How to start a Small Business with no Money and Bad Credit?

How to start a Small Business with no Money and Bad Credit?

you and so forth to they tell you something you already know the world ain't all sunshine and rainbows it's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it you me or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life but it ain't about how hard you hit it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward how much you can take and keep moving forward that's how weird it is done now if you know what you're worth then go out and get what you're worth but you got to be willing to take the hits and not pointing fingers saying you ain't where you wanna be because of him or her or anybody cowards do that and that ain't you you're better than that but you thought saving money made you money we take a look at this 40 year run on the dollar the dollar is designed economically to lose money every single year so why would you save something that loses money every year and what this means with somebody on retirement plans is that after you retire your the value of your dollar goes down and your cost of living keeps going up to my rich dad that was bad advice he made no sense again I know it's different in diagram my Rich Dad showed me when I was a little boy was a diagram known as a cash flow quadrant and the quadrant is made up of the four different people who make up the world of business so my Rich Dad said in the world of business there's ease and a stand for employees an employee says you can always tell who they are by their core values and what they employee whether the president or the janitor of the company will always say the same words the words are I'm looking for safety care a job with benefits that's what makes them an employee because their core values is security the other other one of the four is the S or the small business owner or the self-employed and again their core values will cause them to use the same words which are if you want it done right do it by yourself S means are also solo but generally one person act or you operate by themselves on right side of the quadrant are the bees and what rich dad said the bee stood for was big business or like Bill Gates Forbes defines big businesses 500 employees or more and their words are different this I'm looking for a good system a good network and the smartest people I know to help run my business so they're unlikely s they don't want to run the company by themselves they want smart people to run their companies for them and then the fourth of a quadrant is the I and I stands for investor these are people who have money work hard for them these people are people have people work hard for them and these are the people that work hard for the rich here so early on in my life it was my my poor dad who always said to me you know Robert go to school say get a high paying job and so my poor dad's core value was to be an employee he wanted job security promotions a steady paycheck and all this and so it was my rich dad who said to me you know Robert if you really want to be rich learn to build businesses it made more sense to him to work hard to build a business something you owned and something you'd pass on for generation to generation to your kids whereas my poor dad said work hard but my Rich Dad said why would you work hard for something you'll never own and get fired from right away again that was a difference in values so my Rich Dad suggested I learned how to be a business owner and learn how to be an investor and that's one of the big differences on this side of the quadrant these people here were for security they work for money also on this side over here their key value that they want is they want freedom they don't want to have to work at a job anymore they don't want to have to work for the rest of their lives so the beauty of building a business and learning how to invest is very simply that this is passive income you work hard for a few years but possibly for the rest of your life income keeps flowing to you of all the businesses out there which type do you choose one of the reasons I consider a direct selling business a perfect business is very simply because the company will work with you to get the business skills that make you rich always remember that it's not money that makes you rich it's business skills and that's why it's a perfect business they'll take as long as you like to get the skills to make the money and that's a lifetime skill thing the other part about it is the low startup cost and the where else can you get in for under $500 and get these skills for people who want to make the shift over to the B quadrant which is what I would recommend for people one of the beauties of a network marketing company is that you can do that for very low price and that's why I talk to people about considering network marketing if you're to build a Microsoft it would take you hundreds of millions of dollars but a network marketing company allows you to start at a very low rate they'll be patient with you they'll take their time to transition over here and the reason why that time is so important to most people is it takes time to change those values and the most important thing is once you take the time let's say it takes one year two years five years whatever time to takes once you see the value or the core values of this side on this side you're unstoppable today I would never go back and get a job why should I I'd rather to stay on this side build companies pay less taxes and make more money but the key is a person needs to change the values from my poor debt to the values of my rich debt and that's when the beauties of network marketing companies they allow you the time and a very low cost they'll work with you to make that transition over there the number one asset a person can build is build a business that is the smartest thing you can do years ago I decided not to follow the corporate ladder simply because again it was values you know my poor dad always said go to school and get a high paying job with the government of big corporation but my Rich Dad said why would you work so hard at something you'll never own you can't sell your job you can't pass it on to your kids so to me it never made any sense it made more sense to build my own business and hire other people the other reason is that you really don't have much control if you're in the corporate ladder world for example you can get fired at any time or today we have what's called MAS or mergers and acquisitions where another company buys another company so you could be a great employee but the company that buys your company just fires you wait a minute this sounds too good to be true like one of those get-rich-quick schemes it's not a get-rich-quick formula you don't just do it overnight it takes time I used to remember the first time I made that transition was back in 1978 when I fully quit my job and I had to depend upon my company that I was building and support me so I understand the fear the beauty the most important thing to remember is this there's two kinds of people in the world there are the types I will say you'll never make it and there was a lot of a lot of people friends and family saying that you're stupid don't do it and the second type were the people that said go for it you can do it don't worry about it we'll cover you so the most important thing is support of friends and family one of the beauties of a direct selling company is that they provide that personal support to you for as long as it takes you to make the journey from the left side to my rich debt side one of the challenges of being self-employed is that you're your own boss you're the solo act like an S Quadrant you're the individual you do it on your own whereas in the B quadrant you're a team player you have to depend upon your team and come to your team so the problem of being an S is that let's say you're in a traffic accident there goes your income and let's say you get older and you have set enough money aside to retire on that means you'll probably have to work for the rest of your life because you don't have anybody else to fall back on not a team to count on so one of the problems with the S although most people say it's most satisfying of all work it is a solo act and you're totally on your own personally I'd rather be a member of a team you know they can count on me and I can count on them we all know the world has changed but sometimes the hardest thing to change is ourselves and being an old guy I sort of know the older I get I sometimes get more set in my ways and I think that's one of the things that a direct selling business offers people why is the perfect business they allow you to take your time to make the mental emotional and physical changes required to move from the left side to the rich dead side I think that's a big thing it's a very gracious it's a very elegant way it's a patient way of supporting you in making the changes of your life so please remember change always creates upset but sometimes we all know we have to make those changes and if you know it's time for you to make that change then the perfect business may be a direct selling business for you call it networking affiliate marketing Direct Selling referral marketing call it whatever you want it's already a one hundred billion dollar a year business a business that you can do part-time or full-time and can be started at home with no large capital outlay low overhead no employees and no special business expertise or technical skills a business that allows you to work your hours for your goals a business that offers time freedom financial freedom and a franchise like step-by-step business plan and according to most experts a home-based business offers incredible tax advantages what are you waiting for think ecommerce is going away statistics show that 96% of adults ages 25 to 44 are looking to own their own business the only question is are you ready are you tired of being passed up with emotions tired of commuting tired of the rat race are you ready to work your own hours take a vacation when you want to not when they let you drive the car you've always dreamed about not the one you can afford live what you want to live not where your job puts you retire in style not on a shoestring

