Business Transaction Lawyer - Attorney in New York

Business Transaction Lawyer – Attorney in New York

people are sometimes sometimes confused when they come to our office for the first time they think that they have found the perfect business model for themselves but yet they may lack the passion for the business that they're going into they may look at someone else and their lifestyle and say well if mr. Jones was capable of making this business model work I certainly should be capable but what they don't know or the experiences that mr. Jones brought to the table so it's not as simple as just buying a business we're entering into a good lease you have to do a lot of personality introspection and I try and help my clients to really look inside to see if the business model that they're getting involved in is what's truly right for their lifestyle at Angelique at Kenan genteelly we bring value to the client in that we can integrate different areas of law many general practice lawyers are certainly able to help you buy or sell a business or they might know how to review a lease but to integrate those processes to really be able and competent to do a thorough review and to integrate the thought process of how to purchase a business and what your lease should say and whether they dovetail together is one of the value-added services that i think the angela can't get in Gentilly brings to the table when I look at someone that I've helped to purchase a business or to enter into a complex real estate transaction and two or three is down the road when I see when I see it soar like an eagle I have a feeling of pride that comes over me will help you to avoid the minefields that people find and to integrate your lifestyle with the business model that's right for you which is what people want out of business ownership they don't want another job they don't want to just buy a job they want to buy a lifestyle and when they buy a lifestyle I need to make sure that I've helped them do the soul searching to buy the right lifestyle

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