Bernie’s Damn Bill Pt. 3: How to Pay for It (Narrated by H. Jon Benjamin)

Bernie’s Damn Bill Pt. 3: How to Pay for It (Narrated by H. Jon Benjamin)

What do you do about the cost? How are you going to pay for this? How are you going to pay for this? How are we gonna get the money to pay for that? The truth is, we are already paying for our broken health care system. Why are you so shocked by this? Hi, this is H. Jon Benjamin still talking about the health care crisis in America. Right now, we spend over three trillion dollars a year on a crappy, broken system. The price is wrong, bit—. We pay about twice as much per person as our friends in Japan and Germany. And for what? To have over 30 million people uninsured and over 40 million who can’t afford the insurance they have. I think I want my money back. We’re already projected to spend more than $50 trillion over the next ten years for a system only a big pharma executive could love. A lot of that money comes from the government, but the rest, it comes from you. This would change for the better by moving to a Medicare for All system that will actually save you and everyone else in America a whole lot of money. Help me, I’m poor. Don’t take that from me, take it from a conservative study backed by the Koch brothers. Let me explain how. First, let’s talk taxes. But let’s do it. What Republicans and the for-profit health care industry don’t want you to understand is that we’re not talking about new money. We’re talking about money that’s currently being taken right out of your pocket by drug and insurance companies. Let’s call this money: “The Corporations Tax You” tax. For example, the cost of an employer health plan for a family of four is $28,000, over $12,000 of which is paid directly by the employee through premiums and out of pocket costs. In fact, if you include health care premiums, the United States is already All that “Corporations Tax You” tax is why the health care industry reports over $100 billion in profits [in 2018] alone. From a nurses point of view, where is all the money going, why is it so expensive? It goes into CEO’s salaries, sometimes it goes into magnificent atriums and hospitals, while they’re closing down other community hospitals. Can you believe? In place of this, we’re going to have a progressive system that saves most Americans some dough. Okurrr. When Bernie is president, we will reverse decades of cutting taxes on the wealthy and make large corporations and the richest Americans pay their fair share. That means higher rates for millionaires, taxing unearned income from Wall Street the same as normal income paid by working people, imposing a fee on the biggest financial institutions, and restoring the estate tax so billionaires finally pay back into the society they profited so much from. We will completely eliminate and fund Medicare for All with progressive tax revenue. Ooohhhhhhh yeahhhhh. Second, you don’t even want to know how much the United States wastes on processing paperwork. It adds up to We’re going to replace this byzantine system of paperwork and billing with Uncle Sam. That is not where the money should go, on paper pushing. Estimates show Medicare for All could save on administrative costs. Well, this is it. It’s, um. It’s impressive. Thirdly, Americans pay more for prescription drugs than anywhere else in the world. Why? We’re getting ripped off ripped off by the drug companies. Many of these drugs were developed using government research and grants, yet are turned around and sold at sky-high prices to those who desperately need life-saving medication. We’re going to stop this outrageous price gouging and cut the costs of prescription drugs for patients and hospitals by more than half. This will save more than With a system that produces billions in profits for the insurance industry and drug companies while tens of thousands of people die each and every year because they can’t afford care, the question in the richest nation in the history of the world shouldn’t be, “Can we afford to provide health care to all Americans as a human right?” How many are willing to transition to what the Senator says, a government-run system? Yeah! That’s why it’s phrased which is

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  1. And even now, there is only one candidate that supports M4A. How are Biden and Buttigieg and the rest not ashamed? The healthcare system in this country is shameful. Bernie 2020!

  2. Why is this so hard for people to get?!
    We’re already paying (out of pockets) exorbitant amounts, for: healthcare (insurance), hospital bills (emergency, x-rays, rooms, physical therapist, testing, etc., etc) and prescription drugs (pharmaceuticals/pharmacy’s); if we cut out the middleman (conglomerate regulating profits) costs drop! By allowing competition = competitive pricing; However, all HC costs to public go away; we’re already being forced to pay for HC; subtract 1/2 that cost toward taxes = 1/2 goes back into our pockets, money we’d normally loose to profits convert to considerable $$ savings. Too if 1% elitist pay their fair share were set!!!

