Make $100 Per Day on Tumblr™ WITHOUT Blogging | Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing Work At Home

Make $100 Per Day on Tumblr™ WITHOUT Blogging | Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing Work At Home

Blog, blog, blog, blog, Blog. Everybody
talks about how you should start a blog. Screw that. In this video I’m going to show
you how to make money from the largest blogging platform in the world without
actually blogging. I’m going to show you how you can get in front of 371 million
people that use this platform without ever doing a blog post. Sounds miraculous,
sounds crazy. But stay tuned. I’m going to show you on my computer how you can get
that nice sweet affiliate commission money sent straight to your bank account.
Let’s get it. Whoo so Tumblr, Tumblr money. So Tumblr is the biggest blog platform
in the world. 371 million people use Tumblr and I’m going to show you how to
make money from it. Anywhere from a $100 to $500 per day
without ever putting up a blog post. Now if you’re wondering, this the methods
that I’m going over, they work anywhere in the world. You can make this money
anywhere in the world no matter what country you’re from. You can also get it
no matter what age you are. You can be 14 years old and make money doing this. The
way the money will get sent to you is either by a check so you need an address
for like the check to get sent to. Sorry if you live in some like weird village
and like Cameroon or whatever. They don’t have addresses. You won’t get money or
you need a bank account it’ll be sent via wire. So once again, I’m going to be
showing you how to get in front of 371 million people right here. So let’s go to
my computer and this method is pretty simple. Now the first thing you need to
understand about getting this money. You need to sell products. And what we’re
going to be doing, we’re not I’m not going to be talking about drop shipping or
e-commerce. I’m not going to be talking about you know consulting or starting an
own social media agency because all of those methods require you to do work or
require you to buy products. What I’m going to be going over here is completely
free. You don’t have to buy any products, you don’t have to buy any ads, you don’t have
to buy any software. You don’t have to do any of that, okay? None of that and it
doesn’t require you to have to do like you know do
the support work yourself right? If you’re selling on eBay or if you’re
selling consulting or if you’re selling you know your agency services. You’re
going to actually have to do work for people. You’re going to actually have to
ship somebody something or have an address for people to return it for you
or contact you for customer service. So none of that stuff is going to be involved
in what I’m going to be teaching you about today. We’re going over affiliate
marketing. Now, I put a bunch of handy links in the description of affiliate
networks you can join. You’ll need to join an affiliate network to get product
links to get affiliate links to use this method. So that’s the first requirement.
So now there’s a number of different affiliate platforms you can join and I
suggest you join them all. When I got started, I really shot myself in the foot
because I only joined one affiliate network and I thought that was my life.
But once I joined a lot of affiliate networks, I start to understand. So I
suggest you join them all. I’m a member of like 25, actually probably more like
50 or maybe even a 100 affiliate networks. Digistore24, there’s MaxWeb.
There’s a link to MaxWeb in the description. There’s a link to… This is
one of my favorite – Super affiliate Network right here. Six figure mentors
which is another affiliate network. Which has a training involved in it as well
and there’s click funnels. Click funnels is a really cool affiliate program
because they will buy you a dream car. If you get a 100 sales, if you earn a
100 commission’s with them. They’ll actually buy you a car. They’ll give you
a thousand dollars towards a nice car like this Ferrari you see that
Todd Lamb just brought. But the one we’re going to be focused on is Clickbank. So for
the example of the method I’m going to show you of how you can make $100 to $500
dollars a day just blogging without even posting. I’m going to use my own program as
the example, okay? Let’s go in the affiliate. So you’ll have to sign up and
once you sign up you’ll go to the affiliate marketplace which is right
here and then you will click…Go down right here where it says e-business and
marketing and inside the e-business and marketing category you’ll see there’s
421 products that you can promote right there. So we’re going to go down to my
products usually at the top, towards the top and it’s right here called the super
affiliate system. And you’ll earn about $500 when you get a sale
of this product. So you’ll just click remote and then what I’ll type in is
Tumblr, okay? I’m going to click generate hop link, copy
the link or click this link, copied, paste our link in there. We’re going to click
shorten and then I’m going to copy this link or click this button to copy it.
