100 thoughts on “Mannie Fresh “Speaks About Birdman Stealing Lil Wayne’s Money”

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  2. I liked Lil Wayne when he was with the Hot Boys and up to 2003 or so. After that it seemed like he was too much on the drugs. He was sounding so ignorant. Manny Fresh been in the game for a long time. I visited New Orleans like 1991 and I heard of Manny Fresh .

  3. Wayne was good. But nobody ever gives B.G. his credit for what he did for that label and ultimately the reason as to why Cash Money is what it became in regards to record sales and domestic recognition.

  4. Fresh was the man back when he was Gregory D's DJ at St Mary's high school dances in New Orleans and he is still the man unmatched A True New Orleans Legend , that Birdman took advantage of real talk

  5. Dem niggas wasnt banging bacc then ya dig not there culture dem niggas started hollarin dat shit wen mac 10 started fuccin wit dem niggas mac 10 turned dem niggas out

  6. You can telll fresh was about priorities.. when he had as much money as he did and never was flashy buy bragged on how much he spent on dental work i knew he was 1 of a kind lol

  7. Mannie Fresh much respect for any man that walks away from from money for his daughter. Because of a question his daughter asked that he couldn’t lie or explain in a way that made sense.

  8. Birdman Took The "Hustling" Term too Far , You can be a Hustler but don't Hustle The Ppl who work for you

  9. I'll just say this for people that miss what others say about Weezy. Weezy is a grown man with kids of his own. He is not a child this man is 30 something odd years old. I'm just tired of the excuses being made for why he lash out. He has ever right to say what he feels about any subject.

  10. To be real wayne was like 11 or 12 years old when birdman took him under his wing. I honestly think if it wasnt for birdman wayne wouldve been stuck left in new orleans so i said that to say this no i dont condone birdman not giving wayne everything he was owed but from birdmans point of view he took the chances made the decisions spent the money and made sure niggas got out the hood when nobody else could make it happen birdman did so if im birdman i might feel if it wasnt for me it wouldn't be shit i gotta keep this shit goin so ima take the lions share fuck dat. Just my opinion

  11. Thanks Mannie, appreciate the insight. (theres no better meaning of the word) This segment has cleared up alot of shit I was wondering about. Especially from a super producer of the game. His words hold much weight.

  12. Always liked Mannie fresh. Straight down to earth guy. Giving lil Wayne the props he deserves.. btw most rappers are not Tru thugs gangsta whatever they mostly just normal people.

  13. Carter 1 is legendary!

    Wayne n Manny Fresh yall serious!

    Can't believe Baby got rid of Manny.

  14. When it's so sad cuz she speak the truth birdman screw Wayne Lil Wayne man or real so bad he's got a lot of these talented artists

  15. Mannie created the Cash Money sound. Without Fresh, Cash Money wouldn't exist. Birdman was supposed to pay that man off top. Period.

  16. I've always had the biggest respect for producers like Mannie Fresh and Nate Danjahandz. Just great people, great minds and great energy!

  17. Mornings time everyone know body not to hate Chris is a king me a tell unnu say way dem a say dem can,t stay they talk

  18. Isnt it a Little bit like a smart kid wants to be cool and turns to bad environment… What a shame. Cause that aint cool at all.

  19. Shout out to Manny. I grew up down there, been a fan since UNLV vs Mystikal days.., back when Charlie Hanson was set up do it big, but the streets got him caught up..

    In Louisiana, that's easy to do. For every black gangsta in New Orleans' streets, there's a white gangster I'm the halls of Baton Rouge, the states capital. The criminals that run that state. Just look at former Governor Edwin Edwards..

    As for Lil Wayne, I honestly think he crosses so many genre lines, the correct term for him is, "biggest artist of his generation", cuz he collabs with everyone.

    He's smart like Nelly, who took a huge risk to duo with a country singer.

  20. Thank you everyone for who is showing love to this interview, definitely one of my dreams come true to speak to Mannie Fresh. You can listen to the full interview on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/thecomeupshow more links (spotify, apple podcasts) on our site http://www.thecomeupshow.com/podcast/

  21. Who else knew he was gonna say cats dogs . when he mentioned animals. Shouts Fruh a fruh a fruh a fruh a fruh a fruh FRESH

  22. Dude went to McMain. A school in New Orleans where you had to maintain a 3.0 to stay enrolled

    I been told folks in 99 Wayne was a beast!! The only rapper who was killing it WITHOUT cursing…

    Go back to his first songs!!!

  23. I know you want your money, but you got waaaaaay too many damn ads. I don’t want to watch the interview anymore

  24. Lil wayne and people stole my words snice i was 8 years of age in life im the butcher knife killer she died 2013 and other words after the sqaud left or spilt up

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