isn't it amazing that we have 1 million Americans saying that they would storm area51 to look for little aliens yet we can't gather 1 million Americans to storm Washington or their senator or the congressman's office to demand answers to what is happening to the United States of America people are more concerned about little aliens yet they're not concerned about their futures they're not concerned about the future of the United States of America this is where we are at as a nation today here in America more people concerned about aliens than they are concerned about the future of their country it's Monday July 15 2009 teen so while people are searching for aliens instead of searching for answers this is what's happening today article on Zero Hedge questions we've got some questions about what's happening to the real estate market in America and there's a lot happening or shall I say a lot not happening single-family here's some questions in this article on Zero Hedge let me give you the title let me go back here the US housing bust in 20 charts I'm going to paraphrase through this I'm not going to go through all 20 of these charts but I'm gonna go through a little bit of this for you ask yourself these questions single family starts and permits are rolling over despite lower mortgage rates and low unemployment why is that why is that existing family home sales and new single-family home sales are not rebounding despite despite very low mortgage rates and very low unemployment lower rates and low unemployment are not doing much to boost consumer plans to buy a house again why is this we should see record-breaking numbers in the housing market here in America residential investment is shrinking despite low mortgage rates and low unemployment again what is going on here home price appreciation is trending down we're seeing prices coming down sales coming down listings going up days on market going up 30% of the population have subprime have a subprime credit score so they will not be buying a home for sure Danine since the 2006 peak of home ownership the number of households renting has increased roughly by 10 million this is this is just another sign that these markets especially the real estate market is not as healthy as people have been telling you fewer people plan to buy a home in the next 12 months Manhattan home prices are falling at the fastest rate since the financial crisis these are all red flags this is just a reflection of this economy and this is just something that they cannot hide or cover up they cannot manipulate these numbers because either people are buying homes or they are not what they're doing is they're renting just like we're seeing more people leasing cars which is just a just another name it's a high-end rental people can't afford these cars so they're leasing cars for the most part so you know leasing is fleecing and people would rather be flees to drive a car with a certain emblem on it or to drive something a little bit nicer that they really can't afford because they just can't adapt to what they can't afford they have to live beyond their means and this is why so many people get into trouble this is why so many people you know can't afford to buy assets because they're they're driving cars they can't afford they're living in properties they can't afford the renting properties they can't afford but it's getting more and more expensive to be a homeowner it's getting more expensive to rent yet so many people are living beyond their means and they're going to pay a serious price for doing so so if I can give any advice today you know live B you know at your means or a little bit below your means and be able to put some money away so that you can acquire some assets because you know at some point when this economy slows down even more these people are going to be in panic mode most of these people are living paycheck to paycheck there's another very good article today on Zero Hedge it's titled it's been in great recession for a few I'm gonna kind of paraphrase through this article for you and it's basically telling us that we never came out of the recession of 2008 that it's been extended and most or unaware of that because of all this manipulation rigging cooking of the books most people believe that we are in good times when we never got out of the bad times the expansion has been anemic the expansion has costs far more than any expansion because we have piled up ten times the national debt over any amount we accumulated during previous expansions it's easy to say it let the good times roll when you're when you're buying the good times on a company credit card isn't that the truth makes so much sense we have quadruple the size of the Fed's balance sheet since 2008 stocks are booming but business revenue is pathetic growth and corporate development has been worse we've quadrupled the size of the Fed's balance sheet since the last crash of 2008 stocks are booming but business revenue is pathetic growth and corporate development has been even worse growth earnings were decent because they reduce the number of outstanding shares over which earnings are divided not by growing business this is all continued manipulation this is another interesting part of the article shadow stats went over some numbers the real gdp growth rate has actually been contraction not growth for the past two decades when people say this is the longest expansion on record it's only the longest if you change the way you calculate GDP from the way previous records were calculated the books are being cooked and if you do not prepare for what's coming you're going to be cooked also so we are living in nothing more than an illusion but I can promise you reality is coming to this economy reality is coming to these markets and if you don't get real right now yourself you're gonna be living in a nightmare when reality comes let's go over employment stats this is also on shadow stats you are counted as unemployed till your benefits run out you fall off the list when you replace your full-time job with a part-time job we know we now have the lowest participation rate in a half century now does this make any sense with what we're being told with the media with all these business analysts with everybody on FOX Business with everybody on CNBC everything is good don't worry about anything invest your money in these markets you need to be in these markets remember you can't save money because you will lose money by saving because you earn no interest people rushing into bonds they're losing money so people you know are gambling in these risky markets and they are gonna take a major haircut part-time jobs are 40% higher than it was the last time unemployment was