Free 100 pesos load!! Guess the secret number!

Free 100 pesos load!! Guess the secret number!

Good morning everyone! This is Aiza Mercado and were back again with another video. For todays video i will be sharing an application where we can earn free load and ofcourse we can use it to purchase Mobile Legends diamonds. Before we proceed with my video tutorial much appreciated if you will like this video and if this is your 1st time on my channel please consider subscribing coz i upload videos to teach you earn money online and earn free prepaid loads. Lets now start, lets go to Google playstore then search for “Premyo Load”. Just download the app and open it. What we do here in Premyo Load is to guess the secret number to get free points or money. You will guess the secret number between 0 up to 999. You have 10 tries to guess the exact secret number. Lets try it now… Lets try 500 “The number is lower than 500” Try 300 “The number is higher than 300” 350? Higher! Try 400 Try 450? Lower than 450 440? Lower than 440 420? I only have 3 tries left 405? Lets try 412? 1 left… Last, 408? Whooo! Congrats! You guess the secret number! The secret number is 408. I earned 0.10 peso and we can do this until we earned 100 pesos load. This secret number guess is unlimited! You can play this over and over. You can play hard too this one is difficult coz you will guess the number between 0 up to 999,999 and once you have guessed it you will earn instant 100 pesos load. With their referral program, u will earn 20% commission of your downline earnings and for every invite that will enter your code you will earn 2 pesos. You will put the code here 6 character friends code and please put my referral code “VGYELX” Good news! you can comment down your referral code in the comment section! Minimum purchase: 100 pesos load Click “claim” write down here your mobile number then claim load now! You will receive your load up to 3 days and you can follow up if you haven’t receive it. Now, i will until the 100 pesos load credit on my mobile number. This is just a short video how to earn free load and with no money needed. If this video helps you get free load click the like button and do not forget to subscribe on my youtube and telegram channel facebook fanpage and instagram. Thank you again for watching! This is Aiza Mercado and have a great day!

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