Boom! Now what I did and what I like to do when I’m marketing is I like to keep
a little notepad up. So I just brought up this is a standard program with Windows
called Notepad and I just posted in my Clickbank link right here. As you see, I
posted in my short link right here just for handy reference because we’re going to
be using this later on in the training. Okay? To make money. Now, during this
training I’m going to be referencing this one document. It’s called SAS proven
message swipes and at the end of this training, I’m going to show you where you
can access this or I’m going to tell you where you can access this link in order
to get the same templates that I’m using. So that you can go out and copy and
paste these things on your own. But I do suggest that you modify some of these
scripts so you can learn more and you can test out your marketing skills. Beat
my scripts so that you can be successful or more successful. So what I’ll do is I’ll
click on Tumblr right here to go down to the Tumblr section and we see an example
of a number of Tumblr blogs we might want to follow. So we see this blog which
365 marketing. We have Einstein marketer, we have and I’m just going to open up a lot
of these blogs that are on Tumblr. Luxury, Motivation, etc. Now as you see people
have Tumblr blogs with all sorts of images in them. This one’s about
luxury stuff. You know, luxury places. Luxury houses. My theory around this is
is that people interested in luxury stuff are going to be interested in making
more money because most people who have luxury items are not
looking at luxury items, okay? It’s just usually it’s people who are wanting okay?
People who don’t have but they want it, they look at this stuff. It’s kind of
like eye porn and we’re going to reach out to some of these people and we’re going to do is
offer for them a good way to make extra money. And this is how you will make $500.
So we’re going to go in here and we’re going to find people who are actually
engaging with these or other followers of
these blogs. Now, I’m promoting my own product in this example and if you want
to promote other products, you saw there’s thousands and thousands of
thousands and hundreds of thousands of other products you can promote with
those other affiliate networks that I joined. Now you’ll have to kind of dive
into the psychology of the people you want to sell to. Let’s say you want to
sell a weight-loss product, you have to dive into the psychology of what are
people that are trying to lose weight. What are they interested in? For instance
with weight loss, they might be interested in fitness, they might be
interested in recipes or eating healthy. So you have to start to get to know your
market and that this is another reason it’s good to talk to people. One thing
you may not know about me is no matter where I go, I’m always talking to
everybody. Even though I’m a multi-millionaire, doesn’t matter who I’m
with or what situation I’m in. If I’m in a poor part of town, if I’m in you know, I
always sit in the front seat of lifts. It’s one of my favorite things. It’s a
it’s a kind of like a taxi company. I never sit in the back of the taxi. I
always sit in the front because you meet people from all walks of life that are
driving lifts and every time I go in a taxi, I order a taxi all the time. I ask,
I basically interrogate each person I come across about their life, about
what’s going on their life, about what their problems are. What solutions
they’re trying to find, how they’re dealing with things. What they think
about you know what issues they’re going on. What’s happening in the area. I want
to know everything about them because the more I understand people the better
I’m going to be as a marketer. And that’s an important kind of psychological shift
to have is marketing is not about selling to people as much as it is about
understanding what problems people are having and connecting them with a
solution. And that’s one of the reasons why I believe so strongly in what I do.
You know I teach people affiliate marketing on with my training product –
Super affiliate system and I’m helping people quit their jobs and become
successful in life and I mean I’ve changed entire families around. It’s
really exciting. So whatever your motivation is, if you want to be a
marketer, I suggest talk to a lot of people. You know, it’s it’s really
worthwhile it’ll help you be more empathetic and
just learn more and be a better marketer. So now to find the people that are
interested in these luxury items, what what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to
mouse over this heart icon right here, okay? So that’s where you get the engaged
people and it says show show or hide notes, okay? And you see the notes have
popped out here. Now you can see all these people who have engaged with this
post and click on these and you can go to their their actual page, okay? So you
see I’m on their page now because everybody, every user on Tumblr has their
own blog. So I’m going to reach out to every one of these people, okay?
There’s only 12 people who have or 11 people have actually liked this post. And
I’m going to use the ctrl button. You know you can right-click and say open in
new tab. But I’m going to use the ctrl button. I’m
just going to open up every one of these people. I’m going to send them a message
because they’re interested in luxury items. But maybe they don’t have it, okay?
And it’s free to do so and what’s great about this method is also that Tumblr is
sending the email for you. So you have assured deliverability. So next when
we’re on the person’s blog and you see all of these people. They’re all
individual users with their own blogs. We’re going to go up here, this icon
right up here and if you see this, it’s way up in the corner. It’s kind of hard
to see. But you’re going to click on that little icon. Sorry, so we just clicked
send message and now we can type in a message. So what I’m going to do is I’m
going to click over here and I have a message template right here, okay? I’m
going to copy and paste this and I’m going to paste it here and you’ll see there’s
a few things in brackets that look a little bit out of place. I’m actually
going to highlight this where it says insert interest and I’m just going to say
luxury stuff. I wonder if you’re doing any online work that’s making money for
you. I watch this guy’s training and it seems to work pretty well, let me know
your thoughts. It’s a bit of a long training but the good stuff is about one
hour. Now where these brackets are, you going to
want to replace this with your link. And we see right here, we have our link. Boom!