  3. My girlfriend works for a travel event company in Vancouver, Canada, and one of their most common customers are American health insurance company INCENTIVE TRIPS – where on average they spend $300,000-400,000… incentive trips, people. As in, "fuck over as many people as possible and 'win' this wonderful trip to Vancouver!" This should disgust every American.

  4. I don't know who is doing these videos, but GREAT JOB people! Fun, engaging, and most importantly, informative. A good way to inform people who gave up on politics.

  5. How are you gonna pay for it? I solemnly promise, I will answer that question but only after someone, anyone, answers this question first: how can it possibly be that every other developed country in the world pays for it–and gets better health outcomes–while we can't?

  6. But how are you gonna pay for it? I mean, you have three plan and the money, but for some arbitrary reason it's not possible!

  7. We love you sooooo much, Bernie. Thank you so much for all your efforts. We're almost there.

    Once you are in office, we'll be ready to take on ANYONE!!

    Togetha <3


  8. 1. Bernie has the best policies
    2. Bernie has the best chance to win agains Trump (according to the latest national polls)
    3. Bernie is leading!

  9. High costs are driven mostly by lawsuit abuse and not enough competition. Gov healthcare will lower the bar on quality of healthcare. Our economy will crash but we'll all get free Band-Aids.

  10. I'm glad people are waking up. I've never seen a video rated so high. Right now its 4.1K thumb ups, and only 15 thumb downs. People are waking up.

  11. taxes don't fund federal programs..Bernie's economist, Dr. Kelton can explain …whatever Congress appropriates for gets funded with brand new currency in the form of digital keystrokes…..taxes control inflation , etc….Tax the rich because they buy influence and hoard…it won't pay for medicare

  12. actually, germany has one of the least efficient healthcare systems in the world; only in switzerland it's slightly more expensive. and as said in the video, healthcare is about twice as expensive in the US.
    why? a private option paired with a complicated network of hundreds of different public "sickness fund"s leads to an average of 3 hours of paperwork for doctors each day.
    America, don't settle for a public option. Medicare For All would be better for doctors, better for patients and also cheaper.

  13. Don't forget the tax on time. It kicks in whenever you fight your insurance company or try to find a doctor who actually is in your network. Or when you experience the joy of shopping for a new plan.


  15. My contribution in the fight for M4A finally becoming a reality in the supposedly richest most powerful nation on Earth –>

  16. Medicare for All is coming, thank God. As a nurse I see how badly we need it. While many can afford health insurance, many cannot. As taxpayers, we end up paying for those who can't, in the long run by treating them, often times, too late in the ER. Treat people early and the care is less costly. But here's something that needs reassessing. We've been led down a path of prevention that has become more harmful than helpful. I'm talking about the taboo subject of vaccination. As a child I got 3 vaccines but kids today get 72 injections of 16 types of vaccines by the time their 18 yrs old. The kicker is, in 1986 when kids were getting bout 12 vaccines, big pharma pressured Ronald Reagan into taking away pharma's liability as so many parents were suing vaccine companies due to vaccine injury–so instead of telling these vaccine manufacturers to start creating a safer product Reagan made the companies free to continue producing very questionably-formulated vaccines. Funny thing happened after liability was gone…the vaccine schedule increased more and more. And here we are with kids getting 72 injections. How profitable for the vaccine makers. Tax payers have now paid over $ 4 billion in vaccine injury compensation. Whether you think vaccines are helpful or harmful, the question begs… why aren't the vaccine makers responsible for their product, especially when they're raking in huge profits ? I've read the vaccine manufacturers package inserts and I've listened to thousands of parents say the same thing, that their child, after vaccination was never the same. Personally, I will never give or take another vaccine and I'm not alone. Many nurses are now believing their " lying eyes" and are saying no to vaccination. The others that don't speak up are afraid of being fired.

  17. Bernie is our best chance to defeat Trump. He will have the support of Progressives, "Vote Blue No Matter Who" Dems, Independents, some Republicans, unions (largest nurses, teachers, labor unions have endorsed Bernie), youth etc etc. His numbers will be MASSIVE.

