【Touhou Lyrics】 Eastern Judgment in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years

【Touhou Lyrics】 Eastern Judgment in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years

by the resounding chime of nature’s book you hear the time of judgment approaching this year is the year of rebirth which comes upon us once every 60 years and when the three lights the Four Seasons and the five phases sixty is the combined number complete nature revealed and as such at roles throughout the whole of nature in other words nature is reborn everything you from this cycle are not except at a time like this at least begin to realize that duty you’ve long neglected what is the good thing you can do right now when of life turns on her fate full year let it ring oh let the verdict ring here as the blind actor is met in unmatched by the great unmoving see you [Music] many as you are and look at ease Universal truth isn’t out of reach as the our jaws there is suited to the land for the cleansing speed [Music] turning a new and once I put it into words you may follow them through under the burden of guilt give the liveliest flowers shall will tinged in its deep violet stay when color fades black or white shall remain I’m willing to turn here the service flowers shall burn that denieth bees eyes a striking and sub-bass complex folks feel of a sword Fearrington yearning [Music] later blocked by the frailest day [Applause] [Music] is for to come down already instead for the freedom to live to live counting on another hand to forget [Music] losing too much noise the Latin meaning too far straight half-hearted brain one more stolen content too small-minded bit through these our minds it lost in a song you leave yourself blinded honey forgiving nearly you are taking far more than giving in excuses there your code and get the last word and know your sins and repent it looks like I’ll need to lecture you much more by the resounding China [Music]

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  1. Eiki bringing the hammer down on every other character in quick succession was a sight to behold.

  2. Like all of your videos, awesome. Please keep this up, I love how your lyrics can add another layer to the song, like at 3:20. It just sounds like it fits so much, to the character and the song. Please keep doing these, and I have a suggestion for the future. Last remote. I would love to see how you put it into words, as it's one of my favorite themes.

    I've forgotten to subscribe all this time, yet I'm early-ish. I have to repent and subscribe.

  3. Conviction! Conviction!
    Conviction! Conviction!
    Conviction! Conviction!
    Conviction! Conviction!

    The sentance!
    Three years of hard labor with no 3 o'clock snacks! However, bananas and mushrooms do not count as snacks.

  4. THIS is the Eiki I know!

    You see, ever since I played PoFV (which is frankly still my favorite Touhou game), Eiki's theme just gave me such a good feeling, both because it sounded powerful, strong and potent, and also because hearing it meant I was at the end of the road, after all of the enemies I've defeated, one more, the most fearsome, remains.

    Great job on this one, I loved the judgment part and all of the hype was rewarded!

  5. I think we can all agree Eiki is the best. Not the best character, mind you, but the best person in Touhou, since she's the one person who actively tries to help others and genuinely cares about everyone's well being.

  6. Eiki: "Looks like I'm going to have to lecture you much more"
    Me: "Get fucked"

    Am now burning in hell

  7. Cannon eiki: ok you may have done some… morally wrong things but here are a few tips to get on track. Only you can save yourself from hell you know.

    Fandom eiki: your going straight to hell but I'm gonna give you a 7 hour lecture anyway while I beat you senselessly

  8. This was surely an unique interpretation of her theme, that last part was just perfect, i felt goosebumps when shiki started to judge all the playable girls
    Great job!

  9. This is by far your best piece till today. The judgements of the games cast is, to me, especially touching.

  10. I wondered if you did this one, but you let the best one for the end!
    Eiki might be the only Touhou character who I really want to meet in real life, her lectures can help us to be better person, but no one heard them :'(

  11. And thus Phantasmagoria of Flower View has come to a close. I love the way you portrayed Eiki's character and leaving her to last and having her judge the rest of the cast was a really nice touch. Please keep up the fantastic work, we all love your songs.

  12. THAT´S how I imagine Shikieiki! With a deep adult voice where she has a powerful aura around her! Very well done! Also, Komachi and Shikieiki are my favorite characters (Komachi 1st, Shikieiki 2nd) and my all-time favorite duo! (Thanks to Touhou M-1 Grand Prix 6) xD Also…."Do what you must, or drown in excuses." That´s…. pretty accurate! xD

  13. You’ve done an amazing job as usual! I especially love the last part! Can anyone please explain those parts though?

  14. Even Komachi can't excape her boss' judgement eh :q

    Anyone neat enough to list the characters she judged?

