15 WAYS TO SAVE MONEY / How We Paid Off Debt Fast / Frugal Living Ideas

15 WAYS TO SAVE MONEY / How We Paid Off Debt Fast / Frugal Living Ideas

hey guys welcome back um today I am really excited to be sharing this video with you guys it is my first budgeting video my first financial video I'm excited because if you're familiar with my blog you know that I've shared a ton of budgeting over there and this is my first time to do it on youtube so and it's a good one today I'm also really really excited because I am doing my first collab and I'm doing it with someone who I adore um her name is Andrea her channel is Andrea Worley I'll link it below for you guys to go check out and she's also going to be sharing ways that we save money so I'm kind of known Andrea before YouTube through like blogs and social media so I'm really excited to be climbing with her today if you're coming over from Andrea's channel welcome to my channel thank you for coming over here and watching the video I hope you guys learn a bunch of different ways to save money I share here on my channel just basically a lifestyle channel with budgeting tips mommy videos routines cleaning this and that so um if you guys like what you see and want to see more please subscribe below alright so today I'm going to be sharing different ways that we saved money I want to give you guys a little bit of snippet of our financial history and why I'm even talking about budgeting and saving and all that so um let's see where to start I'm trying to keep this short okay my husband and I have been married for almost 11 years now I'm coming this August and the first couple of years we were married we saved like crazy and budgeted like crazy to pay off all of our debt our debt was our house and we ended up paying off the entire thing in 33 months it was very hard we were both teachers at the time he's still a teacher but we were both on a teacher income so our incomes were not high but we didn't have kids either we were Dinks double income no kids and it was great oh my gosh it's just amazing how much money you can you can use without kids but anyway so we were able to basically all of our money went to wherever we wanted it to go didn't have to go to any anyone else like I said we paid off in 33 months so it's it which is just shy of three years and the first year my husband was paying off the house on his own obviously we weren't married and so he was paying double the mortgage so he was just putting an extra payment down each month and then a year into that we got married actually a year into that I got a job we got married a few months prior to that but I got a job and so then we just added more to the mortgage and more and more and more the closer we got the more we added because we we saw the the light at the end of the tunnel we were both teachers he did have an extra he still does this too but he had an extra job which is roughing college basketball so during basketball season he brings in an extra income and that is what we used to pay off our house so clearly we had to budget very very tightly is really hard ad breakdowns at least once a year why can't we spend money and I look back into my god we still went on a vacation every year you know we still went out to eat it wasn't like some of these rice and beans stories that you hear from Dave Ramsey which I'll get to in a minute but it just when you're in it it's so hard so for those of you who are paying off debt kudos you keep going it's gonna pay off so in a nutshell we had a really budget we had to save money in a ton of different areas that we could I am going to give you 15 different ways that we save money and yeah I hope you guys enjoy this so number one number one way we save money the number one most important way is budgeting you have to have a budget in order to how much you're spending which will help you save money for example if we budget $400 for groceries and I'm constantly budgeting we weekly if not daily then I know you know week 3 I have $50 left I better be frugal so having a budget knowing exactly where every penny goes I'm literally mean every penny not rounded to the dollar every single penny we we account for everything so we even have a miscellaneous category in our budget we're miscellaneous stuff goes so and we of course have a savings for anything that comes up which something always does so that is the number one thing I could tell someone is budgeting in it and I plan to do a budgeting video and share exactly how we budget what we what we use to budget give that to you guys to use if you want so if that is something that is of interest let me know below but I do plan on sharing just how we budget ok so number 2 my husband goes in searches for different rates for electricity so whether that's monthly every three months every year he will go to the power to choose org and he will search for the best rate for like electricity providers so we're not you know stuck into any anything that's too expensive we just we change often and we live in Texas so our a/c is very very much used in the summer and I we have not gone over I would say for our a/c in the summer a month it's like a hundred to 150 and that's pretty crazy for where we live so we are in it like two thousand square foot house excuse me um so that helps but in this one story so you know it's definitely gonna be different based on what you live in but anyway we search for electricity providers like constantly he does that also in relation to that unplug anything that's unused I find that super annoying my husband used to do that all the time like to like the extent and it was annoying like lamps that we use I wouldn't say do that I would say you know anything that you don't use often unplug like if you have a toaster on your counter I would unplug that and until you use it you know if you go out of town definitely unplug everything a lot of energy is used with things that are plugged in and not on even number three I learned how to cut my boys hair so I did not want to do this I'd much