  18. Bernie's Medicare4All would be a super solution.
    Keep private out of healthcare.
    I tell you why: The Netherlands has a good healthcare. Top 1 or 3 from Europe depends which poll. But the hard truth that even we have a better healthcare than America, which is not hard to beat, even here there are chronic diseased who don't get the healthcare they needed. We have high premiums and own risk and in some hospitals out of pocket even with the highest insurance there is. Because of Private's greed. Before privatization we had a excellent healthcare.
    Really good not only good on paper. Healthcare here is declining and declining. Premiums and own risk is going up. Hospitals and first emergency are closing down. In a village you have to wait 75 minutes for an ambulance.
    All because of private greed. There are parties here that want also a governmental healthcare system, because private greed costs people's lives.
    Keep private out of healthcare.
    PS Tulsi, Warren and Yang are all dishonest about supporting Medicare4All. They all have their own healthcare plan, which is NOT Medicare4All and is keeping the private in.
    Bernie / Nina Turner 🔥💥🌶💥🔥

  19. How are you going to pay for it? The fact is that because it's going to be more efficient it may not need any tax increase. All you neoliberal blue pill pseudo progressives there is something you really need to know. TAXES DON'T FUND SPENDING!

    Take the red pill. See how government finance actually works. #LearnMMT

  20. Permanent Bush Tax Cuts, endless wars, $2 Trillion tax cut to the rich, $373 billion dollar subsidy paid to US Healthcare industry. Not a single question about how we'll pay for all that. But suddenly we can't pay for M4A.

  21. Conservatives hates paperwork, wasted money and love capitalism… There is nothing they should like more than Singlepayer. And a plurality of the GOP base does – Trump even spoke favourably of it before the Lobbying set in

  22. And who is going to organize this fare system? Maybe The crooked politicians who always vote themselves a raise. The rich will move out of the country over to Mexico or Canada and millions of JOBS will be lost and billions in taxes will be lost. The only thing that Bernie can do is run his mouth of what you can do ,not him you. Like the not me us b's that Bernie is swaying the responsibility away from him. And all of this will bring communism to this country and Bernie will be the real Russian Conrad. His plan all along,to destroy the American worker. Something he knows nothing about.

  23. 2016: Trump has underground Meme Magic.
    2019: Warren forms an actual Meme Team (which is dumb as hell).
    2020: Motherfucking Archer backs Bernie!!!!!

    Yeah that's game over, Establishment. You cannot compete with our Millennial Powers!!!

  24. And don't forget about the Auto Insurance (which covers injuries related to auto accidents) and malpractice and liability insurance. In addition, our state taxes (whether sales or income taxes go to Medicaid)…

    This is probably more significant than WW3. In terms of preventing foreclosures and ensuring ALL our population receives healthcare… preventing premature deaths and suicides and identifying the cancer alleys…. IN addition, it allows employees more freedom, but you know that is not really what the big employers want… They love their wage slaves who are only there for the healthcare.

  25. Spain, a country in the top three with longest life expectancy in the world pays a third of what Americans pay per person. And of course no bankrupts and no deaths due to lack of coverage.

  26. Japan! The people of cheeseburgers, beer, obesity! Oh wait.. they have a culture of healthy, substantive food.. fitness, and sacrifice.. yeah.. no wonder their health care costs are so low.. they have a health, homogenous society. Smh

  27. This is a great video. It needs to be condensed to a more easy to understand and repeatable message that you can get out in a sound bit argument. Jon Benjamin is great for the voice.

  28. Excellent!!! One criticism, though: you shouldn't do that silly thing with Bernie's voice when he says, "Ripped off." It makes him look silly, which rather undermines your message.

  29. How would this "Medicare for all" policy would be accepted by "Traditional Capitalist Institutions" of America?? Highly doubt it. USA= greed

  30. Amazing presentation of the facts and figures. I've been feeling the Bern for years, I'm in love with his compassion, integrity, and dedication to the working class (as well as all Americans with M4A). I cannot wait for this man to be president. Bernie 2020 ❤️

  31. Don't forget the insurance companies you can cut out. Then doctors pharmacies, and hospitals wont charge what ever they want.

  32. Malory: "Oh Sterling! Cut the hippie communist crap, I didn't raise you to-"
    Archer: "WHAT? TO BE WHAT, MOTHER!?"
    M: "I-"
    M: "Oh, cry me a river…" [Sips wine]

  33. Well of course the owner of Bob's Burgers supports Medicare for All. Lol. He's a small businesses owner which need this system the most.

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