6 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders won’t rule out accepting Bloomberg’s money | CNN Town Hall

  1. Bernie dodged the question repeatedly, and you're all pissed off at CNN for trying to get him to answer the question? How is that anti-Bernie? "We don't have a super PAC, we're not asking for a super PAC" is an obvious political way of dodging the question, and that's the clearest response he was willing to give. When the dude is asked multiple times to answer the question clearly and he just won't do it, that's when your red flags are supposed to come out. If he runs against Trump and Bloomberg offers him millions of dollars, you can bet your ass he's going to take it. Which is bullshit, considering what he has said about Bloomberg spending his own money on his own campaign. You can't spend your own money on yourself, but you can spend the money of others. What kind of backwards logic is that? Oh right, socialist logic.

  2. 5:30 He said he doesn't think hes going to need that money. The answer is No. Stop spinning and bending the truth fake news media! Especially YOU anderson cooper, you have no credibility and no integrity you are a disgrace and humiliation to the public.

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