Billionaire Giving Away $40,000,000 To Pay Off Student Loans!

Billionaire Giving Away $40,000,000 To Pay Off Student Loans!

well is all over the news today that Robert Smith doing the commencement exercise at Morehouse College billionaire probably I think multi billionaire is actually correct Robert Smith did an incredibly outrageously generous wonderful thing in the middle of his commencement speech he announced he was going to pay off all the student loans of all the graduating class for Morehouse for the year 2019 to say that he's the most popular commencement exercise speaker ever in the history of man will be an understatement this guy is incredible way to go don't know mr. Smith but I am impressed I love generous people generous people make me smile generous people make you smile sometimes they make our eyes leak generosity is incredible outrageous generosity is incredible apparently from all the news reports he's family of course is going to do grants to cause this to happen as the way he announced it and apparently they are going to pay off some 40 million dollars worth of student loans for the graduating class of I guess that's his alma mater probably and pretty incredible what a wonderful thing and what a wonderful day to be sitting there as a student with student loan debt around your neck maybe hopeless maybe overwhelmed and all of a sudden that's just calling well not yet but it's gonna be I mean wow absolutely very very cool I mean we the people taking care of we the people I'm getting more and more and more disturbed about our do-nothing Congress on the student loan debt and every time I talk about you can go to school debt-free and if you choose the right school and you work while you're in school choose an inexpensive school in-state tuition you work your tail off while you're in school you do the things I get hate mail I've been getting a lot of hate mail from left-wing people who are feeling the burn who just want the student loans to all be forgiven and you know I just did I've got Millennials coming in here every day doing debt free screams paying off their student loans you see I think the federally insured and I'm really kind of getting tired of you know people saying well it's because you're white or you know oh my god you don't know how I grew up you know the federally insured student loan program is a fraud it was concocted by Washington DC politicians who are such idiots that they could screw up chocolate cake now you got to work at that one these politicians are the worst kind of Ivy League tofu eating snobs on the planet they're trying to by the vote of the everyday hard-working man or woman and that's how the student loan program was born they wanted to buy your vote and that's why the stupid thing even though it's brought more harm to people than just about anything to come out of DC that's why it's staying in place well they want to talk about some of the left wingers want to talk about forgiving the loans or providing free college by raising taxes on rich people but no one wants to talk about just ending it because it's bringing harm you see the people that the student loan program are screwed the most are people like me people that grew up like me people that grew up like Anthony O'Neal Rams your personality see we didn't grow up in a neighborhood with college people the neighborhood I grew up in my parents my neighbors good hard-working tell the truth grind it out kind of people they could teach us how to work hard and they did like it teaches how to tell the truth and they did they could teach us how to stretch a dollar because there weren't many and they did and they were the teacher how it'd be the best friend or the worst enemy a man ever had and they did but what they couldn't tell us what how to do is get a four-year degree cuz almost none of them had one I counted up the other day either 15 kids in the neighborhood I grew up in three of us got a four-year degree and we had no freakin idea what we were doing on went off to college we weren't from that side of the tracks people like us believed in getting an education was important but it was kind of like when I visited France a couple summers ago I accidentally ordered potatoes at lunch because I didn't know how to speak French that's what happens when you go on a college campus and you don't know anything about it and you're from that side of the tracks people like me too often wander onto a college campus with virtually unlimited funds guaranteed by the federal government to purchase an education with virtually no knowledge of what matters in an education and no limits on how much stupid damage we can do to our life all brought to you by a culture that says education is important so get you some we well-intentioned four-year degree seekers were well funded government ignoramuses we know what we were doing we had a pocket full of money brought to you by your Congress federally insured student loans giving people they don't know what they're doing the keys to Ferrari's worse than the lie we were told that all degrees will make you rich and famous was that the expensive was the expensive prestige school lie because people like me didn't even know anybody I never knew a soul growing up that went to an elite private school with Ivy on the wall unless it was my daddy's balls or my daddy's boss's boss I didn't know anybody like that we call people like that sunburn on the upper lip because they had their nose in the air we were told to lies by this culture one that education is worth whatever it costs because education is the way up the socio-economic ladder and to if you want to make it big you need to go to an elite muckety-muck school with Ivy on the wall the only Ivy we knew about was poison ivy the people I talked to that I made the dumbest mistakes here on this show that have been screwed the most by the federally insured Student Loan debacle or people like me sometimes they're black sometimes they're white sometimes they're Hispanic but they're always people like me the people who call this show that have the biggest dumbest student loan messes or people like me they call with $200,000 in debt from a prestigious private school to get a master's degree in sociology what were you thinking oh you weren't you just order potatoes cuz you don't know what French is have you lost your freaking mind what job can you get with that degree that justifies that expense I'll help you none or let's get three hundred twenty-five thousand dollars in debt from a ripoff prestige school because I changed my major three times and end up with an undergrad in art because the moron guidance counselor said to follow my passion that's malpractice I'm not against art degrees and I'm not against a masters in sociology but I am against a do-nothing era stas aristocracy Congress with a snobbery of the worst kind continuing to fund this lie that is destroying people like me we need to end the student loan mess now it needs to stop we need to stop federally ensuring student loans we're harming our citizenry this is stupid

31 thoughts on “Billionaire Giving Away $40,000,000 To Pay Off Student Loans!

  1. How do you know the people are left winged?? Dave there are people of all political parties that have student loan debt. Can you just stick to debt topics?

  2. Cos dudes like Mayweather would rather show you the new cars he has bought and video making it rain on skantily- strippers thinking that impresses people!

  3. Thanks to you, we paid off $37,000 in student loans in 4 years. It was a BIG learning experience for my husband and I both but now I can't believe how people are acting so entitled. Work hard, budget, and blossom.

  4. So the students that ran up the most in loans are the ones with the biggest rewards. Those that held down jobs to keep the borrowing down as much as possible end up with the fizzy side of the lollipop.

  5. Wasn't it the space race that started all this student loan mess? We needed more educated people to keep up with Russia… correct me if I'm wrong.

  6. I admired as an honest man. But blaming the left is just not fair. I know multiple friends from the other side that go to college and party and party and study those stupid majors and then they complain why they own so much and they can’t paid it off. Stop point fingers at a certain political belief and see the whole picture.

  7. The kid who got an honorary degree from Shaw University in NC is a multi millionaire college drop out! The school does not matter but keep believing the lies!!!!!!

  8. I wonder if they'll appreciate what's just been done for them? Most of them don't realise what a weight it's going to be at that point; it takes a few years to understand that you've entered indentured servitude. Hope they have the sense to make the most of it, but I wonder. Still, extremely generous!

  9. Cool thing about this is that the school he gave the money to pay off the debt of these students isn't even his alma mater

  10. How would you feel if you were a family or a student attending Morehouse who followed Ramsey's advice and sacrificed and worked in order to graduate with no debt, and then your classmate who partied and drank every weekend gets their loans wiped out?

  11. Thank you Ramsey. After 4yrs since I dropped out with no student loans, the media is finally recognizing the dangers of student loans. Thank you, my economics and accounting classes.

  12. Imagine the student in that audience who didn't take out a loan and worked two jobs for four years while having a full course load.

  13. Robert F. Smith's generosity puts that bogus Billionaire pledges to donate a % of their wealth after they die to shame. New example and precedent for those with means.

  14. I just got a scholarship to get my master's degree for free, and it is the biggest blessing ever. It is a huge relief.

  15. His generosity is stupidly applied. The students that will benefit the most are the most irresponsible. I worked the whole time I went to college so I wouldn't have student loan debt.

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