How to load custom Impulse Responses on Mooer Radar Pedal

How to load custom Impulse Responses on Mooer Radar Pedal

okay so this is a short video on how to upload your custom impulse responses on the Mooer Radar something I’ve been asked a few times so I want to make a quick video on it well first and foremost you have to update the software and the firmware so download the latest version whichever pedal you have downloaded the latest version of the Mooer Studio which is this software here from the Mooer website and then update the firmware to the latest version and how you do it you hold this pedal down while you switch the the power on with the pedal plugged in so I have a USB plug into the pedal and you hold them that footswitch down you switch the pedal on and it goes into update mode so what we are interested in is once you’ve done that you’ve plugged it in and you fire up the software it recognized the pedal recognizes the pedal and you get into this screen so what we are interested in is this section so it’s a cab mic section as you see as I’ll go to the different section he actually changes on the pedal itself so what we’ll see later I have to then store a preset I prefer doing that on the pedal itself so now what I want to do is upload a new inpulse response these are the… some I have already uploaded and some are the factory impulse responses let’s say I want to change this this champ 108 1 by 8 and so what I do I go into this screen obviously the cab mic screen click onto that model and I click on this plus sign and that opens up a folder at the moment I’m actually in the folder where I have some impulse responses of acoustic guitar and I’m gonna say change you changed cab over say I’m gonna put this ac30 cab I have a bunch of impulse responses that I’ve downloaded from the internet I’m just gonna click on this one and you see what says waiting and in a second it will have uploaded import successful okay and you see now that’s being replaced let’s say you want to change the second preset now I want to change preset 2 you see it’s done on the pedal is going to preset 2 right here and I will go on to normal I will switch the power off because I prefer that I think with the power on power on is more when used alongside at the end of a chain of pedals where I use it with a load box and I’m gonna amp head … a tube head so I don’t need that power I think it sounds better and I make sure like the cab is the correct one I turn off the EQ because I don’t need that if you know if you want you can tweak that of course and leave the master a thirty and then I click Save I’ll save a preset to you and it just saved that and see that it has saved and our custom impulse response on the pedal ac30 and that’s pretty much it

14 thoughts on “How to load custom Impulse Responses on Mooer Radar Pedal

  1. hi there, was just wondering what file is the mooer compatible with? tried adding my own ML sound lab IRs (for my axe fx) into this pedal. doesn't seem to read the file. is it a Mac (OS) issue?

  2. Hi thanks for the video. Is there a way to change the name of the imported IRs? I can only see the first few letters and it quickly gets confusing if you load several IRs from the same seller.

  3. Just starting to get into this pedal. Is loading acoustic guitar I R's onto the mooer the same and do they have all the same functionality as they would loaded in another device or computer?

  4. Hi ,Thanks for the useful video as there is not much info online on the Mooer radar.What format are the IR on Mooer? I tried to export them & then import the IRs to the Line 6 Helix but it didn't work.Helix recognizes wav Its.Is there anyway I can convert the Mooer IR to wav?

  5. Hi, I have not been able to get the software to open, nor the computer to recognise the Radar – any chance of a youtube clip on the basic start up?

  6. The Mooer website is not available and has been for days now. I contacted mooer and they told me they are unlikely to fix it for a while.

  7. excuse me. where is this software for the Radar. I never get into the screen Maaaaaaaaan

  8. I just got the Mooer pedal and was wondering if you can load any IR's to it, or do they have to be a specific type of IR? If so where can I find other peoples IR that I can try on it?

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