8 Things We Did to Pay Off $20k in Student Loans in 1 YEAR! || Life With Sarah

8 Things We Did to Pay Off $20k in Student Loans in 1 YEAR! || Life With Sarah

hey everyone welcome back to my channel so today um I haven't written down what my things are today I want to talk about or kind of give you all some tips on how we paid off our student loan debt a couple months ago I guess I'd be a couple months ago already but anyways yeah so we your student loan debt free we became student loan debt free a couple months ago um I think in February I finally paid those suckers off and they are all gone so today I just kind of wanted to give you some tips and tricks and kind of things that we did to pay those off a lot quicker we paid over twenty thousand dollars off in the past year so that's quite a bit and we are just a loving means to student loan debt free if you're new to my channel please click the subscribe button that's right here on your screen and that way you can get notifications of when I upload I upload about every week but at least once if not twice so please subscribe give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed these tips and we will get going okay so the first way that we paid off this debt was actually I mean it's nothing new is I mean it's something that everybody needs to do especially if you're paying off debt and that was we created a budget and we stuck to it and I can't say that we stuck to it a hundred percent every single month I can actually I can definitely say we did not do that but we tried our absolute hardest to do that we created budgets in every dollar every single month we sat down together and we did it and then we both uploaded to every dollar every day to look at where we were on it and to if we spent money we could watch it go down and we would discuss it every week at least if not every single day so we were just constantly on the same page so if you're trying to get out of debt you and your spouse partner boyfriend and girlfriend whatever need to be on the same page when you're doing this you've got to be on the same page with your budget and just constantly be communicating about it so that's my first tip the second tip that we did or the second I don't even know if I want call these tips the second thing that we did to pay off this debt quicker was we lived off we lived off one income so we only lived off my husband's income I would say about only nine I would say about ninety percent of my income went to the student loans so like the other 10% was just to pay for those random things that came up like he needed a new battery in his car and so we just took that out of the debt payoff fund – whatever you want to call it and so that's why we were it was never a hundred percent I like at that account because we always have something going on and it is so annoying but whatever so yeah we would budget out his paycheck and then my paycheck went to the lungs I know that's not realistic for everybody but that is something you might want to strive for I do not work full-time I only work part-time I started out three days a week and now I'm doing four days a week so I mean we still we made it work we didn't have you know a constant full pantry constant full refrigerator a super warm house or a super cool house whatever like we saved money wherever we could so we could live off one income and put all of my income towards the loan the third way that we paid off our loans I don't know how – I don't know – these are tips or tricks or whatever they are but take them whatever you want so the third way that we did this was we cut our cable we were paying collie what were we paying 140-150 for all the channels DVR Internet you know all that kind of fun stuff and then we decided you know what like let's just call them and see if they can lower it and they did they lowered it to 120 and we're like okay I guess we can do that for a little bit and then we were like you know what no let's just cut the whole thing and so now we're paying well we still have cable I guess I shouldn't say we cut cable away we still have cable we have five channels ten channels something retail is like we do like basically don't have TV but we have like the local channels because my husband and I do enjoy watching sports in football and stuff like that so we wanted to be able to do that because that's something we enjoy doing together especially in the fall when the NFL's on and my husband is a big Aggies college football fans so like that's just kind of like what we do on the weekends in the fall is like we hang out together and watch football so we kind of wanted to keep that around so right now we're paying like sixty seventy dollars for our channels and then for our internet which we still think is ridiculously high and are probably about to call and complain and get that lowered if we can we also we also just look like kind of was talking about was the point before this was we just kind of lowered everything that we possibly could like we just like minimalized everything so like all of our groceries and stuff like we did the bare minimum that we could get by for the month you know like I mean we we didn't like resort to eating ramen every day because we still have to eat healthy I really have to eat healthy because of my celiacs and like gluten free and all that kind of stuff so we just we just did we never had extra food we still don't have extra food because we're so paying off debt but like we just don't have extra food in our house like I am literally meal plan and I buy only what we will eat for those meals we have nothing extra so we go shopping on Sundays and so by Saturday night we basically have no food in our house at all so that's how we did that what else did we cut um oh we went on to Zander and got new car insurance and that lowered it a lot and we got new homeowners insurance which lowered our mortgage payment a lot which was awesome like I try remember how much we saved her here doing that but it was like over $1000 by changing those two things so that was awesome um yeah so like in the summer I mean we keep our house at 80 degrees during the day and 78 at night which is very warm for most people but I mean if you've ever been to Texas in the summertime it is ridiculously hot like last summer it was a hundred degrees for I mean weeks and weeks and weeks and if you have your air on any lower than seven viii I mean your air never turns off like I know people who had like 400 500 dollar electric bills because their house was so cool and their air never turned off and so we just we're not going to do that and then in the wintertime we keep it at 68 which is pretty cool but we have lots of blankets on the bed and flannel sheets and I wear like tons of pajamas and I love to just snuggle up in my covers so that's fine and then in the spring and fall we just don't have anything on at all so the past month or so we have not had any of our electric on or our electric we've not had our AC or heat on and so our bill was $60 which is awesome I can totally deal with that and it makes it worth it so okay so the fourth way we paid off debt was we stopped eating out so much and like I said like we a meal plan so I you I typically meal plan to have one meal out just because that was realistic for us I knew at some point in the week it was just we were just going to go out to eat that's just how it was and so I just budgeted that