And we’re just going to we’re going to paste this and we’re going to send a
message. Boom! We just sent a message. Now, that we have our template, I mean it took
like how long to get into this. I don’t know. But the point is, I try to explain
this to you so that you can actually do this and if you’re going to take
action on this and you’re going to make some money doing this method, I’m going to show you more into this in just a second. But type in Tumblr money
in the comments because we are making money doing this. This is so fast, this is
so easy it’s such a great way to reach people and you can do this over and over
again. So look how fast I can do this now. We’re going to do message, superior luxury.
Boom! Post, okay? Let’s go to another one. You know, this person.
Click, message, boom! Post. And we’ll do this over and over and over again until
more people see our links and until we actually start making some sales. Now
remember the reason why this works is because we’re actually getting very
targeted. We have a huge audience. You know we have 371 million people we
can reach but we’re getting very targeted. We’re only looking for people
who want luxury stuff for motivation. I put in some other topics in the file
that I’m going to give you in just a second here. But motivation, entrepreneurship
marketing, luxury stuff, these are very targeted segments of people that were
going after and we’re offering them a way to make extra money and all of these
people if they’re interested in those interests, they want to make extra money.
And we’re giving them a path. Now, if you’re enjoying this and you want to see
more ways you can actually do marketing, I suggest you check out my free playlist
or free traffic method playlist. And I go over a number of other ways to actually
make money online using free traffic methods. And remember, the more money you
make, the more money I make. This is the only this number one make money a
channel on YouTube where the incentives are aligned. I’m not trying to make money
from ads and not trying to make money from selling you courses. I’m trying to
make money with you. So let’s work together. I want you to be successful. If you
get success, guys. shout it out. Let me know when you get sales because I love
seeing it. And check this out. Check out some of the results that some of my
students are getting from this. It’s actually insane. Now here’s a student of
mine, Josh Morka made $12,000 in a month, okay? So here he is. He
pulled out some of the money and I encourage all of my students in my
program pull out their money and show it’s real.
Here’s another student of mine, Georgina. Old woman from New Zealand. She’s getting…
Look at this. Oh like, multiple times a day. $25, $25, $25, $25, $25, 25, you get money every single day coming in.
We got you know lots of successors. $7831 in a day, okay? We have Jan
Vargas, making 1200 bucks in an hour and he pulled out the money to show his
people. Gloria Cruz from Puerto Rico making tons of money. So we got a lot of
success going on here. The methods work. you just have to put it into action. I
mean people… This is a really cool one. This is Asan from Bangladesh. Made
$8,000 per month. So he’s making more than the average person in
his country makes in one month. And this is a guy who started from nothing and he
started doing affiliate marketing and he’s making lots of money. So this is
100% possible. You can do this. You just need to put it in action and if you want
to get my resource file, what you’ll do is you’ll go to the link in the
description of this video. The link is also johncrestani.comm/resource and what all you have to do is you have to click on at the top, click on
Tumblr and I gave you some examples of blogs to follow. I gave you some examples
of terms to find new blogs and I give you the message template that you can
use and I suggest, you modify it because you know the more you modify it
and test, you know and look at your links and Clickbank and see what’s getting
more clicks because you could probably find a message that works better than me.
I didn’t test this message too much. I know it will work somewhat but you might
find something that works even better and even better than that is get into a
conversation with people and help them along to make a purchase from your link.
Again, you make 500 just from sitting at the computer
playing a little video game called affiliate marketing. I want to see some
testimonials boy! I want to see you post some success. When you guys get
success, post in the comments. Again, I don’t allow negativity. So don’t try that.
This can be done from any country, any age. There’s a lot of networks you can do
this. I can’t wait to see you. Put this method to action. Make some money, follow
my channel. Subscribe, notifications on, comments, likes, all of that stuff because
I want us all to make money together. See you soon. Subscribe because you’re going to
see in the next videos I’m going to be going over more free traffic methods to
help you make money online. This is so unsaturated people. This is so wide open.
Just do it. Type in Tumblr money in the comments and let’s get it.

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