  15. Your lyrics are godly. The rhyme and meaning are so spot on. A little bit late but super glad I found your channel today !

  16. Eiki's theme is probs one of my favorite themes, so I'm honestly really happy you chose to do her theme! You captured her character rather well in my opinion and shown her, overall, more serious and no-nonsense attitude as opposed to certain portrayals of her, while fine with them, doesn't truly showcase who I believe she truly is. That being a powerful, intimidating force of absolute judgment and strength while still doing her best to make those she encounters try to get back on track. Also being a rather tall person, not a shortie loli.

  17. I've been looking forward to this song for years, and you really gave it a good singing. I don't approve of people being in debt just for being alive, though. What's Eiki's problem?

  18. I can definitely see our good judge having a deep voice for being so short lol
    Also you covered my favorite song and I love yoi for that

  19. Since everyone is talking about canon Eiki vs fanon Eiki:
    Remember that Eiki fought Reisen in an attempt to save her soul as Reisen pleaded that she didn't want to go to hell, as well as in an attempt to help Reisen deal with having abandoned her friends to die on the moon.
    Eiki is a good girl, if not entirely rant-less c:

  20. Amazing job as always, Lyrica Live! I honestly feel like crying because this was so well done, especially 03:20 onwards

  21. I just realised… The last two verses are Eiki judging/pointing out the faults of many of our beloved characters. Am i correct? Dang i feel stupid for not realising sooner if so.

  22. "Too much noise and lacking in meaning"? Are you, uh, talking about in-game Lyrica, or are you roasting yourself now? ´xD 'Cuz that'd be a pretty nasty self-burn… not least of all because I personally think it's completely unfounded; you put more meaning into your lyrics than any other English Touhou singer I can think of… admitedly, a field with not all too much competition, but still, when it comes to lyrical ingenuity I generally hold you in even higher regard than Travis "Odyssey" Stebbins.

    Also, that judgement part at the end totally reminded me of IOSYS' "Convictor Yamaxanadu" for some reason.

    Trial – present the charges.
    Presumption – the result of the judgment is tentative.
    Assumption – guilty, at any rate guilty!
    Make clear the difference between black and white, and convict!

  23. It's fun going through the completed PoFV playlist. Finally having Lady Shiki close it off is a hell of a treat (haha get it cuz that's where she's gonna send you).

  24. Перевод Гугла
    «По громкому звуку часов природы вы слышите приближающееся время суда.
     Этот год – год возрождения, который наступает на нас раз в шестьдесят лет.
     Объедините три света, четыре сезона и пять этапов: шестьдесят – это общее число раскрытой полной природы, и как таковое оно распространяется по всей природе. 
    Другими словами, природа возрождается каждые шестьдесят лет. 
    Вы, из этого цикла, не освобождены. 
    В такое время, по крайней мере, начинайте понимать, что долг, которым вы долго пренебрегали.
      Какое доброе дело ты можешь сделать прямо сейчас?»

    Когда жизнь превращается в ее роковой год,

    Пусть это прозвучит! О, пусть приговор прозвучит ясно …

    Как слепая актерка встречает в своем поединке великого неподвижного провидца…

    (Оглядываясь на целую жизнь отражений, которые долго собирались в зеркале.)

    Так что …  Многие, как вы, в отличие от каждого …

    Проповедуй ~ Один … универсальная истина не вне досягаемости.

    Иди…  С приближением часа времени так мало для обучения.

    Теперь …  Послушайте землю для очищающей речи.

    (Поворачиваясь, поворачиваясь, поворачиваясь заново …)

    И как только я изложу это словами, вы можете следовать им до конца.

    Под бременем вины здесь оживет самый живой цветок:

    С оттенком глубокого фиолетового пятна …

    Когда цвет исчезает, черный или белый должны остаться.

    Не желая поворачиваться, вот этот самый упрямый цветок должен сгореть:

    Под этими глазами, такими же поразительными и острыми, как холодная сталь меча …

    Боязнь гибели, жажда вознаграждения.

    Разорвано…  Рано, позже вырвано хрупким коротким стеблем…

    Для них …  Мой долг – но осуждать.

