that’s a lot of nights to stay and Before I believe it was 25 stays or 50 nights something like that But a stay is just a stay is it could be one night? So if I want to go to a hotel and stay at one hotel for one night and then go to another high and stay there I get to Two stays for that now if I just go I stayed the the consecutive let’s say consecutive three or four days that I’m only gonna get one state for that so it just depends on how you book your your your stays but The 60 nights world of Hyatt. I think they kind of went too far with that. I think they should have Dropped it down a little bit. Maybe forty. I don’t know just sixty seems like a lot and a lot of people including myself I was a Globalist the first year that it came out because I was on the old system so they grandfathered me in Then the year after that I wasn’t able to reach that sixty So and I only had to do last I did maybe thirty nights before Thirty stays I should say so And I think yeah, that’s pretty much it go down the list yeah, I’ve looked at everything okay annual fee I didn’t talk about there’s a ninety five dollar annual fee I believe it’s waive the first no, it’s not weigh the first year So it is not weigh the first year so you do have to pay that upfront and that’s not bad That’s pretty standard most cards are they’re generally gonna be around seventy five to ninety five dollars, so it’s not bad But my overall opinion here This is a great card and I would definitely consider getting it but you have to be you have to stay at height So if you want to make that commitment state to stay at Hyatt, I would My recommendation is to stay at the Hyatt or the stay at the Hilton or to stay at Ameria and see how you like those properties generally What I found with Hyatt most of the properties are I have not stayed at a Hyatt where I didn’t like the property where it was too old or Dirty or anything like that? I don’t care what category you’re staying in the the hotel is generally pretty they’re pretty nice. So I like that there are some issues that I have with just world of Hyatt and Getting the the reward free nights and stuff like that or the upgrades and stuff like that They’re very limited when it comes to that so you can’t always get an upgrade or you can’t always get The free breakfast and things like that. So just be aware of that if you have any questions, so please post them comments below if you’ve already gotten this card and you You’re like it you have some pros/cons, please share it in the comments below If you like this video, please give me a thumbs up Please subscribe for more and I’ll talk to you guys in the next one. Bye

12 thoughts on “NEW World of Hyatt Credit Card: Should You Get This Travel Rewards Card?

  1. So in all of California there are no category 1's or Just in La and San Fran there are no category 1's ? what about the suburbs are there any category 1's for Hyatt's ? to me this looks like an average credit card are there any benefits when staying at the Hyatt like do you get a discount when purchasing breakfast? for the Hyatt's that have spas are there any discounts?

    So how would you compare this card to a card like the American Express Gold and Gold rewards? how about both Citi cards the Thank you premiere , preferred , how would you compare this card to the Chase Sapphires and Capitol1 venture cards?
    In terms of earning points on travel like trains like New York to Chicago , car rentals, airline tickets, cruise ships, ubers , Limo's any hotel stays? as well as outside of travel like shopping at the mall, Modells , Bed bath and beyond, container store, Home goods, Tj Max , Barnes and nobles , best buy, Home depot, wal mart , sit down restaurants , stand alone spas ? so how would you compare this card to the travel cards on my list?

  2. Do you believe this card can replace the chase Sapphire Preferred/Reserved if you don't spend enough for that annual fee? I'm thinking of getting this one because it's outside of Chase's 5/24.

  3. I work for an airline and stay in hotels everyweek. I don’t get the points for staying but most of the time they give me the stay credit. Do you think it’s worth getting this card just to gain status and use the points for my own stays. I’d like to combine my free
    Flying with hotels.

  4. So just to be clear, I get 1 free night, and if i min spend 6k i can get 13 free nights in cat 1 or 3 nights in cat 7 correct?

  5. is it better to put 15K on Hyatt for the extra night or 15K on the CSR card and transfer the points to Hyatt for extra night?

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