A Weak Tip, Too Busy, Your Pleasing Demeanor, My Boyfriend Will Pay

A Weak Tip, Too Busy, Your Pleasing Demeanor, My Boyfriend Will Pay

(upbeat music) Chris. Morning. Chris you have one ticket on Fountain Street. We had parked to go to dinner that night, and this is where the bike lane, it’s a little confusing now in the winter cause they take– Now on Fountain Street. Yeah. And normally in the summertime, I completely understand that, you’d have cones up, but in the winter– Right, you can read it, you can read it, but when the snow’s covering it you got no idea. So that’s why. So we parked there and we had a really good dinner You had a good dinner? And then we came out and I was like, “This looks like I can park here.” Because the signs right there, on the curb. I mean we have the inside scoop we know what happens (laughing) Right. Carrigan told me what happened right. You went in, you had a great dinner. The service was great right? The service was great? Excellent, excellent. The service was great. The check came. Very week tip. (laughing) The server ran out, right, and got the parking enforcement officer and said, “Tag that car, tag that car.” That’s what happened. I know. Well, I’ll tip better next time. You better tip better next time. Alright, based on the explanation the matter is dismissed. Alright. Thank you. Have a good day. (upbeat music) Ivan Martinez. Remove your hands from your pockets. Mr. Martinez, you have 13 violations. You have two red lights and 11 parking tickets. And your motor vehicle has been booted. Mmm-hmm. Is there anything you want to tell me about this? Um, it’s my fault. I apologize. It’s your fault? Yeah. I’m always working. I work Monday through Saturdays. My only day off is Sunday, so it’s kinda hard to come out and do everything I gotta do– You work Monday through Saturdays so you didn’t have a chance to pay it. Yeah, plus I moved. So you know how they send you notifications, I didn’t have time to go to the DMV cause I’m always working so it makes it difficult. Yeah. The United States Postal Service is still working. You could have mailed a check. Yeah I know. Like I said, I moved. You know how they send you like the videos– No, they don’t care where you mail it from. After you moved you coulda still mailed that. Yeah. I’m speaking about the traffic– Listen, listen, listen. I’m gonna have me tell you that excuse. I’m gonna put this robe on you, you’re gonna sit here, I’m gonna go over there and say I’ve been very busy and I didn’t have a chance. And I say wait a minute now, you went through two red lights, and 11 parking tickets, and you haven’t paid one. Mmm-hmm. Fact of the matter was you never would have come here unless you got booted. Right? Yeah. It’s true. You know that. Alright. I just wanna see if maybe I can go on a payment plan You wanna see if you can go on what? Go on a payment plan sir. Go on a payment plan. To take care of it. Everybody wants to go on a payment plan. (laughing) Something Boot fee is $100 sir. Okay. And the fine is $510 … The fine is $410. Okay. So it’s a total of $510. Okay. Now, how much of that can you pay today? $150, $200? Alright, well it’s $200 to remove the boot, and how much can you pay a week thereafter? I get paid weekly so. You wanna pay bi-weekly? Sure. How much can you afford? $100. $150, $200. You know it’s been my experience that when people are up here, they’ll say anything. (laughing) In other words… First of all, you got 13 tickets you haven’t paid $.10. So all of a sudden you can afford $100, $150 a week. I do I just– If I order you to pay $150 a week the boot will be back on the car next week. You can’t afford it. Alright. Okay. (sighs) I’ll try. $25 a week. Okay, sounds fine. Now here’s the deal, I waived $300 in penalties. Thank you. Alright. But if you don’t pay the $25 a week, the boot’s going back on the car, and I’m not gonna waive the penalties. Okay. So I’m trying to help you out. Okay. I got it. But you have to help you have to help yourself. Alright. Thank you. Okay. You got it? Sounds good. Why do you have that Zucolopoo shirt on? Do you swim up there? No I actually teach the community swim lessons at Zuccolo. I’m a lifeguard at (mumbles), I’m a lifeguard at YMCA, and I also work at a high school. I mean that’s my area. That was my pool when I was… That was my, Scarborough Beach when I was a kid. The Federhead Pool. I was actually teaching swim lessons while I got booted. Yeah. I didn’t have anybody teach me how to swim though. I swam like a rock. (laughing) I’m a little bit better now. Alright, $200 to remove the boot. And then $25 a week. Okay. Don’t miss payments. I won’t. I don’t want to hear that you’re busy, alright? Okay. They do the mail everyday except Sunday. Just drop it in the mailbox. Alright. You got it? I got it. Alright, good luck. (upbeat music) David Coffee. Morning David. Morning your honor. David, you’re pretty happy. What are you happy about? I actually… I find your demeanor pleasant. You find my demeanor pl… Oh, you’re here to judge me, I’m supposed to be here to judge you. (laughing) (laughing) Please tell me we’re not getting off on the wrong foot here. Mr. Coffee you are charged with speeding on Charles Street. You have anything you want to tell me about this? There are multiple improprieties with the… Give me the short ver… Let me see this. Let me see this. Well this says, “Cited speed 31” I mean, “cited speed 30” and the speed is 31. But then at the top it says that I was doing 11 miles over the limit. Neither one of which was true on January 22nd when there were no school zone signs posted at all. Which I have physical proof of in these pictures. Which you can also see on your cell phone via Google Maps. These pictures are from Google Maps. And you can literally walk down Charles Street and see that there were no school signs at all. I have pictures that show no school zone signs at all. And these pictures come from Google Maps, they come from September 2017, Okay, time out. Time out, okay. Your argument makes no sense. Okay? That’s number one. Number two, the summons is defective. You need go no further than that. Everything else you said is of no consequence. You’re talking to me about stuff that is back one year ago. At any rate, based on the defective summons, the matter will be dismissed, everything else you said, I’m disregarding. How long did it take you to prepare that speech? I’ve been preparing for this day, now for– Waste of time. (laughing) Two days. Alright, the matter is dismissed. Because of defective summons. (upbeat music) Charra Pravanz Santiago. Good morning. Morning. You wanna get close to the mic please. Alright this is a red light violation on Dean Street. Off route 10. And this was at 8:22 in the morning. The light is red. Wow. (laughing) Right through the light. Is there anything you want to tell me about it? I’m sorry. (laughing) It wasn’t me, it was my boyfriend but he’s paying it so. He’s paying it. He gave you the money right? No. But he will. Yes. And if he doesn’t? He’s gonna. He’s gonna. Yeah. And if he doesn’t he’s gonna be an ex-boyfriend? No. Not that much huh? No. I mean, he’s gonna pay it. The car’s under my mom’s name so he has to pay it. Okay. (laughing) He was driving the car? Yes. Make sure he coughs up the money. I will. He will. Yeah. Good work. $85 All rise and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge. Subscribe now.

