Former Republican Lawmaker Tells America To Vote EVERY Republican Out Of Office

Former Republican Lawmaker Tells America To Vote EVERY Republican Out Of Office

Former Republican member of the US House of
Representatives, David Jolly went on MSNBC earlier this week to tell us that time is
up for the Republican Party and that if we want to have any real change in this country
on issues that matter, for example, gun control, then it’s time to vote them out. But not just in the sense of yeah, we got
to vote them out. No, David Jolly, who again was a Republican
member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the state of Florida had this to say,
if this is the issue that informs your ideology as a voter, the strength to draw in this moment
is to commit to beating Republicans. Beat him, beat every single one of them, even
the safe ones in the house, beat him, beat him in the Senate, take back the Senate. So this former Republican lawmakers out there
understanding that Republicans in the House, Republicans in the Senate and Republicans
in the White House aren’t going to let this country move forward and enact the laws that
we need to enact. Now Jolly specifically here is talking about
the issue of gun control, but it applies to everything. Folks. Think about student loan forgiveness, Debt
Free College, Medicare for all action on climate change. You can plug in your own issue into David
Jolly statement here where he says, if this is the issue that informs your ideology, it
could be climate change, it could be Medicare for All or debt free college. His statement still rings true and that’s
why I love this statement so much. It’s a choose your own adventure, reason to
beat every single republican because they are the ones holding this country back from
progress holding us back from true greatness, holding us back from being a country that
actually gives a damn about the person next to you. We know Republicans don’t. They don’t care if you don’t have enough money
to help fund their campaign, they don’t care about you and they’re not going to going to
enact legislation that is going to benefit you. Think about this long and hard folks as we
get into the election, as things heat up because they’re heating up more and more every day
in your lifetime, what policy have the Republican’s and acted that has benefited you? I am not kidding when I say that. As someone born in the 1980s in my lifetime,
I can’t think of a single policy that Republicans enacted that I have benefited from. Deregulation hurts us all. Busting up the unions, hurts all our wages,
even if we’re not in a union, cutting taxes for the wealthy, that’s never applied to me
or my family at all. Not even close. What else have they done? What have they done for you? What have they done about the problems facing
this country? Maybe it’s not even about you personally. What have they done to help this country move
forward instead of backwards? Right now we’re going backwards on climate
change. We’re going backwards on gun control. We’re going backwards on healthcare, on college,
you name it. We’re moving backwards and it’s because of
the Republicans. So take David Jolly’s advice, beat them, beat
every single one of them. Because if you want any real progress in this
country, you’ll never get it. If Republicans have even the slightest bit
of power in Washington DC.

100 thoughts on “Former Republican Lawmaker Tells America To Vote EVERY Republican Out Of Office

  1. When a party(R) has to win by cheating(gerrymandering, making hard for people of color to vote, welcoming russian election interference, etc.) and not policy, that speaks volumes..

  2. Message couldn't be clearer! Progress with Repug leadership is impossible and they use that ideology to stay in power. They fully utilize the ignorance and gullibility of their base!

  3. Well that sounds ALL fine and dandy BUT the ELECTION has been Hacked.They are still doing it.Every one knows we can't get anything done because of MOSCOW MITCH..He will not bring it to the floor for a VOTE. Same goes for the GUN CONTROL ..SO WHAT DO WE DO..?????????

  4. It took Donald Trump to show the world how corrupt USA really is… it’s all about the money for top white elite… TYT. TYT. TYT. TYT .. progressive Democratic Party … USA needs to start over with a new progressive party without any corporate corruption

  5. The GOP is actively trying to overthrow the values of the Republic

    Stop this by voting them out in 2020


  6. If only people were that smart. I had no idea how ignorant people were until this idiot became president. I have lost all hope and faith that Americans will do the right thing. He will probably get another 4 hellish years.

  7. You forgot one very important item in the begining of your show: STOP STARTING WARS, INVADING OTHER COUNTRIES AND DANCE TO THE TUNE OF THE WEAPONS INDUSTRY LOBBY.

  8. I would hope that includes all the Republicans that happen to have a "D" after their names (for DINO). Ever wonder where all the moderat republicans went? They took over the Democratic Party!

  9. I am old enough to recall when Republicans did good things – but that was over 50 years ago. They have been shit since then.

  10. Born in 1961, and I have never seen anything from the Republicans that were for my, or my neighbours, or classmates to live a better life…NEVER.

  11. It is the nature of conservatism…to hold back or retard advancement (conservatism: n. – commitment to traditional values and ideas with opposition to change or innovation.)

  12. Yes. I've heard this former Congressman and I respect his views. No compromise, no placating, don't consult them. Just do it. Bernie 2020.

