$500k Of Student Debt In 37 Seconds

$500k Of Student Debt In 37 Seconds

(playful instrumental music) – I am in student debt. I
have $25,000 in student debt. – $21,000. – $33,000. – I’m about $42,000 in debt right now. – $12,000 of student loan debt. – $30,000. – Say at least $10,000. – Almost $50,000. – 20 or 22. – $23,000 – At least $200,000. Yeah. – $25,000 or $30,000. – I owe about $30,000 in student loans. – Around $50,000. (cash register ringing) (acoustic guitar music) – No, school was not worth it. No! – Oh yeah. I think I got a lot of vital information and training cuz I’m a dancer so I got everything I needed and more. – So I don’t know how
much the education part will make up for the big cost but I feel better having left BU than I did when I entered so. – Is it worth it? Probably not! – I work at a tanning salon. No, it wasn’t worth it (laughs). – It’s kind of terrifying
to think about paying all of that money back but at the end of the day, I’m happy with the decision that I made. – I’d say it’s worth it. But I’m not doing economics
and Chinese, per se. But it did get me to where I’m at now which I’m thankful for. – Being in lecture halls, I’m just like, I don’t want to be here. You know, just on Facebook. That’s what it was. I feel like most people
spend four years in school just on social media. And then they come out here and they’re like, Shit,
I don’t have a job. What? And I have debt! What’s going on? (gentle music)

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  1. I'm swiss and i pay 655 per semester. Thats like roughly 110 per month. Since i work quite a lot (about 21$ an hour), it's really not that big of a sum (when i work a normal 8 hour shift it's payed off within a day). Damn american, how

  2. Debt issue becomes severe in case you get a degree in a field with a narrow scope like Philosophy or literature. I am pretty sure people with professional degrees like in engineering or medicine can easily get rid of their loans in a couple of years.

  3. Take away government granted student loans and the price would drop dramatically. College and universities right now are free to charge whatever they choose to because students can get loans the size of Texas.

  4. Why do some of these people rationalize it by saying they feel better having the debt due to school when they know they can't pay it back? Especially 200K girl, she couldn't even look at the camera. Unless you're going into the STEM fields, this kind of debt is counterintuitive.

  5. I know someone who got their medical degree in Cuba. It was 100% free, including room and board. They even got a stipend.

  6. When they say the US is the "greatest country in the world," they mean it allows private lenders and banks to get rich off of students' misery.

  7. I never went to college but still educated myself to become successful. It's not worth going to collage but you have to, because you're job demands that type of education. Become the only implore that look for a hard worker, not someone who can only be mentally trained but also a performer of excellence.

  8. Did ya hear what the dancer said when they asked her if school was worth it 😂😂😂😂 natural blonde right there folks

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  10. Never went to college started working at a machine shop…3 years later working for a Fortune 500 company in the same field after I met their requirements. Full health insurance 401k and I'm Union. Glad I didn't go to college

  11. Cant believe our government set up this predatory scam to trap our young people. No other institution could get away with this but our corrupt government always carves out exceptions for itself.

  12. She said she was happy, ashamed to admit she had no certainty how she would pay it back? Contradictory! Cant admit it was not worth it. 🙁

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  14. I honestly don't have any sympathy for these people. When I graduated, I could see that college was a scam and a complete waste of money.

    If you can't buy it twice, you can't afford it. We live in a debt culture that we see as normal, but living in debt shouldn't be normal.

  15. Here's an idea (had I known then what I know now): High school seniors, if you can't afford to go to college without getting into debt, DON'T GO TO COLLEGE! FIND A JOB, ANY JOB, PAY RENT, LIVE!

  16. Americans have the most useless degrees on earth. The only choice that is smart is studying stuff like economics/law/medicine/engineering that almost guarantees you will find a good job and most importantly you will be able to have a career that will be well payed. Don’t go on about how college is useless if you graduated in freaking gender studies or drama and now you don’t use your degree.

  17. 15 Strategies to Avoid Student Loan Debt:

  18. Liberal snowflakes majoring in ART. Go to college for a career. Know what you want to do then go to college ONLY IF it will get you there.

  19. I used to work as a school accountant.

    Each student in their averarge 11 years of at public school, cost between $44,000-$58,000. Average $4,000-$5,300 per year.

    So its not surprising, their 3 year courses would cost $8,000 – $10,600 (each "year" is 2 semester, so double the amount).

    Plus, the difference in cost is meant to filter the people taking those course.

    There used to be a time when only a select few could be doctors, lawyers, engineers, art curator. But with "student loans", the people qualified for those roles have diluted the importance of those certificates.

    If your family is not rich, do not take the courses that are over $30,000.

    Next thing these graduates will be complaining about is them being debt because they bought a car or a house.

  20. Most of these morons got a degree in a field that was useless. No wonder they are working garbage minimum wage jobs.

  21. There's good and bad stories… I did get a job after graduation and paid off the debt in two years. Was it worth it? Heck yeah. That's how it should always be. Sadly, it's not always…

  22. Abt to graduate with 0 debt. Didn't take a dime from my parents. Didn't take out a loan. Didn't receive financial aid. Went to Community college and got a job to pay for it. Transferred out and now about to graduate with a BS in finance and RE minor. EZ game no skill. Srsly not that hard. Yea, I'm 2 years behind but have 3x more work experience than the average college graduate.

    Lesson 1: Don't get jebaited by attractive 4year institutions.
    Caveat: You got a scholarship or grant… free money, OR have uber rich parents willing to front the cost with no interest OR are willing to give it to you without the expectation of you paying it back.

  23. if you obtain more than 50k of student loan debt then it is your fault. so many of these people have worthless majors or go to school on personal/private loans, or have no idea what they want to do after school. You can go to community college. You can do so many other things. fucking idiots

  24. If you have student loan debt , Download Givling use code JW888181 and get a bonus . THE APP IS FREE THEY WILL PAY off your student loan debt of up to 50 k if you win

  25. Lesson learned. Nothing is free. And college is a scam. I don’t have student debt but all those part time jobs along with so many hours of studying and getting term papers due on time and staying an extra year wasn’t worth it. Libs who keep demanding free college (which isn’t free) seriously need to start paying attention to other people before they get put into debt like all of these people.

  26. I graduate 3.0, thank god, with my MechE degree completely debt free. If I take out loan (20K for junior and senior years, because I get as much as I can out of community college) I would make dean list and get a Uni commemorative coin and an extra line on my degree certificate. Thinking back, maybe I should take out a loan so my degree would look nicer, but I'm debt free while my friends still have couple years left to pay.

  27. How do you people breathe or even sleep at night carrying that debt. You should be attacking that debt like your life depends on it, because it does.

  28. They are there to drink, party, hang with friends, have sex, and just enjoy the freedom. Once you graduate, you enter the real world which is nothing like college.

  29. Yeah, our education system needs help… I'm the one in the video with 200K in debt for becoming a veterinarian. In retrospect, Hogwarts or the moon would be great lol but I do get to save lives on a daily basis and care so much about helping my patients.

  30. No debt, but I only finished an AA (2 year degree) – however with that being said, you don't need a degree for what I want to do.

  31. Work as a cashier making $11/hr. I will never be able to pay it back. & I'll never get a good paying job. bc I got a marijuana possession charge three years ago and it was described as Drug Abuse
    Thanks Findlay Ohio! I am ready

  32. Other than the idiot in $200k the debt isnt bad. It's doable, if they dont immediately get a car loan and stay with roommates for a while

  33. i regret college so much. almost 40 now and my life isn't too fun. it's really held me back. But i did it to myself so i deserve it.

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