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hi I'm Anthony Garcia with bills calm in this video I will discuss no cost and low cost mortgage refinancing loans many people look for no cost mortgage refinancing loans if they want to avoid paying any upfront costs getting a low or no fees on a refinance loan is particularly important if you plan to get another loan in the future or if you don't plan to live in your home for the lifetime of the loan unfortunately a no-cost mortgage or no-cost refinance loan isn't always the cheapest solution lenders often raise the interest rate on the loan to offset the lack of upfront fees there are three types of no cost mortgages the first no points but you pay lender fees and third-party fees second zero lender fees but you paid third-party fees and finally no cash up front but all the fees and costs are bundled into the loans interest rate a couple of points to consider for those who plan to stay in their homes for more than five years and don't plan to refinance again the best bet is to save up the money to cover any potential closing costs and fees on your mortgage and focus on getting the lowest interest rate and APR possible if you don't plan to sell or refinance in three to five years and your closing costs are less than the additional interest rate then it's worth it to pay the closing costs up front no cost mortgage refinancing is a popular way to take advantage of falling interest rates just be sure to refinance to a lower rate and pay the closing costs before that additional interest starts to add up you can find these types of mortgages here on the build com website and we can connect you to several no-cost mortgage lenders click on the rate quote now to start the process and find your rate thanks for watching us here at bills calm where we're helping people save money everyday

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