  13. To the retard below, President Trump has caused businesses to come back into our country creating more jobs now than ever before by any President Stop watching FAKE news like CNN telling you BS, whereas you have no clue.. I know some of you are just trolls..

    Anyone that votes for a Nazi demon-rat is as stupid as dirt, actually dirt most likely is much smarter… I was born way before most of you and this clown, grew up when we had a great country, until the Nazi moved into our government.. The question is what the &hell has these demon-rats done for you. Well, let me tell you.. I voted for the most useless (at that time) Jimmy Carter, and after he really screwed things up I could hardly wait to vote for the movie star, Ronald Reagan, which turned out to be the best President until President Trump came along. What did Jimmy Carter do, like all the rest of the demon-rats, "make the rich pay their fair share" BS… I was making back then (which wasn't to bad for a blue collar job) around $3.50.. If I remember correctly my monthly income was around $680 after taxes etc.. After the demon-rats raised my taxes I had to go into the office and change my W4 form to have an extra $100 held out each month in order to not have to pay IRS at end of year. WAKE the F UP and vote every one of these Nazi lib out of OUR public offices all across the USA this coming election… What the *&Hell is Nancy Pelosi and Schumer done to protect our country from the terrorists that are coming across the border.. NOTHING… The Muslim Hussein put communists in our FBI, and DOJ departments. The deep state C_A and FBI along with the five eyes had a coup against our elected President and these scumbags have lost their grip and going to lose more Again WAKE the F up and learn.. President has fired and gotten rid of 100s of these traitors, along with both demon-rats and RINOs out of Congress..

    The deep state along with a lot of demon-rats murdered a true democrat, John F Kennedy, and his brother Robert… LEARN Stay away from these FAKE MSM news networks.. FoxNews is now getting a bunch of libtards, which will be like CNN soon… I quit watching all those MSM many years ago. I seen what they were doing back in 1979.. How about 911 and the treasonous acts of the Bush family.. It doesn't matter demon-rats or RINOs has to go.. I''m a two tour vet of the war the liberals created and for what… NOTHING… John F Kennedy had already stated that the USA would not get involved with Vietnam, but the corrupt C_A deep state murdered him to push this upon the Americans so they could profit trillions from it… GET SMART people… Understand who the enemy is.. It's FAKE MSM, and ALL so called democrats.. There are a few RINOs left, but most have quit running last election, along with a lot of liberals being pushed out.

    As for the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution it was put there to stand up against tyrants.

    "The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." – Thomas Jefferson, Commonplace Book (quoting 18th century criminologist Cesare Beccaria), 1774-1776

    No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government" — Thomas Jefferson, 1 Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334 Virginia Constitution, Draft 1, 1776

  14. All dem gun haters need do is simple. Name a gun control law that only affects criminals. It is clear dem gun haters cannot name one!

  15. Cousins is your typical libtard pundit. He doesn't like the filibuster when the Republicans control the senate, but has no problems with the way the Democrats skirted the filibuster to pass Obamacare. The Democrat agenda is a nothing but a liberal wet dream with more give aways to garner votes from clueless millennials.

  16. He should have added beat the Corporate Dems who enable and vote republican, OUT as well. Biden is the single reason for All the College Debt, he and McConnell struck a deal and those with debt need to know that.

  17. Farron, please cover the latest disgusting garbage these dirty rethuglikkkans are going to do in Alaska with the salmon and environment. The damage they're going to do now that drumpf has rolled back protection of the last pristine area in the US, Bristol Bay, is nothing short of atrocious and they need to be stopped. We're talking catastrophic, irreversible damage. All for greedy mining operations that should not be allowed to happen. It's completely insane.

  18. Damn!!……a republican lawmaker is going against the rest of them!! well now…….they must have pissed in his Cheerios pretty bad……..

  19. Republicans made the post 9/11 gi bill. They also made it where you can port over your phone number from another cell phone carrier. Other than that the republicans haven’t done shit to help the country.

  20. I graduated from college in 1993 and I still have loans (they've been in deferment alot). I'd love to see them forgiven.

  21. We ALSO have NO Republicans who care about fair and free elections! We need honest elections & for every vote to count! YES, vote every Republican OUT in 2020!!!

  22. I agree but I dont actually think enough Americans are that sopisticated in their voting choices. Many are still to comfortable with their electronic gadgets and think of radical change as socialism of which they equate with communism of which may take away those comfortable gadgets. Many of us are lazy and simply dumb!

  23. You cannot vote for any blue, because we saw it in 2016. The only the GOP will see their own electoral Bloodbath is if you put the GOP up against #JusticeDemocrats
    , #OurRevolution, and Brand New Congress. You can help em out at , , and . All of these organizations were formed by Bernie Sanders' staffers after the 2016 presidential election.

