Ford Motors Could Pay Out $77 Million Over Defective Transmissions

Ford Motors Could Pay Out $77 Million Over Defective Transmissions

For about seven and a half years, consumers
in the United States have been fighting Ford motor company over claims that some of their
vehicles had shotty transmissions that the company failed to fix and failed overall to
address. But there may finally, after seven and a half
years of fighting, be an end in sight. Joining me now to talk about what’s happening
is Scott Hardy with Top Class Actions and Scott this we, we see happen a lot. Right? A lot of these lawsuits are not just super
quick, easy over and done with in a matter of months. Seven and a half years, September of 2012,
is when this first started here against Ford. So take us back to the beginning real quick
with what was going on back then in 2012. What did the consumers complain about? Well, you know, we’ve seen this grow and expand,
so it started off in 2012 with Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta owners saying, hey, we have
a problem with this transmission. It’s kicking back. It’s chugging along and there’s a lot of issues
here. And there was a settlement that was reached
and now it’s been expanded for 2012 to 2016 Ford Focus or 2011 to 2016 Ford Fiestas equipped
with the power shift transmission. Now the settlement was objected to because
the objectors thought that the original settlement was too low. So now years later, after a lot of battling,
Ford has come back and now there’s a $77 million that’s up for grabs. And it’s a great settlement if you had this
problem, because Ford is not only going to reimburse you if you had this problem and
you had to get it fixed. Ford will also, if you returned your car and
you don’t even have your car anymore, you have a shot at getting some cash. There’s actually $25,000 or more for returning
a vehicle that they could have been driving for many years. So there’s a lot of money at, you know, possible
for these Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta owners, if they qualify. And with the way vehicles are, you know, built
today, there’s a very good chance that most of these vehicles are still on the road today. So if you’re driving one of these and you
haven’t necessarily noticed any problems, maybe reach out to the seller of the vehicle. You know, this could be something they had
fixed, maybe they had forgotten about it after all these years. So if you can, if you know who sold you the
vehicle, maybe reach out to them. This could be something that’s very, you know,
pertinent to them if they paid to have this problem fixed and then got fed up and sold
the car anyway. So, you know, something to keep in mind there. I know that’s not something people usually
think of, but you also run into a situation, and I’ve been thinking about this, you know,
obviously this is a transmission issue, transmission problems, one of the most expensive things
on a vehicle when it goes wrong. So what happens and I don’t even know if,
if you know the answer to this because this might seem complicated. Suppose you had somebody who purchased one
of these cars. They had taken it in a couple times to the
shop because the transmission was doing this. It couldn’t get fixed so finally they decided
to sell it and they sell it to somebody who says, well don’t worry, I know how to work
on transmissions. I’ll see if I can fix it. If you had two separate people with that same
vehicle, would they both qualify for a claim if they both spent money on it? Possibly. I know that’s a bit of a hypothetical, but. That’s a very lawyer answer, maybe. But, so the original owner, even if they no
longer own the car, they might qualify for this settlement. They’ll want to take a look to see if they
do once the settlement is approved. The person who, who actually received that
transmission that that car with a faulty transmission and fix it, they might also be able to submit
a claim. So they’ll want to take a look at it. Something that’s interesting about this settlement
is they actually bring in the lemon laws because they had a lot of people that bought these
cars, brought this car back multiple times to the dealer and said, hey, why can’t you
fix this? Well in this settlement they say, hey, we
are actually settling these claims in three months if it’s a lemon law claim. So, you know, if you’re taking this to arbitration
we are getting people either paid out a new car or, you know, those damages taken care
of in, in just three months. Which in the class action world as we know
is huge. So that’s one of the benefits of using a lemon
law attorney if you have a new car that is not being fixed under the factory warranty. But, it’s important to take a look at it and
see if you had this problem, even if you don’t have the car anymore, you might be able to
get some money back. Because that was a big part of the settlement
is making sure that there is millions of dollars above and beyond this $70 million. Because there’s a, there’s an extra 30 million
bucks that could be put into play if they run out of money. So Ford is really doing their best to take
care of their customers. If you had that Ford Focus or Fiesta that’s
included in this with transmission problems, please make sure to, to, to stay tuned with
us and check in because you could have a significant amount of money coming to you. And, do we have any kind of timeline? I know the, the $77 million now has to be
submitted for approval. Do we know about how long that process could
take for approval or rejection of this $77 million proposal? It depends on how busy the judge is. Usually takes around two to three months. Could take a little less, could take a little
more. But that’s what we’d be hoping for is that
the judge will get this reviewed and approved in, in about two to three months. Well, fantastic. And we’ll, we’ll definitely follow up with
story once that happens. Hopefully it will be a positive thing. Hopefully it will be approved and we can explain
to people, tell them where to go, you know, to get their settlements. And until then, folks, I recommend everybody
follow the link in the description of this video. It will take you to this story over at Bookmark it, keep an eye on it. There will be updates to this, hopefully in
a positive way and of course, while you’re there, you can also subscribe to the weekly
Top Class Actions newsletter. Scott Hardy with Top Class Actions, thank
you very much for talking with us. You’re welcome. Thanks for your time, Farron.