rather just go take him to a salon get it cut we done with it but my husband was like you can do this you can do it you can cut their hair so I will say I do not cut their hair before they are like three ish only until they can like sit down and watch it like a video or iPad or something because it's just it's not worth that I can't do it my first son I didn't have to cut his hair till he was 2 or he didn't have to get haircuts till he was to my second he had to get haircuts starting it like a year old so um I take him to the salon and get it done somewhere cheap just to trim it and then I learned how to do their hair cut so it's it the first few times weren't pretty but they're pretty good they're not too bad if you want me to do a video on that let me know as well um I think you'll be kinda interesting to see how someone cuts their hair that's not a professional there are some really good videos on YouTube of like tutorials on how to cut boys hair so I would definitely check that out if you do have boys the problem with boy haircuts is they need it so often they need it for me our boys about every six weeks because I like their hair short so um for us it cost about $20 with tip per kid where I like to go we could probably get a little bit cheaper maybe 16 dollars with tip depending on where we go but so it's 40 dollars almost every month that we're saving so I just you know I don't know I just learned how to do their hair and I mean it's not perfect and I will say I if we get like professional photos done or something I'll take the boys to the salon and get their hair cut but that's usually just once a year so number four we do our own yard work and by we I mean my husband he mows the lawn edges all that stuff trends bushes so yeah that saves us about here I mean here where we live people pay about twenty five dollars a week to get their lawn done in the summer it is only like a six month six months out of the year because you don't see you're not gonna get your yard done in the winter so that is like let's see that's $25 a week that's $100 a month so that saves us $600 a year um number five do not borrow meaning do not get do not pay interest on anything ever except for your house I mean even cars everything don't do interest it's it's it's just wasted money you are literally giving someone money for nothing like you don't get anything in return for it nothing I guess you could argue you get you get it when you want it because you're getting it before you have the money for it but yeah interest is just such a huge waste of money if you can avoid it avoid it number six we pack our own lunches so the boys get their lunch packed and you know my husband takes his lunch our son who just started kindergarten this year really wanted to do he would really wanted to buy lunch so we let him buy lunch about once a week but other than that we pack his lunch number seven I'm looking down here because this is where I wrote everything so number seven research research has saved us so much money we don't just go buy it we will research luckily we have the we can research the heck out of things until we find out a cheaper place a cheaper price whatever not that cheaper is always good but you can at least research your options and get the best bang for your buck so research research number eight I use an app on my phone called Gas Buddy and it it allows you to plug in like where you are and it will show you the gas station nearest you with the cheapest gas so that's kind of nice my husband always knows where the cheapest gas station is that I don't pay attention to that stuff so if I'm out about I'll just get on the gas buddy app and it'll show me where my nearest gas station is and which one's the cheapest so I'll leave links to these below anything I mentioned I'll leave links below number nine I'm sure none of you have heard this but for eating out we really really like to eat out so that can get very expensive especially the more kids that we're having and we use Groupon a lot so we will get a ton of restaurants especially that we frequent often and we will get coupons for them so if you haven't heard a Groupon which I'm pretty sure everyone has it's just a site where you can buy like gift cards for cheaper I guess it's the best way to explain that so for example if you want to go eat out at Chili's and you can get like a $40 gift card there for $20 so I'm just an example but say minutes everywhere I mean that's for like different establishments not just food but that is how we use a lot of that's how we are able to afford eating out often we also do a lot of coupons we get like mailers that come in the mail we just go through them and tear out anything that we don't do a lot so or that we want to try something new and we probably budget about 200 a month for eating out and that includes like if we do fast food through the week with the boys or like as a family or you know date night and number 10 this is a big one I could do probably hold video on this but I won't its groceries how we save money on groceries that's that is a big one okay so basically in a nutshell well first of all we budget for our groceries and we budget about five hundred a month for him the first thing I do is I shot my pantry and I see what I have I shot my freezer I look through everything see what I have plan my meals and then I make a list based on that we've been doing the Walmart grocery pickup we do most of our shopping at Walmart I have tried every single grocery store that is in our area which is pretty much all of them and Walmart is by far the most value so so yeah we i've been started to do the online pickup like the grocery pickup not started I've been doing that for like I guess a year and a half probably now and that saves me so much money i that is great because when you when you're adding your list of items it'll tell you how much you have which is like awesome because you can know hey I've got a hundred dollars budgeted this week and you can see you can see where you're at as you're shopping so