at this level I mean this is really scary stuff when you think about where we were really at if we really took a look at where this economy is at and you know what just go outside of your house and see what's going on at your local malls what's happening in retail talk to your friends you know I know a lot of people I know more people hurting or barely getting by than are actually really doing good right now we have more manipulation than ever unemployment is much higher than you think the stock market is much weaker than you think one trillion dollars was spent in 2018 on stock buybacks to help prop up the markets yet we should just all believe that everything is fine nothing to see here don't be a doom and gloom er don't be negative the stock market's booming it's booming because it's completely manipulated too many people are working part-time jobs in America they're working jobs with no health insurance benefits no overtime they're working jobs that are now keeping up they're getting there they're not working jobs that are keeping up with inflation or the cost of living those high-paying jobs that will support a family are now dying off in America and they've been dying off it is harder and harder to find those type of jobs those good-paying manufacturing jobs they're gone they're over in China there are over in Mexico they're in Vietnam they're in South Korea really ask yourself what does America produce other than debt what does America make it seems to me America makes a lot of debt and it's gonna make a lot more debt and it's really gonna be the cause for a major collapse in America it will be the debt this is going to be the enemy of America it will be the debt I believe if most people just took a drive around their city their County as we see corporate debt county debt government debt corporate debt household debt skyrocketing there's no doubt take a look at your infrastructure take a look at your cities take a look at your schools take a look at your airports take a look at the amount of homeless that are now living in your cities there is no doubt in my mind that America is becoming a third world country and I know people out there gonna criticize that and laugh and and really Kuehl what I say but I can take a drive right here in Riverside County one of the biggest counties in the United States of America I can drive over to Los Angeles in less than two hours which I have done multiple times and I can tell you if things are bad here they're bad everywhere the homeless crisis is no joke yet we're spending millions upon millions of dollars to take care of people that aren't even from this country take a real good look at your economy to go to your mall go to your shopping plazas drive down through your name hoods and see the five cars parked in the driveway because there's multiple families living in those houses is the economy really doing that well and ask yourself this what's going to happen when this recession officially hits America if these are the good times what do you think is in store for you what do you think is in store for this country I am I I just cannot be more direct than I am but we are going to see serious events unfold here in America because of the massive debt there is not enough money to pay this debt off and as many people who think everything is okay because the cars are driving down the street the lights are on the restaurants are open you are gonna be sadly mistaken one day when you wake up and you see an economic crisis taking place here in America because you thought it could never happen here in America based on what because it's America America is immune to a financial crisis America is immune to a dollar collapse America is immune to an EMP a grid attack with the amount of people that are in this country right now if you think that thing in New York is is nothing which listen let's go back to New York for a second the event that unfolded in New York with the power down listen we don't know what caused it might have just been purely an accident maybe it was more maybe it wasn't and people just think oh JB you're just jumping you know jumping the gun it was just you know it's just a transformer down okay great whether that transformer went down by accident or by another cause what happens when power is not restored in five hours what happens when it's 24 hours 48 hours 72 hours a week it doesn't matter at this point we'll caused it what matters is it is another wake up call of why you should be prepared to deal with an emergency I live in one of the biggest fault zones in the world how could you not be prepared living on one of the biggest fault zones in the world how could you not be prepared knowing that grids knowing that transformers go down whether whether accidentally or on purpose why would you not be prepared so it doesn't matter what caused it at this point what matters is are you prepared when it goes down for a longer period of time now talking about all the people in this country that we have no idea where they're from and how fragile the grid is and how accessible these transformers are they're all over here in the desert you can just drive right up to them and hop over the fence and you could shut the the entire power down in Palm Springs very very easily now I'm not recommending anybody do that but if you're a bad person with bad intentions you don't need much of an IQ or an education to do it you can easily shut down city power quite easily and even large urban cities they're not protected these systems are fragile and when they go down they're not going to come back in five hours so this is why I believe it's so important to remind everybody to make sure you have food make sure you have water and make sure you have security because next time it might not be five hours it might be days it might be a week and when it's hot 117 degrees here today okay 117 degrees here today what would I do if I had no preparation we have we have an earthquake it's 117 degrees the water is not coming down I can't get the air conditioning on if you're not prepared in an environment like this you're gonna be in big big trouble and when you're in urban cities that are very hot and they you know they they retain a lot of heat people are very close together people are irritated there's lots of traffic and they can't get out and you've got people who are claustrophobic people on pharmaceuticals just everything that goes along with it people just believe that everybody's going to hold hands and sing songs and wait for the power to come on in a few days I live in the real world and you live in the real world and that's why you need to be prepared for the real world god bless every one of you thanks for watching


