3 Ways to Make Money & Impact Lives (with what you know!)

– One of the big blocks
for people I know is, “I’m not an expert, I don’t
have knowledge to extract.” But I know there are
three different levels. There’s an Expert, there’s a Reporter, and there’s a Partner.
– Yeah. – Can you elaborate on those really fast?
– Yeah, for sure. – So that people can identify with what feels good for them? – So, here’s what I said: More people have knowledge
than they realize. – OK. – Right? We have every, like, I think of Shanika, this is a girl that was, by any means you would think she was
successful, her family did, right? She went to college, she got good grades, she got out and got in the finance world, had the mid-sized BMW,
amazing husband, four kids, working every day. But in her
heart, she wasn’t successful, because everyday she
had to drop her kids off at the bus stop and not even
wait for the bus to come. She said everyday she’d
drive for an hour thinking “I hope they got on the
bus, I hope they’re safe.” And she said, “I just knew
there was more for me.” And she went out, and said
“I’m going figure out..” this was before me, “I’m gonna figure out how
to do something different to get out of this job.” Well, she studied crazy for a few months, and did real estate. She learned how to do
real estate on her own, she got a mentor, and in six months, she was able to replace
her income, she quit. So now she’s only six months in, right? Six months in, she decides, “I’m a mom, now of five kids,
I was able to quit my job, there’s other moms like
this,” and she saw KBB, she got enrolled. Within three months, while she was pregnant, she
launched her first Mastermind, teaching other moms to do
what she did, it was crazy! She had 125 women show
up, they thanked her. I mean she said the biggest breakthrough is their thanking her, and sending her flowers
for changing their life. And that’s why it’s gone viral, right?
– Right. – Because people are realizing, so if you really think about that, she wasn’t in real estate for 20 years. – Right. – She was a Reporter of someone
else’s knowledge, right? She didn’t know how to do
it, she learned knowledge, gained it, and then taught it. So, the three levels are simply this; 1. So many people have an
expertise, a skill, a passion, that they could share
with somebody and help. We teach you how to extract
it, the software helps do that, create a flow, an agenda, and how to track somebody that wants it. – OK. – That’s what the majority of people do, even people who thought
they weren’t expert. – OK. – The 2nd is the reporter.
– Yep. – If you think how Tony started, he reported and talked to
people about Jim Rohn’s stuff. – Right. – He did that on sales.
– Yeah. – If you look at Tony’s book, “MONEY Master the Game,” he’s not the financial guy.
– Yep, love that guy. Right. – But he interviewed the top
financial guys on the planet, extracted their knowledge,
and teach it to people. So, I don’t wanna oversimplify it, but if there’s a niche, like you, that you’re passionate
about, you’re passionate about personal growth,
– Yep, yep. – You can gain that knowledge and report on it to other people. – Totally. – Right? The 3rd is a Knowledge Broker. – Right. – And a Knowledge Broker, a knowledge consultant is
what we’re gonna call him now, is basically what you do, you’re not the expert yet.
– Yep. – But you can follow
everything in the course to fill a room up with people who cut a cheque.
– Right. – You take half the money, and
you put the expert on stage, they take the other half of the money. There’s a win-win, everybody wins. But if you do that long enough,
do you become the expert? – You do. – Right! And here’s the thing, there’s
a million ways to make money. – Right. – In today’s world, we live in such a great time
to be able to make money. There’s more millionaires
made every day now, like 1,800 millionaires
a day, in America alone. More than any other time in history. But how cool is it instead
of selling a widget, or just doing a thing,
you have the ability to – I mean, I’m not just saying
this as like a sales pitch – you have the ability to impact people’s lives.
– Right. – You have the ability to course correct, take a painful situation you went through, that you learned from, and allow someone not to go through it, or get out of the pain.
– Right. – Have a business that
you learned, how to sell, how to cut hair, how to be an accountant, any niche that you’re in. We have a girl who’s doing
painting classes with alligators. Like, what is that? But she learned it, and she gets people to get
really peaceful, and in the zone, and she’s killing it, doing this. So, the 3rd is, you could partner with
somebody with knowledge, so, not to make this for everyone, but if you’re somebody
listening or watching, and you desire another level, you wanna transition out of something, that’s not, you know, filling your heart, you wanna impact people’s lives. I don’t know anything better
in the world than this. But for last year,
whenever I get up on stage, I said, if you had two choices
at the end of your life, you had a great life, and you
only have one of two things: You can make massive amounts of money, or you can make a massive
impact on the world. Who would choose money? Zero hands.
– Right. – I said who would choose impact? Everyone. And I always say, leave them
up if you’d like to do both. And everybody’s like, “yeah!”
– Yeah, of course. – And that’s really what we get to do, being in the knowledge
industry, we get to help people go faster,
– I love that. – We get to see them smile, and
simultaneously we get money! Right?
– Right, yeah. – Win-win, right?

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