into our meals but that was the only time we went out to eat and we like we used to go to Chipotle all the time or go out after church on Sundays with our friends and stuff like that and we just don't do that anymore we usually go out to eat either Friday night or Saturday night just because we're both exhausted my husband works weird hours and it just is easier that's just how it is but we go to cheap places I it's very hard for me to eat out at nice restaurants just because of what I can and cannot eat so when we do go out to eat it is to like Chipotle so we're spending less than 20 dollars on our meal rather than going to an actual restaurant like Olive Garden or you know BJ's or something like that where we would spend close to 30 or 35 dollars so anyways that's what we did the fifth way that we paid off our debt was we we did have pocket money but we only have hundred and fifty dollars in that so our pocket money is anything we did budget for so we don't put eating out like restaurants and stuff separate that's in our pocket money clip what we do clothing now because we both are needing some stuff for the summer like my husband's needy and stuff for work like nicer shorts and shirts and stuff to wear to work so we do have a clothing budget right now but we didn't then our clothing came out of there if we went to movies if we you know when it is more like entertainment and clothing and eating out was the pocket money it was anything we didn't budget for came out of pocket money and we only did one hundred and fifty dollars which is not a lot at all that's like twenty bucks a weekend basically so we did that we we would go over quite a bit or quite often we would go over but not by a lot we usually would get to like 170 so it's not too bad so I don't you only think we were perfect at all this because we were not at all but anyways yeah just wanted to let you all know I'm kind of like what where we are at and what we did to get that student loan paid off as quick as we possibly could this next way that we paid this off was I created my debt snowball spreadsheet which I will link somewhere on this screen I've talked about it in tons of my videos and a lot of you have emailed me for it because I am computer illiterate and I cannot figure out how to share it with you guys and I am trying to if you can walk me step by step on how to do that that would be great like email me and tell me how to do it so I can share it with you guys on that video because it is very frustrating I know for you guys and for me that it is not working correctly but basically so I created a spreadsheet and had all our loans on it and so every time we made like an extra payment and stuff I would be able to watch my pink might like my totals go down on all my loans and then it has like I had it separated into different years and so I could watch my years go away so where if we'd done the minimum payment on all our loans it would have taken us like six years or something like that to pay it all off so as I was making the extra payment I could see them zero in all those years and so now we're at we only have like 4500 know we have 4,300 left on our car loan and so we did the minimum payments it would take another year and a half to pay off which is ridiculous and we're actually going to be paying at office here in a couple months but anyway it's just fun to see and it kind of motivates you like yes like there's another like five months we of minimum payments we don't have to do so that really really helped them motivated us if you want a copy of this spreadsheet I will be more than happy to email it to you just my emails link below in the description box just email me and say hey can I have the spreadsheet and I will gladly send it your way the seventh way that we paid off our debt is I increased my work hours I kind of talked about that a little while ago but yeah I was working three days a week and I was working um PI like less than 30 hours a week I took 25 28 hours a week I wanted a part-time job I had been working full-time and I went to this part-time job at the nonprofit that I'm at and because I have to maintain a low stress level um for all sorts of medical reasons and stuff and so part-time was great I loved that but I was finding that was getting more and more busy at work as I was taking all more programs and stuff and I just wasn't having time to do it all and so I talked to my boss and we actually increased my hours by one day so now I work four days a week I work over thirty hours a week and it's perfect it's still stress-free I love it but it also brought in some more income for us and that extra income was thrown into my student loans and so that really really helped us out so if you're a part-time or whatever try to see if you can increase your hours that would be awesome or if your full-time and you get paid overtime take advantage of that because overtime is awesome I used to have tons of overtime during tax season when I worked for CPAs so yeah that stuff's awesome okay so the last way that we paid off the debt or that helped us pay off debt was I actually took on some side jobs ish I guess that um I actually used to have like an organizing business that I would go into people's homes and help them organize their closet or their office or whatever they needed help with and so I kind of stopped doing that when I took on tax season with my CPA firm that I had been working at because I just didn't have time for it but I kind of just done a few I kind of stopped doing it and then I had some opportunities come up some people asked like would you mind helping out my mom or would you mind helping up so-and-so and I'd be like okay sure like I'll totally do it I have the time for it now and it's just nice little extra cash to make and so that has helped out a lot with just extra payments and then I have also started a YouTube channel and I'm sure you all are aware this but if you have a youtube channel you can make money off it and I had one video of mine that I recorded last year almost a year ago now go viral I guess you could say or it just has tons of hits on it and so that has brought in a nice income for me and then you add in all these other videos that are a lot smaller and it's pretty nice and so thank you for all your views and your likes and your comments and stuff it has helped me pay off my student loans and now it is helping me pay off our car loan so we can become completely debt-free it is like YouTube has really really really helped out with that which is just awesome I never in a million years thought that YouTube would help me pay off my debt but it's all thanks to you guys really so thank you for watching and subscribing and interacting with me on these videos is great anyways those are eight things we did to help us pay off our debt this past year we paid off $20,000 if not more umm.we I started my videos and stuff less than a year ago so we'd already been paying on those so that's why the numbers are a little different if you've been sticking around with me for a while but anyways so yeah I hope you enjoyed I hope these tips kind of helped you out if you have any questions or comments please leave them below I love answering you guys and talking to you guys about this kind of stuff and just helping you out wherever I can don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you have not and I'll see you all in my next video bye you