54 thoughts on “A Weak Tip, Too Busy, Your Pleasing Demeanor, My Boyfriend Will Pay

  1. As always, very nice

    A belated Merry Christmas to anybody who's watching…and to Judge Caprio

    And also a Happy New Year 😀😀😀

  2. If he was the judge the bankers wouldnt have got away.
    The world needs you and more judges like you.
    God bless you judge Caprio.
    Greetings from Sweden.

  3. Nah that second guy got cut way too much slack, $300 off for what reason? You can’t just be too busy with your job there’s more to it that he doesn’t say and caprio let’s him go just like that

  4. Gotta Love this Judge.. sincere, empathetic, forgiving, kind. If only more of them offered just clemency, respect.. & humor.!

  5. I adore this judge. I would love to just sit and listen in his court room for a day. What a blessing he is to Providence.

  6. I'm confused. The Judge says the light is red when it was yellow then 2 seconds later it turns red 7:47 at that point there was only a maximum distance of 1 car length in-front. I would dismiss based on the fact there was no traffic it was close and it was hard for even the judge to determine when the light turned red based on the the lighting from the sun.

  7. There are restaurants these days that have electronic billing (Olive Garden for example) They practically make it impossible for you to tip what you want to tip by showing you on their screen what is the accepted and customary tip to leave "on your plastic" !

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