17 thoughts on “How to Transfer Shares from One Demat Account to Another?

  1. Hello bro. I purchased shares from my friend zerodha account. Now I want to transfer from his account to my zerdtha account. Is it possible or not. if possible, how to transfer

  2. not possible, where to register online is not mention properly, you say select option easiest and then proceed, but in register option it is showing training option, all u r process is messed up….. also where to print? what to print is also not mention. wasted my 2hr useless video

  3. Bro I have trading account in sharkhan I don't want continue with them. can I use same account with zeroda or do I have to open new Demat and trade account with zeroda pleas help me

  4. i done this procces two time and sent to Motilal oswal and one time to Zerodha but both they rejected forms, they said if we active this facility so your POA will cancel and every time when daily you rtading and sold any shares so you have to transfer to the buyer and maybe you dealy to transfer shares to the buyer.

  5. Sir, I have opened an account with Zerodha, earlier using SBI Securities cap… I would like to transfer shares through DIS (offline method), but problem is that I have about 35-40 companies shares in SBI Securities cap demat account… so its not possible for me to write details of every stocks in DIS slip…. please give me some suggestion for it..thank you

  6. Hello, I have an account with zerodha. Purchased some shares from zerodha but not gave POA to them so now my purchased share r not showing in zerodha kite app. It's showing on CDSL hence I'm not able to sell. Please tell how can I sell my shares also not want to give POA. Zerodha is asking for it but it is not compulsory for it.

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