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  1. i would re-title this video to : How to Make other people pay your share of taxes while you benefit from things that their tax contribution provides e.g. governments that generally maintain law and order, as well as roads, and other necessary things that a stable society requires. The gist of Rich Dad, Poor Dad is how to evade taxes while building a fortune and how to dump the responsibility of paying taxes on hardworking middle and lower income workers. A society that has taxes allows an elected government to operate necessary things in order for that society to have some sort of security. A society without taxes is usually a society in chaos where the citizens are deprived of freedoms like freedom of speech, religion, etc. Most of the citizens from the second society will flee to a country that has benefits that taxes ultimately provide like stable government, freedoms of speech and other freedom and law and order. In that respect the middle and lower class work force are the backbone of any country where you find all these freedoms and benefits.

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  26. A very motivational speaker here who made it seem easy to get rich without putting much work in it. The cash flow quadrant makes sense if you start small or get all the necessary experience while on the left side before transitioning to the right. People can only invest in you if you have some smart ideas or goodwill to sell. Mostly, this is got from the left side of the quadrant. Just my take!

  27. The worst advice I ever followed, was in the book rich dad, poor dad! I wish I had read a different book! Living within your means gives you the opportunity to have real freedom. Go where you want to go, when you want to go. The system is rigged to keep us enslaved!

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