    Родился…  Уже в долгу за свободу жить…

    Тем не менее … рассчитывать на другую руку, чтобы простить.

    (Под бременем вины здесь будет жить самый живой цветок.

    Под этими глазами, такими же поразительными и острыми, как холодная сталь меча …

    Опасаясь гибели, жажду вознаграждения.)

        Слишком скрытно, холодно и бесчувственно ;  слишком горячий, лживый и воровавший .

        Слишком запутанный, эгоистичный выбор ;  слишком много гордости, вы не можете понять потерю.

        Слишком обманчив, не стоит верить ;  слишком много шума и не хватает смысла .

        Слишком дальновидная, нерешительная молитва – еще одна недовольная душа.

    (Слова: обратись к делу, обратись к мысли, к истине, с помощью которой грех может быть пойман.

    Чтобы воплотить здесь всевышнее слово ада, которое оставляет человека сгореть …

    Может хватит, что остальные будут учиться.)

        Слишком мелкомысленно, горько напомнил ;  потерявшись в песне, вы оставляете себя слепым .

        Не прощающие, просто живущие, вы, которые берут гораздо больше, чем дают .

        Прекратите свои уловки, где плохие новости ;  делать то, что вы должны, или утонуть в оправданиях .

        Неси свое бремя, запиши последнее слово –   знай свои грехи и покайся.

    "…Вздох. Похоже, мне нужно будет читать вам гораздо больше.

  25. Eiki gets drunk, roasts everybody, and then passes out. The next day she finds out she's taken 5000 steps today because of her fitbit and passes out again.

  26. Wow >:( got this recommended a whole week late >:( looks like I'm complaining to youtube

    anyway the song is good

  27. Sure eiki can be a bit much of a lecturer if you dislike that like how her title is -nagging-(can't score out on iPad) Helpful lecture from Aya is shoot the bullet. But she does it because she cares which is best show with how she uses her free time to find those with what would be lots of black and either lecture them with what is wrong or exacerbate what hell is like to scare them into changing their ways so that when it comes time to do her job she doesn't have to sentence them to hell.

    The funny thing is she could beat you up and send you to heaven/some other paradise if you have some black but still qualifie for a paradise due to her having two things to do with those who have lots of black or evil if you prefer that name for her power

  28. Okay, so I just found this channel. You likely won't see this, but I just wanted to say the your lyricism is absolutely brilliant, and you have an excellent voice, however I do need to make a small note on how you mixed it. I noticed that some of the "S" sounds are clipping and coming in kinda loud, which at some points hurts the overall sound of the song. Not to fear though! You can easily fix this by taking the audio of your voice and putting it through a compressor (which will automatically decrease the volume of sounds over a certain amplitude), and then everything will be perfect. Because the mixing really is the only flaw. You and your incredible writing and vocals have earned a subscriber from me.

  29. You captured Eiki perfectly and I love it! She always gets a bad rep despite only wanting to keep people from going to Hell!

  30. Canon Shiki Eiki Yamaxanadu vs Fandom Shiki Eiki Yamaxanadu, just think about it everyone. That is all folks.

  31. I feel like "bear your burden, get the last word in" could just as well be her advice to herself.
    That would make the fact that it's Reimu's judgment akin to advice to a colleague

  32. Too concealing, cold and unfeeling > Sakuya Izayoi
    Too hot-headed, lying and stealing.
    > Marisa Kirisame
    Too confusing, selfishly choosing > Reisen Udongein Inaba
    Too much pride, you can’t fathom losing.
    > Cirno
    Too deceiving, not worth believing; > Tewi Inaba
    Too much noise, and lacking in meaning.
    > Lyrica Prismriver
    Too far-straying, half-hearted praying– one more soul uncontent. > Youmu Konpaku
    Too small-minded, bitterly reminded; > Medicine Melancholy
    lost in a song, you leave yourself blinded.
    > Mystia Lorelei
    Unforgiving, merely just living, you who are taking far more than giving.
    > Yuuka Kazami
    End your ruses where the bad news is; > Aya Shameimaru
    do what you must, or drown in excuses.
    > Komachi Onozuka
    Bear your burden, get the last word in– know your sins and repent. > REIMUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

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