though the online pickup is is awesome and it can save you a ton of money you less impulse purchases it's just great and then what was I was gonna say something else about her oh and we also I think I mentioned this in a video before but we get all of our meat at Zaycon fresh I'll leave a link below we get chicken and beef like ground beef and ground turkey it's straight from the farm to your car you go pick it up it's great we've been doing it for a few years now and a we buy meat about once a year and we're good to go so and that saves us money because it's cheaper family know so we never like our grocery hauls like they're never we never really have meat and I'm except for deli turkey and maybe an occasional steak or something number 11 okay evaluate all your bills so go through your bills and just kind of constantly just evaluate them see how much they are call the company see if they have any discounts going on if you're coming up on your membership or your contract you know talk to them see if there's any deals they can give you there will always be deals that they can give you always so just talk ask your friends to like what are you spending on your phone what are you spending on your electricity what are you spending on cable and all that stuff and just kind of see what's good and what's not and where you know if it is good what are they using and just try to bargain with them I hate doing that so I leave that to my husband number 12 we do not do this but I can definitely see how this would save money and that is to use cash that's why the cash envelopes system is so popular with Dave Ramsey we don't do it for a couple different reasons number one will be pay off our credit card every month so if you're disciplined enough to pay your credit card off every month and not go over like you know however much income you bring in then you know I personally don't see anything wrong with it and you you earn points I would never do a credit card because you earn points because you do spend more when you have a credit card but we have used our points for vacations and stuff like that before so um the credit card benefits us and I just not sure I want to carry that much cash around all the time but I mean when I spend cash it's definitely harder to do than a credit card so if you're struggling with spending money I definitely would do a cash system I think that would help a ton number thirteen and this is just something small we do but we avoid the toll as much as we can I would get on the totally every time I cannot stand going the access road and I don't know depending on where whoever's watching where you live if toll is even like a thing if it's you know depending on where you live but toll is everywhere where we live it's how we get to our parents it's one of the ways to get to her parents house the quicker way and we just try to avoid it as much as possible and stick to our we budget forty dollars that's that's when they deduct out of your account is every forty dollars so we try to stick to forty dollars a month and just avoid it as much as possible um number fourteen we buy a lot of things used well yeah I mean definitely our cars are used but we buy especially baby items I buy a ton of that from consignment sales kid to kid Once Upon a child and then like the big consignment sales babies just go through stuff so fast I mean it's just ridiculous they go I mean they spend maybe like a few months in it um and of course we've had a lot of things passed down from the boys now to Brielle but we yeah just a lot of things use especially clothes in the first year I mean they're they're just it's almost like you can't keep up they're flying through them so buy as many things as you can used or borrow them even so um let's see what else and the last thing number 15 okay so I wanted to put this in here because sometimes you can exhaust all of your resources and saving money and going through your budget and you know picking it apart until you save every last penny and you still are not ahead and so I would say that the last thing to say the last way you could save money is just make more money I was talking to a friend and she we were talking about just ways to save money and she said you know sometimes the best way to save money is just to make more money you know you've like I said you've exhausted all your resources you've tried to save as everywhere you can and it just comes down to income and you just have to make more money my husband does he's a teacher like I mentioned before and he has a ref and AH he refs college basketball to supplement his teaching income because I do stay home in addition to ooh being a full-time mom I have an Etsy shop and so that also brings in a good bit of income for our family as well so yeah if you are really struggling to find ways to save in your budget see if there's anything you can do to supplement your income whether it be babysitting dog sitting you know opening up an Etsy shop you know selling things we've made a ton of money this summer selling things which let us revamp our whole entryway and dining room which I plan to share there the makeover we barely spent any money and we transformed that those rooms like big-time so sell things sell thing go through your house and just sell sell things you can to pay off debt so um those are different ways that we have saved money we still do a lot of these things today and we did those things when we were paying off our house you know we're down to one income now so it's very similar situation to when we were paying off our house but um anyway I hope you guys found some of those helpful and if there is if you guys have any ideas which I know a lot of you do I mean I could have kept going and going going please leave them in the comment below let me know if you guys have paid off debt I hope you guys enjoyed this video and make sure to go check out Andrea's video I'll leave her link below and yeah I'll see you in the next one bye oh three hours of sleep right here whoa that is bad all right

