Citizens Bank of Edmond: 111 Days of Giving [Member FDIC]

Citizens Bank of Edmond: 111 Days of Giving [Member FDIC]

citizens bank was established in 1901 so this year's are 111 anniversary and to celebrate that we wanted to dedicate 111 days of giving to our community we really feel like that community service is part of every employees job I mean to be a Citizens Bank of em an employee you need to be dedicated to the city of Edmond citizens bank of Edmond as a powerful community leader and they're specifically focused on on supporting education here in the community our mission is to provide counseling and educational programs to individuals groups families couples in our community and when family counseling helps the Edmond schools by providing services to the students who need it for various reasons whether it be depression or just adjusting to life or just getting through those hard teenage years citizens bank has been a part of this agency's life from its inception in 1974 they are our hometown bank and they have been a source of service and help to us in so many different ways in our community art is not in the curriculum until the 5th grade and so we have a wonderful partnership with the Edmond public schools where our teachers here are going into the schools and teaching third and fourth grade classes for 25 years we have had someone from citizens bank on our Board of Directors and financial assistance has been terrific they make an investment in our organization every year but that investment also includes time and volunteers currently the president of the Bank is on our board of directors it doesn't get much better than that this summer I had the opportunity to attend the Oklahoma council for economic education citizens offered us a two-hour seminar where they explain the banking industry that information that was shared with me allows me to be a more effective in structure in the student setting to help our students have real-time information that allows them to take the basic book knowledge and apply it to their setting in a day-to-day basis citizens bank is so integral to our success that not only do they help us with financial support which we couldn't do without but also the opportunity for their employees to come volunteer so our Children's Learning Center is like is a mini downtown old-fashioned Edmond and so it incorporates a garden and a train station and a general store but in the center of the building is an old-time citizens bank with the vault and teller window so the children love it it's actually what brings the entire town together for the children when they come to visit the help of citizens bank has continued over the years and we so value it they've helped most recently our exhibit director discovered a photograph of our town founder and when we decided to build a permanent exhibit in the main gallery around that and our pioneers citizens bank was one of the first and the largest donors to help that happen anytime we set a community service goal for staff they just blow it out of the water they always over achieve and this is no exception it gives me a good sense of pride to actually work for a company that embraces a culture life and it helps out as far as whenever you go home you don't feel like you were just going to work you're actually making a difference in people's lives

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  1. This is a great video! All the small biz featured would be good testimonials for the I Luv My Community Bank campaign! (check out the rules on how to submit to be one of the ten contest finalists on the main campaign website)

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