Here’s How Much Money Bill Gates Makes In Just One Day

Here’s How Much Money Bill Gates Makes In Just One Day

You might best remember Bill Gates for his
amazing chair leaping skills. If not, maybe you know him as the founder
of Microsoft a position which happens to have made him the second richest person in the
world. And while some people have a lot of money,
Gates’ fortune is something else, sitting at $103 billion as of 2019. To get an idea of just how much money Gates
has, Business Insider calculated that his salary per second would be $380, pointing
out that it literally wouldn’t be worth his time to pick up a $100 bill lying on the ground. Using that figure, which was calculated based
on how much his wealth increased between 2018 and 2019, Gates’ salary would come out to
about $1.37 million an hour, and about $32.8 million a day. For further perspective, the same article
states that the average American spending one dollar would be the equivalent of Gates
spending $1.06 million. If he wrote you a million-dollar check it
would feel like a collect phone call to him, and he could write million-dollar checks every
day for the next 285 years before running out of money. He could also give everyone in the world $10
and still have over $30 billion left over. Don’t get the wrong idea about Gates, though,
because the guy is about as charitable as the mega-rich can get. He has donated over 27 percent of his net
worth to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which comes out to a total of about $35.8
billion. That’s more money than any human has ever
donated to charity. According to its website, the Bill and Melinda
Gates Foundation focuses on: “…improving people’s health and giving them
the chance to lift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty.” So how exactly is Gates working to improve
health and decrease poverty around the world? Well… with toilets. According to the World Health Organization,
around 2.3 billion people lack access to basic sanitation and plumbing. That’s a lot of human waste that isn’t being
properly disposed of, and it can cause some very serious issues contaminating soil and
bodies of water which might be used for drinking or bathing, which can spread all sorts of
lethal diseases like dysentery and cholera. It’s a huge logistical problem, and obviously
it’s not very glamorous either. “The waste here is not processed, it’s still
going to get out into the community. They smell… terrible.” That’s where Gates’ foundation comes in. So far he’s invested $200 million and pledged
another $200 million to help solve the problem, while the charity has also worked to develop
technology that could deliver sanitary waste disposal to impoverished communities around
the world. Take the Nano Membrane Toilet for example,
which is made possible by a $700,000 grant from the Gates Foundation, and is currently
being tested in Ghana. In truly futuristic fashion, this toilet is
able to treat human waste without external energy or water. Solid waste is separated, diced and incinerated,
and liquid waste is purified into water than can be used for crops. Of course, Gates spends his money on more
than just toilets. The foundation has spent more than $2 billion
on eradicating malaria, and around another $100 million on attempting to get rid of polio
and Ebola. Then there’s the $2.5 billion he and wife
Melinda have given to the GAVI Alliance, which works to improve access to vaccinations in
the world’s poorest countries. Gates also has his own scholarship program,
which has given away more than $1.6 billion since 1999, has thrown another $100 million
at malnutrition in Nigeria, and has even worked to improve “time poverty”, the idea that unpaid
work robs people of their potential. Last but not least, they launched The Giving
Pledge in 2010, encouraging billionaires to give away the majority of their fortunes. Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and over 150 others
have signed on, promising to pledge over half a trillion dollars in donations by 2022. Obviously nobody’s perfect, and neither is
Gates. But given his huge fortune, he is on track
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37 thoughts on “Here’s How Much Money Bill Gates Makes In Just One Day

  1. Shit if a million to him is a dollar to me. I hope I cross paths with him and he rights me a check for a million dollars.

  2. I dont give a crap about how much money he makes a day. But if he is able to become inmunized against ALL diseases, including cancer and AIDS, if he arrives to be able to fly in the air by himself, if he can stop bullets with his bare body, if he is able to stop the aging proces in his body, then tell me, he will be my forever hero.

  3. Creating tax exempt foundations (something the middle class can not do) is one way the rich avoid taxes. Everyone is awestruck by the amount billionaires donate to charity, but it is only a fraction of what they would otherwise pay in taxes if they couldn't hide their assets. Billionaires are obviously in the highest tax bracket at 39%. So donating 27% — even if it comes out to billions of dollars — is still a whole lot less than the 39% they would owe the IRS.

  4. why is that scum bag Gates pushing vaccines on children that cause autism and trying to make people put chips in hand!

  5. And guys have been floating some bullshit conspiracies about Bill Gates & Third World nations. Simply put, Gates puts his money where his mouth and soul is. God's speed.

  6. If he has given in charity then why he doesn't pay his taxes…tell us the amount of tax also he has paid in last 3 years

  7. You didn't actually say how much he earns in a day… i wasted 4 minutes on this crap about how he donates to fucking crappers

  8. It’s just too bad he doesn’t help solve the homeless problems right here in his own country. Or spend some money on a secret investigation into every person in the highest levels of government and clean up the corruption. Or how about starting a television and internet news network that only reports the truth. If gave 2.5 billion to some charity in Africa does he really think that nobody is stealing most of that money? Please. Personally I say they are wasting all of it on people who will never be anything more then the generation before. Nor do they want to be.

  9. I truly hope this video does refer to the money that Gates earns on a daily basis. If – on the other hand – this refers to money he makes in his basement then he should be in jail.

    The only people who "make" money work in a mint, the rest of us must earn money.

  10. What do you mean second richest person in the world? His the richest person known as the first. What do you fucking mean?

  11. Bill Gates may be a little odd but seems nice and uses his money well.. Steve Jobs was fascinating but aloof and cold. Interesting to contrast and compare the 2 men.

  12. I make less than $1,500 per month disability and that greedy piece of shit #BillGates wont pay me whats rightfully owed! Therefore im not preventing #HumanExtinction for a third time and humans go extinct in the very near future!

  13. It is always good to hear about someone giving large amounts to charity, but why do the needs of the recipients never seem to be fulfilled. Tomorrow they will need something else, it never ends. Rewards must be earned or they have no meaning.

  14. A complete selfish idiot parasite…All billionairs are a disgrace to the human race…..his foundations only kill people in the world.

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