10 thoughts on “Linking Your Bank Account with Square

  1. Maari ko bang ireklamo ang mga Bankong nanloko sa akin AXA Invest Life Insurance MetroBank, PNB, BPI at EASTWEST Bank?

  2. Can't link green dot or account now. That's too bad. It claims to support crypto currency too, would be nice to accept crypto debit cards, but sadly it doesn't. A lot of people in the area (Cal High Deserts) have crypto on hand and are eager to spend it.

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  4. How do i set up my bank account if it doesn't appear that option "bank account" on my dashboard/account settings? @square

  5. I accidentally selected a business account and want to change it back to a normal account but i cannot see change account type button

  6. What if I have a bank account from PERÚ and an other one from USA and I want to transfer my dollars to my Peruvian account, can I?

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