32 thoughts on “Ford Motors Could Pay Out $77 Million Over Defective Transmissions

  1. This issue is much deeper than this. I have had 3 Ford Taurus, (1996, 2002 and 2008) which ALL currently have and/or had transmission issues! I replaced at my own cost 2 transmissions and the bills prior to the replacement in the 1996 and 2002. My current Taurus has transmissions issues, especially after and sometimes during the use of the Air Conditioner. Why would someone punish themselves knowing the Taurus has issues with the transmission you ask? Mainly because I and a large man and the Taurus is very accommodating to a man my size. Its a shame this settlement isn't for other Ford vehicles with transmission issues as well.

  2. Quality hasn't been Job 1 at Ford for a very long time. The Powershit transmissions is probably one of the worst CVT transmission ever designed.

  3. I joined the Mass Action against Ford, the 2016 Focus would jump when you were stopped at a light and bog down when you needed to take off. They would not fix the problem so the car set in garage most of the time. It was a lease car so when I returned it with very low miles on it and in what I would say perfect condition they looked real hard to find something to charge me for, they found a very small dent with no paint off that was done by a plastic trash can falling over. They then insisted I pay them $299 for something most people could not even see. I never made one late payment in three years but they turned it over to a collection agency and put a big ding on my credit. I will definitely never buy from Ford again, they have no respect for their customers.

  4. I got a 2018 Focus, making sure I got a 6F15 transmission instead of the DPS6. Even though this is a good car, resale value will be nixed because if the reputation. I'll try and drive it until dead.

  5. Please everyone be a Patriot and buy American made. Don't worry, when you get screwed they will take your tax dollars and bail them out.

  6. Ford 7 years… since 80s they have shady transmission. My father ford Taurus had maybe 4 transmission problem with in 10 years. They simply putting transmission that are originally design for smaller engines. So when it put to stronger engine it fall a part.

  7. The Powershift Dual Clutch automatic transmission.
    It's been an issue since 2012 inception.
    Ford made a HUGE mistake not going back to a normal automatic.
    Btw… The manual transmission Fiesta and Focus are just fine.

  8. Why would you buy a Ford car ? Since the mid 70s Toyota and Honda will sell you legendary Civic, Corolla, Accord or Camry, that will last 20 years.

  9. Does anyone know if this includes the 2012 Focus? I’ve been complaining about this problem for years and every mechanic I talked to said that model always has the same problem.

  10. I've had 3 fords and 3 chevies, they were all break down nightmares. Got a Nissan in 2015 and have had zero problems. Sorry American auto manufacturers, if you ever stop producing crap products maybe I come back. Probably not though.

  11. The truth is those gearboxes were not made in USA, they were made in Europe, and surely u get the picture of letting your potential competitors to take care of your very own business……

  12. Oh yes. There was definitely problems with damn near EVERY auto trans put in fiesta, focus they said. Worked at a dealership and the were basically all defective.

  13. I worked as a service writer at a Ford dealership. Their automatic transmission is a fuckin piece of shit. Brand new vehicles getting newer transmissions. The book of m-programs is 2" thick. Taurus, Lincoln continental, Mercury sables. All had an m-program. (M-77) free transmission, free rental car, just pay the powertrain deductible. They knew they were pieces of shit in th early 90's. Here we are decades later

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