  1. The mortgage rates and house prices may be down but just look at the groceries bills! The food prices alone smash down the pay checks so a big purchase, like a house…?

  2. I have said for a long time now, that technology will bring civilization down, buy human nature will destroy us all. Pray always.

  3. There going to just take your money in the stock market it's a joke u cant retire … stores are closing..

  4. All the rich people are going to be worried used to had everything handed down to them …beans rice and tortillas get by

  5. Just crash already we could have went bank erupted and came out by now but now … there just hurting the econmy more and more

  6. I agree with everything that you said except the comment about immigrants. That’s hate rhetoric.
    We need to prepare: water, food (gardening), and safety. We are in the 11th hour.
    Winter is coming! GOT

  7. The shadow stats numbers on GDP have to be wrong the country has obviously been growing over the last two decades anybody that’s a live completely see that we have not had contracting or negative growth for the last two decades how could you have negative growth and have an increasing economy

  8. Practice living in harsh conditions without the comforts of modernity.
    Live outside four walls for extended periods of time.

  9. 0:24 nevermind media and that stupid area51 bullshyt,,that's a distraction,ain't even a real story… ones storming anything….let's focus here ……People cant even go to college and do anything with their lives because of lack of housing and Transportation,,let alone, keep a job and work🙄…the less people work,,the less money goes towards taxes to take care of things,,,the less people drive ,,the less vehicle tax money goes towards roads and so forth…..they are collapsing America by making everything unaffordable…..they have killed the American dream…

  10. Earthquakes in cali.. Israel attempting to start ww3 with iran and russia.. Crypto currencies threaten fiat.. Something is going on.

  11. Basically what has gone on here is that they have changed the way they are doing statistics. Like you said in the video, they're cooking this stuff to make it look like things are great. All they have done is change the way they do the stats. We're being told that things are great, but that is according to THEIR statistics. It's just a shady way of lying to the public. Everyone feels like crap because they are in debt, yet you have a million talking heads on financial channels on TV saying things have never been better! Ha! It's just a con. It's a con game. That's all it is. They're conning us and a lot of people are taking the bait. For chrissakes, don't take the bait!

  12. Storming Area 51 social frenzy is a CIA started psyop more than likely. Sound far fetched? Clearly you aren't a history buff that digs. Gas lighting and distractions.

  13. We teach people that credit cards are the way to go. Live beyond your needs. You need a credit card and a great score to by things. If you can't afford it in cash you don't need it. A car and a house should be the only debt you should have . Only buy things on debt that you can't for. A car and house shouldn't be more then 25% of your income any thing else should be in cash. I run a business on cash and only cash and its a trucking business.

  14. I agree with a lot you say except that Americans are too spoiled and entitled…and not smart enough…to have lots of family members living together. That would be shrewd. Most of us think we deserve mansions. I went to an open house this week and the realtor apologized that the house only had 1.5 baths. “Could we possibly make that work?” , she asked said most people want at least 2 full baths and a half. We have lost our minds.

  15. I know what you mean about the housing market but inventory is still growing, at least here in Texas. I think in some ways the economy is just shifting to better states, example being the California Exodus. There are so many new homes being built still and cities in DFW are growing fast, but very over valued.

  16. Seriously dude how could you mention all those other liars and not mention Trump? Fox news, the CDC-it all starts from the top, with the liar in chief Trump.

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