  24. I can tell you what RepubliCAN'Ts have done for me, They've taken away my Medicaid! I am now over $4,000 in the hole because of it. Medicare only pays 80%, Medicaid paid the rest. Up until Trump took office. #DUMPTRUMP DUMP TRUMP DUMP TRUMP!

  25. But isn't the most important thing to the average American avoiding paying their fair share of taxes on their last $50M? And don't they want to prevent Mexicans from picking their crops, which otherwise rot because nobody else is willing to do it for minimum wage, if at all. The Repubs really have their finger on the pulse of middle America, under the guidance of their brain trust, Mitt Romney's niece, AKA; Lil Woo-woo, who herself channels all knowledge from the Great Kazoo in the Woo-woovian star system..

  26. I don't think every single Republican is inherently evil or predisposed to seizing excessive money and power, but I do think that the vast majority of the Republican party are. Maybe it's time to retire the entire party, or at least demote them to much lessor political positions, ones that can't let them be above the law


  28. Let’s me see the wonderful republican in office have done.
    Asshole Nixon wasn’t bad enough I was in Vietnam but in April 1970 he sent I and many troops into Cambodia so we invaded the country if they would’ve got us we would’ve been executed!
    That is if we survived gun battle and Nixon told Americans he didn’t have troops in Cambodia.
    President ford gave Nixon a pardon.
    President Regan was a racists he sent drugs from South America into Black Community start keep them down , and monetarily keep pòor.
    Regan Fucked my generation he took our Social Security that we paid into and gave it to the military.
    President George Junior was involved in false flag on 911 and invaded two countries to start a war to make the rich richer and to hell with the troops.
    Now Trump, no trump men have ever served in our military all cowards .
    A Racists, wants have Mexicans murdered.
    Kisses Putin’s ASS,
    Lied about , tax cut for working people, healthcare, coolminers jobs, Uniting the country,
    Fixing the infrastructure,
    Runs nation like dictator,
    Has no sympathy empathy for anyone that was murdered by Gun violence.
    It’s all about how much he and his family can he rip off while in office .
    And if he wins in 2020
    I predict he is the anti- Christ and will be released to world politics and push a country to start WW3 END NEAR !

  29. Moving backwards for Black ADOS is the same as moving forward . So I hope ADOS don't feel pressure to vote Republicans out we have no parties both are under the oppress ADOS act until dems fight to repair ADOS by paying it's debt then throw your hands up in frustration like berny

  30. Everything you say rings true. Trump is a destructive force in our country, as are his cohorts. Gina Dodds, 78 and struggling like most other seniors in this country with this administration.

  31. If you wish to understand the Republicans you need to understand what conservatism is. In the case of the current Republicans they have become radical conservatives meaning they uphold the most extreme views of conservatism. The encyclopedia Britannica has a very good explanation of the topic at this link

    From the dictionary : Conservatism – commitment to traditional values and ideas with opposition to change or innovation.

    This describes the current Republican stance to a tee

  32. I'm feared Putin's hacker's hav gotten the key to the elections!! Ready to turn the for his treasonous bastard puppets the GOP!!

  33. Exactly accurate. It's funny I'm a republican but I can agree that the party has gone to hell. They don't seem to want to advance forward into the future.

  34. The Republicans are like political prostitutes. They have no integrity, principles, morals compass, or boundary. They work for anyone & do anything at the right price.

  35. We also need to vote out the corporate establishment dems like Nancy Pelosi😡👎 The sad reality is, its Dems like Nancy is the ones whos truly holding us back because with her leadership democrats have loss over a 1,000 seats across the country when Obama was in office and she continues to aid and protect Trump just so she can raise money. So it's time to vote them all out The corporate dems and republicans👿🚫👎

  36. What policy do I see any Democrat
    did for me either in my lifetime.
    Answer: None.

    I really get so bored when I hear
    the same line over again : vote
    the bums out to replace them
    with another set of bums.

    Gun control is just another issue
    like abortion to keep the sheepel
    stupid to the real issue facing
    this country – the real power
    that controls our worthless

    Voting is a joke were both Obama
    and Trump promised the world
    before being elected – then did
    the complete opposite showing
    that both D and R parties will bankrupt this country in different

    Wake – up , just stop voting completely – one issue is not
    going to make any difference.

    How many gun control laws do
    we have – more than enough –
    if we do not enforce them – why
    will anymore make any difference?

  37. Republican Governers…
    All Republicans at the state and even local level

    Some Senators are still going to be there for years before the need to run for re-election. But we have to vote every single one out. The GOP only cares about the rich and the corporate. They don't care about us. The masses are just dirty, small and stupid to them. If we want to survive, vote them OUT. Cast them out on their petards.

  38. Donald Trump and the GOP are selling us out we need to form a revolution and take this country back from the crooked and criminals in our government people we need to staying together f*** Donald Trump and GOP and his administration

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