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  1. Join the military and serve your country to get your loans paid! You will leave with a life long values, life long VA healthcare, and a strong understanding of what real assault rifles are and not the AR semi-auto rifles. You will learn to work hard and fight for your flag and the freedoms it represents.

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  3. I love these types of videos. I paid off $125000 student loans from PT school in 23 months!!! Just posted a video. Debt free journey

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  5. Thank you very much for these tips! I started out at 19K I am now down to 13K I have paid off two out of my five loans in full. I am now working on paying off the third.

  6. This is more of a how to budget video than a student loan. It could benefit anyone who needs to save money or pay off debt.

    A really easy to save money is to go over your expenses. Go through your bank account and write down all of your expenses. You can save money in many ways by doing this. Remove things you arenโ€™t using. Find cheaper ways to do things costing you more than $50 a month. I was buying a snack and soda every day at work, which added up to $60 a month. I saved $40 by buying the same thing at Walmart and bringing it to work instead. Doing this doesnโ€™t require detailed budgeting, it just helps you understand where you spend your money. $2 a day sounds cheap, but itโ€™s $60 a month

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  9. You are the first gluten free person I have found that is in the debt free plan as well. I totally feel you when you say you have to meal prep and how hard is to go out to eat. Not being able to eat in every restaurant kinda makes me save tons of money and that is great. I still have a long way to go since I just started it 3 months ago. Congrats on your debt free gluten free life!

  10. There is no way to do this as a โ€œ real grown up โ€œ with a growing family of 4 boys with 1 in college and 1 about to start trade school. I also survived a terminal cancer diagnosis that can return any day! Life as a grown up has MANY things that occur during life and especially if employers do not follow through with being equal opportunity employers and often terminate me for unfair reasons shortly after reaching a 90 day mark and I struggle to find the next employer that will agree to work with me! I am in one of those feels like forever forebearances and I feel the only way I will ever have them gone is when I do die at a young age. Sorry for being a downer but there is no way in the world a family of 6, and yes I did take out student loans to achieve my goal of getting a degree and was the first in my family to graduate from college. I have worked for 12 years full time and juggled parenting 4 boys , even for several years as a single mom. The one last thing I would love to accomplish is being student loan debt free but my children come first with their needs ALWAYS. Obviously thatโ€™s something you will learn one day! Determined and frustrated! RN Brain Cancer Survivor

  11. Sarah. Thankyou so much for sharing everything on your journey. I am just starting out with the baby steps and about to start paying off my loans – this video was really helpful. Thank you. X

  12. I have 40k student loans make 30k a yr and single mom. What can I cut? Nada. Should I work 60 hr a week to raise my income? I could. Nah…I'll just be in debt till they pass a bill to allow student loan fill for bankruptcy ๐Ÿ˜ฌ ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™

  13. Just a quick add. If you took your loans from the government lenders working for a Non-Profit qualifies you for a percentage of student loan foreignness once you have worked the position for I believe 3 years. Full time or part time does not matter.

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  16. thank you for this. this sounds very realistic. what i got from this is that, its all about saving, creating a budget, what you needs vs the rest of the stuff that you dont need, and i think every extra money can go to loans . awesome .

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