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  2. I just canceled Kindle, Netflix, Amazon Prime and XfinityComcast. I save about $100 a month, which may not seem much to many people, but it is when you are on a fixed income, or living paycheck to paycheck.

  3. it only takes one hour, one dollar turns newspaper into 30 dollars, off at the store , then store sales combined gives us at least 60 to 100 dollars extra and we live on our retirement fixed income

  4. we also only buy items if on store sale they roate products enough it gave us use of a full pantry

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  8. You can sell usable items on Close 5 (near me.) If you don't have Close 5, you probably have other internet sales sites near you. If you donate to charity, you can take the donated amount off your income tax.

  9. Aldi is less expensive than Wal-Mart for groceries.

    Do you have Lotte or HMart near you? Their vegetables and fruit a very well priced. Lotte (where I live) has great rice and legume prices.

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  13. I guess it depends on the structures/makeup of families and what items are purchased when it comes to grocery shopping at Walmart. People need to pay close attention to walmart prices. Its just my husband and I..Aldi is hands down the cheapest for us. Then Woodmans which is an employee owned chain of stores in the Midwest.

    To give people an idea of the power of saving money on inexpensive services that causes money to dribble out of family budgets over time…I started to cut my own hair 28 years ago when we moved. Over time assuming $40 per month without an increase in cost we saved 13,440. I cut my husbands hair and figure half the process of mine monthly so $6720 saved over 28 years. We cut expanded basic cable 15 years ago for a savings of $11,265. We stopped going out to eat except for a fish fry or breakfast. This costs us under $100/month. When we switched over to shopping at Aldi 20 years ago we literally saved over $2000 per year. I cook from scratch. Another thing people need to be really really conscious about is utilities. Our neighbors are around $175 every two months without kids! We pay avg $52 every other month. We drive 9 and 13 year old cars and are religious about required service and oil changes. We used to buy new cars which is such a massive debt trap even without interest. Our clothing and most furnishings come from thrift stores. Over time it is staggering what can be saved. We never feel deprived. I retired early and we live off of one small income. Having jobs can cost a lot of cash. Americans have been sold a bill of goods and never think outside mainstream thought. Take a hard look and really really become aware of what is being spent. I decided I would rather be free of the drudgery of a 9-5 job. I woke up late but I was still able to retire early and so will my husband. Now we have a big garden. More savings. Great topic. Gain control of those finances at an early age. It saves soo much in the long run.

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